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Iron City is the sixth episode of the Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


The aftermath of Liam’s accident lands Fiona in county jail, unsure of Liam’s condition or her future. The family, minus Frank, wait nervously for any update on Liam’s status at the hospital. Meanwhile, after almost being killed by the sweat lodge, Frank wakes up in the emergency room and gets some sobering news about his declining health.


The scene opens tonight with Kev offering the services of an attorney from his DUI case to help Fiona. Lip is in his own world and not thinking of anything but Liam’s condition and what will happen to the family. The doctor finally comes out asking for a parent or legal guardian to release the status of Liam’s condition to. After explaining the situation, the doctor finally relents and shares that Liam has acute cocaine toxicity with a dangerously fast heart rate. He is finally settling down. Everyone wants to see him but only family members over 18 can see him.

As this is happening, Fiona takes her seat in a jail cell. She asks to make a phone call but is denied and moved to a van to be transferred to Woman’s County.

Lip sees Liam, who is sleeping. He had several seizures and was strapped down. A pediatric neurologist will need to speak to the family about long term brain damage that could cause him more learning disabilities and problems. Lip is filling out paperwork and is forced to face the truth that he has to check no for insurance, job, etc. Kev tells Lip that he needs to wake up and face the severity of the situation. He is begging to help somehow.

Frank wakes up in the hospital with Sammi at his bedside. The doctor who sees him asks how he passed out in the sweat lodge. The doctor asks Frank if he realizes he is dying. Frank tries to joke it off. The doctor tells Sammi it will be very soon and that he does not have much time at all.

Back at the women’s jail, Fiona is going through the intake process but is still begging to make a call about Liam. She doesn’t get anywhere. Disrobed and shaking, she is searched, feeling degraded and scared. Back at the house, Kev and Veronica talk about the night before. Sheila awakes to her boyfriend’s sleeping nieces and nephews. She continues to try to please her man and the kids.

Fiona finally gets in touch with Lip. He tells Fiona how Liam is. Fiona breaks down but Lip hangs up before she finishes talking. Lip is questioned on where his father is because he needs to be present to get Liam when he is ready to be released, otherwise Liam will go to foster care. Lip gets to see Liam again.

As Sammi is pushing Frank in a wheelchair after leaving the hospital, they talk again about her mom and how Sammi was conceived. Sammi talks him into considering a hospice.

Fiona is coached on the process for seeing the judge by a public defender. In court, the family awaits Fiona’s fate. Bail is set at $100 thousand. It is explained to the family that they need $10,000 to get her out. Kev and Lip start looking around for Frank.

Fiona finds out Liam is doing better after questioning her public defender. She tells Fiona if she gives the name of the dealer, she may catch a break. When pushed about whether she’ll provide a name, Fiona says she cannot give that information. Sheila sends her boyfriends and family with lots of food as they head back to the reservation. Lip and Deb both rely on former lovers to provide some support during this tragically stressful time.

Back at the house after seeing some hospices, Frank is sleeping with Sammi by his side. She updates Carl and Lip arrives home and learns that they have a new sister and nephew, which shocks him. Moving this aside, Lip has a heart to heart with Carl after giving him a beer. Later, Lip is back at the hospital. His friend brings his books, some food, and a confidence boost when he sees his B+ grade.

Fiona’s first night is prison is cold and lonely. Her breakfast the next day is no better as she struggles to eat. A few minutes into her attempted meal, she is told she made bail and is released. Carl called Mike and he is waiting outside for Fiona after paying her bail. He offers to take her home, but warns her that he never wants to see her again. Sheila says goodbye to her home and heads to the reservation to be with the man and family she loves.

Frank makes it to the hospital. Deb arrives after a night with Matt and meets her half-sister and nephew. Sammi is excited at meeting the confused girl before Liam comes out but after seeing Frank’s condition the doctor and state worker are concerned. Fiona arrives home to an empty house. She starts getting worried after seeing the entire family is gone.



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  • Fiona gets carted off to jail for Liam's overdose and Lip takes over in family duties and tries to juggle school.
  • Liam recovers from the cocaine overdose.
  • Mike bails Fiona out of jail.
  • The hospital will only release Liam to Fiona or Frank and Lip finds him for him to reclaim Liam.
  • Sheila leaves to follow her new boyfriend.
  • The Gallaghers meet their sister and nephew for the first time.
  • Lip asks Mandy to get Ian.
  • This is the last appearance of Mike Pratt.


Lip: We're that extra special Gallagher kinda fucked up.

Kev: Christ I'm tired of being poor.

Lip: Look my mom's a bipolar drug addict who split years ago, my dad's a drunk, and the cops just hauled Fiona off to jail, okay? Look I'm the only thing that passes for a responsible adult that you're gonna find. Now how's Liam?

Kev: Look, Lip. It wasn't Fiona's fault. We were all there. Nobody saw Liam. You know that, right?

Fiona: That’s not a regular thing. Yesterday was my birthday.

Lawyer: happy birthday!

Sammi: Liam’s black?

Carl: Why’s the world so f*cked up?



This episode was viewed by 1.90 million people.