Joey Dawson is the seventh episode of the second series of Shameless. The episode centres around fears that Social Services will take Liam and the shocking discovery that Ian is not Frank's son.


Fiona get's so intoxicated on a night out at The Jockey that she wakes up in bed next to Joey Dawson, who is seemingly the butt of many jokes. Worried about getting pregnant she get's ready to take half a packet of her contraceptive pills (following an old wives tale Veronica told her) but is interrupted, returning to her room later she finds Liam eating them.

Liam is rushed to hospital to have his stomach pumped but the next day a social worker, Katrina Webb, arrives to check on the family situation. However an unhappy Fiona discovers Katrina was a class mate who she bullied and worse still, Joey Dawson's fiancee! Finding out about everything Katrina demands to see Fiona's parents at an interview or Liam will be put into care.

Meanwhile, a chance mention of blood types at the hospital makes the family realize that Frank can't be Ian's father. Frank remembers that Monica had a job at an off-license around the time Ian was conceived and got close to her boss, Gary Bennett sparking Ian and Lip to go looking for Ian's real father.

Also, Carol is convinced a telephone psychic is for real, Marty shows his feelings for Fiona again by slamming the door on Joey Dawson's arm after finding out he slept with Fiona and Sheila is offered the acting job of a lifetime: being Monica Gallagher.

Post Credit Scene

Katrina Webb is seen sat a desk in an office eating cheesecake as fast as she can with another 3 boxes of cheesecake on the desk in front of her. She stamps her feet and looks annoyed and she continues to eat as much and as fast as she can.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Ian Gallagher. This is the first episode narrated by him.
  • This episode features the only appearance of Gary Bennett, who isn't mentioned again until Episode 7 of Series 5 when Monica and Ian learn of his death.
  • This is the first episode to feature Liam as a part of the main plot.
  • Debbie is revealed to have a very good memory, capable of remembering all her sibling's blood types and Christmas presents from years previous.


Debbie: Fiona had sexual intercourse with Joey Dawson.
Fiona: Debbie!
Debbie: That's what Mrs. Henderson calls it in Health and Society, she says it's 
immature to use the other words.
Carol: Looks like he shagged you ragged.
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