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Jody Silverman is a former main character Karen meets at Sex Addicts Anonymous and later marries.


Jody is a keen tattoo artist, often seen looking for work and helping around the house. He becomes extremely attached to Sheila, calling her 'Mom', but is unaware that Karen breaks her celibacy and is cheating on him with Lip. Jody sometimes cooks in the house naked. When Karen falls pregnant, she tells Lip that Jody will be the father, but when he becomes too overbearing she kicks him out (not before making him sign a prenuptial agreement first).

It is revealed he has a relationship with Sheila Jackson, just before Karen gave her mother an ultimatum and left. Jody's past sexual addiction is revealed at the Alibi when Sheila gets bored with their sexual lives. Sheila asks Frank to speak with Jody. While at the Alibi, Jody reveals that before his sex anonymous class, he was having sex 12 to 13 times a day and that at one time he had 32 or so partners. He doesn't want to ruin things with Sheila but eventually tries it. Sheila makes her move stripping him naked. After Karen is run over by Mandy Milkovich, he leaves for Arizona with Karen and baby Hymie so that Karen can recover.

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