Jesus O'Toole was the leader of a band of Christian missionaries who traveled the country on a bus to spread the word of God and turn people from their evil ways. He visited the Chatsworth Estate in Series 8 where he found his work cut out for him. His real name was revealed to be Eric.

He and his followers picketed businesses such as Lillian's Brothel to attempt to turn people away from such vices, Kelly Maguire became annoyed by their presence outside her place of work and became utterly shocked when Jesus showed knowledge of her name and sister, Tonya. Shane arrived at this time and hit Jesus several times.

Patty Croker was revealed to be one of his followers and it is likely through her that they arrived in Chatsworth and knew so much about it's residents. At first a lot of the residents were happy to see Jesus and his followers, thinking that they were harmless. This soon changed with the picketing of businesses and cornering of specific people. The Maguire's and Chesney Karib in particular were most annoyed and decided to do something about it. They threatened that if Jesus and his followers didn't leave town, they would be forced to do something drastic. Patty even made veiled threats to Mimi Maguire.

When Shane's motorbike blew up, almost hurting him, they realized that war was upon them. Both Kelly and Micky tried to argue that killing them would be wrong and they should try something less drastic, Kelly because she had recently had enough of Shane's violent behavior and Micky because he was extremely attracted to the handsome Jesus.

Kelly and Micky both visited the bus and warned Jesus that he had better leave, as the Maguire's were planning to hurt him badly, and both using almost exactly the same words, asked him how he can condemn sex and refuse it when it is so good it almost makes them believe in God. Jesus was clearly shaken by his own sexual desires and when he walked down to the bus' first level to find Aidan Croker receiving oral sex from one of Jesus' most devoted young followers, Grace he couldn't bare it. He later cornered Kelly and explained that he felt like a hypocrite and impure for wanting to have sex, no matter how much Kelly told him it was normal he believed his followers deserved someone more pure.

The next day, the Maguires and some of the other annoyed residents arrived at the bus to drive them out of town. They were armed with chains, chainsaws and various other weapons but they found Jesus and his followers had left already.


  • William Ash who portrays Jesus is best known for playing Chris Mead in Waterloo Road. He was featured in a storyline involving the character Vickie Macdonald, played by former Shameless star Rebecca Ryan.
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