Gunshot is the second episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


The Maguire clan is fully mobilised for the christening of its newest member: baby Connor, with Mimi pulling all the strings. Her first act, reallocating godmother duties, leaves now 'ex' godmother Kelly devastated.

Shane is stuck in the unenviable position of being forced to take sides between Kelly's need for acceptance and his mum's pursuit of respectability. Kelly demands he permanently cut the apron strings if their relationship is to last.

Paddy's attempt to get involved in the family celebration is derailed by his own personal credit crunch. Papering over the cracks in his relationships, Paddy tries to press-gang Shane and Jamie into his new plan for the family business. While the lads turn him down, an eager Micky is overlooked.

Feeling ever more isolated, a fatal mistake by Paddy means Micky must come to his rescue. At his lowest ebb, Paddy takes the christening opportunity to cleanse his own soul in front of the astonished family.

Meanwhile Karen's spending is burdening her and Jamie under a mountain of debt whilst her affair with Joe threatens to spiral out of control. At the Gallaghers, Carl's experiment in the bedroom shocks Maxine into retaliatory strap-on action!

Post Credit Scene

Liam Gallagher is sat the kitchen table of the Gallagher house, he says "so you've converted to Judaism but your having violent cravings for pork scratching?" to a woman sat opposite him. The woman confirms the statement and hands him a £10 note before Liam tells her he will see what he can do and begins to read a copy of The Torah and Kelly smiles behind him. This is a callback to earlier in the episode when Liam's knowledge of The Bible proved useful in finding a loop hole for Kelly's prostitution due to her role in baby Connor Maguire's Christening.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Sam Walker - Dillon
  • Colin David Jackson - Sean
  • Jonathan Lewis Owen - Ady
  • Cian Barry - Father Ryan


  • Narrator: Paddy Maguire.
  • Mandy Maguire is mentioned, seen in flashbacks and the gravestone she shares with her brother Fergal is seen. However, Mandy's year of birth on the headstone was given as 1986. This must be a writer's error, because it was earlier shown in Episode 3 of Series 1 that Mandy was in the same high school year-group as Ian Gallagher (born in 1989).
  • The post-credit scene with Liam is reminiscent of what his older brother Lip used to do when helping local residents to make fake insurance claims.
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