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Jasmine Hollander was Fiona's friend in Season 1 and 2. She was the married mother of 3 kids, along with her ex-husband Hal who left her after discovering her infidelity.


Season 1

Jasmine first appears in Daddyz Girl as a PTA mother from Debbie's class. It is revealed that Jasmine is an old classmate of Fiona, and the two become friends when they bond over the other parents' judgment. Jasmine is shown to be more free-spirited than Fiona, trying to bring Fiona out of her shell by inviting her to parties and setting her up with different men. It is also implied that Jasmine has an attraction to Fiona; Jasmine often casually kisses Fiona on the lips, to the latter's shock.

Jasmine tells Fiona about her husband, Hal, who runs an accounting business. Jasmine eventually introduces Hal to Fiona at a party; Hal tells Fiona that Jasmine said she'll work for his business. Later during the party, Jasmine tries to initiate a sexual encounter with Fiona, but this is interrupted by Fiona's phone ringing.

In the season finale, Jasmine offers Fiona an office job during tax season; Fiona contemplates taking the job. At the end of the episode, Fiona decides against leaving Chicago with Steve, and she decides to take up Jasmine's office job.

Season 2

In the second season, Jasmine and Fiona continue their friendship, though Fiona often finds herself wondering about Jasmine's behavior; Jasmine snorts drugs, parties all night and continues to cheat on Hal, having an affair with an older married man named David. Jasmine also tries to set Fiona up with a sugar daddy named Richard; Fiona and Richard ultimately go out a couple times, but their relationship doesn't last long. Hal eventually discovers Jasmine's infidelities and kicks her out of the house. With nowhere else to live, Jasmine begins illegally camping out on David's boat.

Eventually in A Bottle of Jean Nate, Jasmine throws a party on David's boat, and invites Fiona. However, she neglects to inform Fiona that she has also invited Steve and Estefania. Jasmine distracts Estefania so Fiona can spend more time with Steve, but Fiona feels uncomfortable with Steve's presence. Jasmine eventually finds Fiona crying after talking with Steve; Jasmine comforts Fiona, saying "you deserve to have someone treat you like a queen", and passionately kisses Fiona on the lips, confirming that Jasmine has a romantic interest in Fiona. When it is clear that the surprised Fiona does not reciprocate these feelings, Jasmine quickly blames the kiss and confession on her being drunk. Fiona shrugs this off and thanks Jasmine for the party.

The next day, Jasmine returns to the Gallagher house and apologizes for the boat party incident; Jasmine also reveals that she has been kicked off David's boat by the police and asks Fiona if she can stay in the Gallagher house. When Fiona declines, Jasmine angrily lashes out at Fiona, yelling "When you need something from me, it's fine, but when I need something, suddenly little Miss Fiona just runs away." Fiona orders Jasmine to leave; Jasmine calls Fiona an asshole and storms out of the house, ending their friendship.

Episode Appearances

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  • She mentions to Fiona that her father is an alcoholic like Frank.
  • She had her husband get a vasectomy so if she ever got pregnant would be for a rich man.
  • It is unknown what became of her after she left the Gallagher house.