In with the Maguire's is the sixth episode of the third series of Shameless.


Debbie is happy that Carl has found himself a job, until he falls through the ceiling from the attic and reveals he has been growing cannabis for the Maguires. The house is soon raided by the police however and Ian uses his connection to a CID officer he had a one night stand with to get Carl released but this leaves the Maguires thinking he informed on them for an early release.

Carl is forced to hide out in the attic while the Maguires tear apart the estate looking for him, but his new friend Chloe is happy to keep him company, in more ways than one.

Lip is less than pleased about Carl's new job, even more so when he learns Mandy has been dealing drugs out of the baby's pram.

Jez get's bored of all the flirting and makes a move on Karen, who kisses her back in an attempt to attract a customer at The Jockey. Carol is less than happy to see them kissing in the middle of the bar however and reveals it to Sheila, who is happy to have a lesbian daughter and invites Jez round for dinner. After a strained dinner Sheila happily gives Jez and Karen her bedroom to spend some quality time together.

Post Credit Scene

The outside of the Gallagher house is seen as a man with a tool box approaches the door. He shouts "gas board" as he knocks and the door is then opened by Ian who says they don't want to buy any insulation and makes to shut the door but the man stops him and says that he's actually looking to "score some grass" (cannabis). This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Russell, the CID officer, tells Ian that they sell the heat seeking birds eye images on to the gas board and that they may be contacted in an attempt to sell them loft insulation.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Carl Gallagher
  • This is the first episode directed by David Threlfall who portrays Frank Gallagher. He went on to direct many more episodes of the show with increasing frequency.
  • Carl loses his virginity and earns the respect of his brothers.
  • Lip and Mandy decide to give a real relationship a try.
  • This is the first appearance of Shane Maguire, who joins the main cast in the next series. It is also coincidetally the first time a Maguire brother is displayed as a fully fleshed out character, with a personality.
  • Coincidentally, this is also the last credited appearance of Donny Maguire (reduced to mindless thug, and simply serving as support, before being entirely phased out, with Shane now taking priority as the central Maguire brother).
  • Paddy Maguire is mentioned and said to be in jail. Debatably, if more of his sons have been arrested aswell, this could also be the reason that other Maguire brothers (such as Micky, Joey or Fergal ) are strangely absent.


Yvonne: Your not gonna get high sniffing that, glue's down here.
Sheila: Frank, Frank?
Frank: What, oh don't tell me, space aliens from the planet og have turned Nigel 
into an olive.
Sheila: Our Karen's a lesbian. Why would she not have told me Frank?
Frank: Sheila love, I know your not a natural blonde, I know your not 
as stupid as you look but your Karen is not into K.D. Lang.
Sheila: But she is Frank, I'm telling you, I've just found out. And that's just 
the kind of attitude that's stopped her being honest about it in the first place! 
Because she's been worried we might judge her. I want you to say it now Frank, 
out loud and proud, what our Karen is. Go on say it. Give voice to it. Say it. 
Say it!
Frank: Karen sucks gash.
Sheila: So Jez, where you from originally? Was your mother a lesbian?
Jez: Not so far as I know Sheila.
Sheila: Ah, but you never really do, do ya?
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