After visiting a fertility clinic, Shane is devastated to discover that he will never be able to conceive children. But later, Liam points out that Shane and Kelly can still be foster-parents to their niece, Katie. Unfortunately for them, Katie chooses to stay with her father, Lip, after being brought down by her grandmother Mimi to visit him in London.

Liam and Libby are printing out banners protesting Carl and Chesney's innocence, but are under surveillance by Jimmy's crew, who plant evidence in Chesney's house and vandalise the Gallagher's house. Frank tries to keep Libby out of the crossfire by persuading her to help local residents to make false insurance claims.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Dee and his gang are pushing their luck around the Chatsworth Estate, and at the expense of the Maguires. After a run-in with Carl Gallagher, who has returned to Chatsworth with Chesney Karib, who are both seeking shelter in Joe's Shop, Jimmy and his friends run rampant about the estate, looking for the two fugitives. Shane is the first to stand up to them when Jimmy threatens to torch the Gallagher house. Shortly, Shane convinces Jamie to gather the Maguire associates to end Jimmy's reign of terror.


. Narrator: Shane Maguire.

. Lip Gallagher is mentioned to have completed university and became an architect in London.

. Katie Maguire leaves Chatsworth to live with Lip, her father.

. The Maguire sons are forced to act on initiative when Paddy refuses to take charge when Jimmy threatens the Chatsworth estate.

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