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"It's Time to Kill the Turtle" is the eighth episode of the first season of Shameless.


When Frank gives up drinking, Carl and Debbie enjoy having their dad back despite Lip's warning it won't last. Meanwhile, Fiona scrambles to find a better job.


Frank wakes up in the hospital, where the doctor wakes him up and offers him $3,000 from a hospital study to abstain from alcohol for two weeks.

While doing his searching for Frank, Lip meets Karen and asks her to come with him to the college.

Frank even asked Sheila to entertain him in the meantime. Soon Frank goes jogging and finds Debbie who ask what is wrong with him and he explains the situation and she gives him soda and the sugar helps his spirits. The two bond over candy at the house before meeting with the rest of the family and friends. Lip knows what this means and leaves with Karen to avoid the disaster. Meanwhile, everyone passes the time with sober Frank and has fun doing so.

Ian continues to hang out with Mandy while secretly having sex with her brother Mickey.

The next morning, Fiona finds Frank doing housework around the house by cooking and telling stories to the kids. Frank says he called in a favor to get food, while Lip tells Fiona that their father won't stop until he gets his money is rude to him while the other children criticized his behavior. Fiona is still surprised that he can be a great father when he is sober, but Lip advised Fiona, Carl, and Debbie to "enjoy the moment while it lasts."

Lip goes to the college, where the professor is attempting to get through him about leaving his past and advancing himself to achieve his potential. Lip is uninterested.

After working odd jobs, Fiona comes home to find Frank and the younger kids working on the house. She asks if his new money will help get him a job, as she goes in the kitchen with her money and cries. Lip comes down and sees her state, with her stating its from a long day. She then changes the subject by asking why he's so bitter with their father in this good times. Lip tells her that in his childhood Frank got sober once for a bet and went to one of Lip’s little league games, where he was pleased with him expressing pride in his achievements and disappointed it didn't stay that way. Eventually, Frank's soberness becomes too much for the elder children when he tries to break a supporting wall with Carl. He loses his chance at getting the money when Lip and Fiona, spurred by Debbie, force him to drink alcohol. When Steve returns to the house, he sees a drunken Frank sitting in his chair holding Liam watching a TV show about politics while the children are pleased.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Chris Gartin - Chip Lishman
  • Paige White - Dr. Seery
  • Corina Boettger - Pimply Girl
  • Timothy George Connolly  - Sleazy Guy
  • Katherine Cunningham - Danielle
  • Missy Doty - Jess
  • Sonia Jackson - Darla Martini
  • Brooke Kuchuris - Mom
  • Michael Liu - Hugh
  • Michael Patrick McGill - Tommy
  • Bre Mueck - Beautiful Woman
  • Jeffery Self - Grant
  • Jasmin Tavarez - Gisela


  • Adam Goodell - College Student
  • Norma J. Houser - Store Patron
  • Samuel Meadows - College Student
  • Jay Murray - Store Patron


  • Episode Runtime- 00:48:15
  • Karen's future pregnancy is hinted.
  • Ian is still seeing Mickey.
  • It is revealed that while sober Frank can be the perfect father.