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"Home Sweet Homeless Shelter" is the third episode of Season 7 of Shameless. It aired on October 16th, 2016 on Showtime. It attracted a total of 1.44 million viewers.


Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana start a topless maid service; Frank makes new friends at the shelter to replace his family; Debbie's new lifestyle comes to an abrupt end; Carl gets a gonorrhea scare; Ian struggles with a breakup and his mental health; business at Patsy's hits the skids; a new family member and bartender is introduced and he is packing a big surprise.


Kev, V and Svetlana commence their topless maid service and deal with the sudden arrival of Svetlana's estranged intimidating father.

Frank, angry with the treatment he is receiving from his biological family, disowns his family and moves into a homeless shelter where he creates a new "Gallagher family". He renames several homeless children with the names of his 'former family' and renames his current girlfriend (Delores) after his first wife, Monica. However, he allows Liam to remain a Gallagher as he is the only one to treat Frank well. He assumes the role of Daddy Frank and tries to provide for his new family. When he learns the shelter is closing, he and his new family search for a new home and they end up crashing a home realtor's showing on his old block.

Getting an idea, Frank returns to the homeless shelter and rallies the homeless people to join his Gallagher 2.0 family at his new Home Sweet Homeless Shelter.

Ian finds himself in a manic state after his break-up with Caleb. He ends up putting a schizophrenic patient in jeopardy and Fiona is called to take him home.

In the meantime, Lip has a rocky start at his new job that Professor Youens pulled strings to get him into. He also unintentionally insults Fiona when he says that his job is leading to a career and her's isn't. Fiona takes offence and is unimpressed with Lip's arrogant attitude.

Fiona continues to try and run Patsy's Diner. She runs into trouble as she is constantly being called away to take care of her family members. She is also struggling with the staff as the chefs and waitresses are unable to carry out their jobs as well as she would like. After a run in with the assistant to the owner of Patsy's Diner, Fiona finds out that the owner was a high school dropout who has now made millions for herself. She appears impressed.

Debbie, in order to pay her night nurse Jolayemi, continues her 'online business' by stealing from stores. While Debbie is attempting to leave a store with stolen baby and mama clothing, she is apprehended by the store clerk and security. Fiona is called once again to save Debbie from being arrested. However, Debbie is far from grateful as Fiona implies that Debbie is mentally challenged.

Back at the abandoned house, Frank has moved all his homeless friends in. When the realtor comes back with the police in order to arrest Frank for trespassing, Frank claims that he has spoken to the previous owner of the house who has agreed to let them stay. Though both the realtor and the cops are not buying his story, Frank ends up winning the confrontation when the officers are unwilling to kick out all the homeless people without talking to the former owner. As a result, Frank, or Daddy Frank as he is now known, has achieved his goal of providing for his new family.

Carl is confronted by Dominque's father, Sergeant Winslow, who is furious that Carl has given Dominique gonorrhea. Dominque ignores Carl and rides away on the bike he bought her. Distressed, Carl goes back to visit the doctor who tests him for gonorrhea. When Carl's test proves he does not have gonorrhea, his brothers explain that his girlfriend must have been cheating on him. Carl follows Dominique to a frat house where he sees her kissing another guy. Heartbroken and angry. Carl snaps a picture of the two of them kissing and reclaims the bike. He then shows Sergeant Winslow the picture and his negative STD test. Sergeant Winslow and Carl return to the frat house and is joined by a police force. They storm the frat house.

After a day of saving her family members, Fiona makes a decision and calls a family meeting. Fiona lays down some ground rules for her siblings and tells them that they are adults now and will have to contribute to the house bills or she will rent out their rooms. She is determined to get her life on track. The only kid who still gets a free ride is Liam. Lastly, Fiona asks them to remove her as their primary emergency contact and instead to replace her with Lip. She then tells Lip that she has a good a chance as any of the Gallaghers to make something of herself. Veronica comes in and tells the Gallaghers that their father is up to something and to go out and see what it is.

The Gallaghers find Frank and the homeless people eating and asking for donations. They are confused by their father's actions. Fiona remarks on the begging of her family while V remarks on her own family drama. As Frank celebrates, he is approached by his real children who protest his choice and tell him to stop. However, Frank tells his "former" family (except Liam) to leave him alone since they have shown him their real feelings with their acts on him and sends them off while he continues to bask in his fortune.


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  • Frank finds a new house and lives down the street from his children.
  • Frank forms a new family of homeless people and sends his real children for their acts on him.
  • Frank being a regular prisoner is referenced by a cop.