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Jackson Powell is an unemployed teacher who moved onto the Chatsworth Estate in Series 8 with his wife Avril and daughter Letitia. The family live next door to the Gallagher's in Yvonne Karib's old house.

Problems with Residents

A strong black man, Jackson was against socializing with Chatsworth's other residents, as he looked down on them, until his wife talked him into it. He joined the boys on Frank's stag night and soon became good friend's with the gang. He thought Mimi Maguire was being racist towards him so he decided to dress up as a stereotypical (Harry Enfield sketch-inspired) 'scouser' to play her at her own games, he later regretted it when she revealed she was talking about him being a supporter of Man United.

Despite regularly socialising with his neighbours he still harboured a feeling of superiority toward them, something his wife Avril didn't share. At the beginning of Series 9 Jackson qualified as a teacher and received a teaching post offer but while Avril threw a party for him in The Jockey he chose to stay with the other teachers. Soon after, Carmen Kenaway began "Project New Start", a multi agency project to evict as many residents of the estate as possible on the grounds of benefit fraud and demolish it. Jackson stood visibly with his neighbours but seemed to agree with Project New Start, even staying behind a town meeting to congratulate Carmen. However his attitude soon changed when he was visited by the projects benefit investigation officers and they revealed he had committed benefit fraud himself.

The fact that Jackson had talked of nothing but moving away from the estate since qualifying as a teacher combined with the fact he still felt himself better than their neighbours, Avril threw him out. He was forced to sleep in the make shift shanty town the residents had erected after being evicted. Jackson's feelings soon changed though as when he next returned home Avril sadly showed him a letter informing him that his teaching post had been withdrawn, likely due to the revealed benefit fraud.

This experience opened Jackson's eyes to the true situation both his family and their neighbours were in and the next time Carmen appeared in The Jockey, he stood up against her.


He also joined the local football team, playing alongside Chesney Karib as well as members of the British Alliance Party. Ignoring their racist remarks he soon joined them, secretly hoping to bring them down from the inside. His wife Avril was against the idea, even going so far as to dress up in her traditional national garb and cook traditional meals. Seizing his chance, Jackson managed to copy the list of all the BAP's members which included the names of famous and important people from a flash drive. But Jackson's "friend" in the BAP found out that the files had been copied when the journalist that was contacted told him, and because Jackson had gotten Chesney speak to the Journalist, he was left in the firing line.

Thugs from the BAP soon turned up at Karib's Shop and began splashing petrol over its front, Jackson was driven there to prove his mettle and assist them but realising the danger he'd put his friend in he refused and shouted for everyone in the shop to get out. The BAP members managed to hit Chesney once but the shoppers (including Avril and Lillian) fought back, overpowering them easily. Jackson's "friend" lay battered on the floor while Jackson explained it was he who copied the member list, and if the BAP didn't stay away from him and the estate in the future, he would release it to the National Press.

Feud With Patty Croker

Jackson and his wife Avril caused quite a stir with Patty Croker when their regular loud sex sessions became an annoyance to her. The couple mentioned that they had been thrown out of their last 3 houses after noise complaints to the Council, and that more noise complaints could lead to Jackson losing his job. This didn't bother Patty however, and she played a tactical game with the couple, even going so far as to drug Jackson with medication to stop erections. Things ended when Avril and Jackson apologised and promised to look into sound proofing along with giving Patty a bottle of wine. Patty was happy to accept, but the couple had spiked it, presumably with Ecstasy, leaving her drunk and happy.

Business with Shane Maguire

At the start of series 9, Jackson becomes a fully qualified teacher, but loses his job.

He goes into business with Shane Maguire taking and selling on food that is thrown away by supermarkets.

Break-up and Departure

After a breakdown in his relationship with Avril (who was in a relationship with her co-worker, Callum), and realising they were in debt, despite that both were making money on the side, their possessions were taken by bailiffs. Jackson admitted he knew about Avril's affair with Callum, as well as confessing to his wife he was seeing another woman. He told a saddened Avril that he'll be in touch before leaving Chatsworth.

At the start of Series 11, Letitia mentions that she has not seen her father and does not know where he is.[1]


  • Jackson admitted in Episode 8 of Series 10 that he has only ever slept with two women: his wife Avril and Alyah Marsh. Avril admitted in the same episode that though she has always told Jackson he was her first, he was actually her second.



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