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"Go Home, Gentrifier!" is the second episode of Season 11 of the U.S. version of Shameless.


It’s Franny’s birthday, and with Tami and Sandy’s help, Debbie prepares to throw her the best princess party Franny never wanted. Ian is on the straight and narrow which forces Mickey to get a real job. Frank the weed connoisseur helps Kev and V with their struggling pot business. Lip’s home renovations run him into some trouble with his new neighbors. Carl’s first day on the force is not the vigilante fantasy he thought it would be. Liam profits from kids who find themselves in lunch debt due to a tyrannical lunch lady.




Main Cast



  • This is the second time a Gallagher celebrates a birthday.
    • Because of Debbie always wanting to be a princess, she does that for Franny, despite her not wanting it.
    • Due to Debbie being a sex offender, Franny's classmates don't show up.
  • Carl is officially a police officer.
  • Liam begins a business of selling lunch.
  • Kermit and Tommy are now awkward after their drug induced sexual encounter.
  • Tami and Sandy begin a friendship.
  • Frank creates weed food products.
  • Freddie is now talking.
  • Carl is asked by his partner if he had kids but he replied that he was 19.
    • However, Carl does have kids, as seen in Sparky. This indicates he's ignoring the illegitimate children that were born from Frank tricking him into donating sperm for Ingrid.
  • This marks the first time Frances Gallagher calls Mikhailo "Mickey" Aleksandr Milkovich "Uncle Mickey" when actress Paris Newton says it after going to play with the him and the gun he bought Franny at her birthday Party.