Grace was one of the youngest followers of a Christian missionary, Jesus O'Toole who visited the Chatsworth Estate in Series 8.

Grace showed herself to be as full of zeal as her leader and confident enough to corner Frank Gallagher and confront him with a full knowledge of all his benefit claims, what he was spending them on and how they had never been used for the benefit of his 9 children by two different women. Though he too was confident to brush both her and the large group of singing followers that surrounded him off, Grace was unfazed.

Seeming to be in charge of reaching out to children, she focused on Aidan Croker, inviting him to prayer sessions on the group's bus were they had plasma screen TVs, an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii gaming consoles. Many children were seen attending one of the prayer sessions that she was leading, possibly just to use the consoles, while Aidan came late enough to miss all the prayer but still play the games.

Grace began to spend time with Aidan, both admitting that the Maguires wanted him to find out what Jesus was planning and Patty and the group wanted Grace to find out what the Maguires had planned. Aidan asked her what she did for fun and she admitted that her work with the group, spreading the word of God and trying to change people's lives was completely fun to her.

Later, Grace was caught giving Aidan oral sex under a table on the bus while he pretended to read the Bible to throw passers by off. When the missionaries were run out of town by the residents, Aidan gave Grace a mobile phone as a present, she used to phone him and ask how he had liked her present of a console game. Aidan also told her that if she was ever in the general area on her religious work again, to give him a call.


  • Shannon Flynn who portrayed Grace is best known for playing Emily James in Waterloo Road. Her co star in Shameless, William Ash who portrayed Jesus O'Toole also stars in Waterloo Road.


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