Isidora Goreshter was born on October 24, 1981 in Long Beach, California and is an actress known for her parts in Paranoia as hospital nurse number one, T Is for Twig as Lina, Elena in Season 2 of 2 Broke Girls and Shameless as Svetlana Milkovich. Before fame, she studied classical ballet before training as as actressat the Stella Adler Conversatory. She graduated from California State University with an art, history and theatre degree. She has starred in numerous Broadway productions such as Beirut, Waiting for Godot and The Smell of the Kill. Isidora reveal that her character was initially a co-starring character, but then become a recurring character of the show. Later, she was promoted as series regular in season 7.

In January 29, 2018, Isidora announced her departure from the show following the finale of Eight Season.

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