Jasmine Hollander was Fiona's friend in Season 1 and 2. She was the married mother of 3 kids, along with her ex-husband Hal who left her after discovering her infidelity.


Season 1

She is introduced as an old classmate of Fiona, after she reminds Fiona of their time together the two become friends when they bond over the other parents' judgment. She is shown to be more free-spirited than Fiona and is less conventional with her parental responsibilities, often launching into affairs with older, rich men.

She often tries to bring Fiona out of her shell by inviting her to parties and setting her up with different men. She displays an attraction to Fiona sometimes by kissing her unexpectedly, to the latter's shock.

Season 2

She and Fiona continue their friendship, though Fiona often finds herself wondering about Jasmine's behavior.

Eventually in A Bottle of Jean Nate, at a party, it is confirmed that Jasmine had interest in Fiona beyond being just friends by voicing her love of her. Fiona was very surprised by this declaration but Jasmine quickly denies these feelings as her being drunk. Fiona shrugs off this comment after she just rejected Jimmy and hugs her for trying to help her out. Jasmine's husband discovers the infidelities and kicks her out, leaving Jasmine with no place to go. She spends some time living on one of her flings' boats, before getting caught by the police. She goes to Fiona in hopes of finding a place to stay, but when Fiona declines she leaves in a rage, cutting ties with Fiona.

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