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 Grandad is the first episode of the second series of Shameless.


Frank's father Neville turns up at Sheila's to see his new grandchildren, Nigel and Delia, the latest additions to the Gallagher clan. Neville wastes no time in berating Frank's lack of employment or interest in his family. Neville makes it his mission to find Frank and job and make sure he starts looking after Sheila and the twins, but Frank decides just to pretend he has a job until his father leaves.

Despite just returning to the estate, Karen decides not to move back in with her mother Sheila. Instead she manages to get herself a job at The Jockey, complete with a room above the bar. Kev is understandably curious as to how she managed this and is surprised to find that Jez, with Karen's help, thinks her to be a lesbian and fancies her. But it's not all perks, Jez scares off any man that dares flirt with Karen while Veronica is out for blood because she thinks Karen fancies Kev.

Post Credit Scene

Frank, Sheila and Neville are shown standing at the bar of The Jockey. Neville tells Jez "whatever Frank and Sheila are having and a quick scotch for me", Jez goes to make it while Sheila smiles at him, Neville then tells Frank "this is on me son" as he offers him a cigar. Frank takes it, bites the end off and then lights it as Neville and Sheila watches him happily. Frank then blows the smoke directly into Neville's still smiling face before saying "tell you what Dad, stick it right up your arse" and holding the cigar out to him. Neville replies by saying "no son, I did that before coming in here" causing Frank to start spitting, Neville then announces that drinks are on Frank.


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