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Helene Runyon is first introduced in Season 5 of Shameless. She was a professor at Lip's college and becomes his sexual partner after meeting him.


When Lip enters late to her class, due to financial aid issues. Helené is not amused especially when he doesn't know anything of her class. Soon, Lip visits Helené in her office and thinks he is being kicked out of school, but after a conversation with her, he comes onto her. At first, she is not amused but ends up giving in and the two have sex with her telling those outside she's with a student. The two start a casual sexual relationship that evolves into something deeper. 

Helené is married, but her husband allows her to sleep with other men; he even watches Lip and Helené have sex. She is more confident, sensual, and worldly than Lip's previous girlfriends, and he is enticed by the power balance in their relationship. Helené fits the typical profile of the type of woman Lip truly desires: aloof and unavailable (similar to Karen, his first girlfriend). 

In Season 6, Lip's last ex-girlfriend, Amanda, exacts revenge on Lip for his breaking up with her by leaking a nude photo of Helené. The fallout from the leaked photo results in the end of Helené's relationship with Lip and her career at Chicago Polytechnic University. 

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