Haunted by the Past is the fourteenth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.

Since his epiphany in the previous episode, Frank is driven to impress social services in order to have Liam and Stella returned into his care. He manages to avoid his regular vices and does all the chores in the house. But when his libido proves to be his undoing, Debbie hatches a desperate scheme to take back her younger siblings.

The Maguires celebrate Mimi's release from prison. But tensions rise between her and a drug-free Paddy as they squabble over control of the family business.

Kash Karib returns to the Chatsworth after faking his death several years earlier. But demands for money will have tragic consequences for both him and his estranged family.

Now released from hospitable, Joe appears in public with Mandy again, but he struggles to regain the trust of the Maguires as well as his grip over Karen, whose relationship with Jamie has weathered the storm.


. Narrator: Yvonne Karib. This is the only time she narrates an episode.

. Jamie, after briefly running the family business, develops a taste for criminal enterprises when he engages in money laundering, independently from the Maguire family.

. It is revealed in this episode that Yvonne Karib is a registered foster-parent, when she agrees to accept legal custody of Stella and Liam, so they could be in close proximity with their siblings and father, who live nextdoor.

. Only mere moments after completing a two-month prison sentence for GBH, Mimi shoots a man in cold blood.

. Chesney is responsible for his father Kash's demise after knocking him unconscious just before an accidental fire erupts in the shop's stockroom.

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