Gloria Meak is a local hair dresser on the Chatsworth Estate, although she only appeared in the show during Series 9 she is meant to be a resident just unseen until then.[1] She is a close friend of both Mimi Tutton and Avril Powell.

Gloria revealed in Episode 8 of Series 9 that she was put up for adoption at the age of 11 months. Her brother, Dominic was kept by their parents and even as an adult, their mother doted on Dominic and refused contact with Gloria. Gloria stated that she can only guess as to the reason, but her theory is that her mother saw a female child as "competition".

In the same episode, Gloria had a drunken fight with Karen Maguire and later walked to The Jockey to collect more alcohol for the girls and get some air. With the blackout on the estate at the time, Gloria went around the back of the Jockey to meet Jamie and collect the booze but in a moment of passion, the two had sex right there and began an affair.


In Episode 3 of Series 9 Gloria's biological mother Hazel came to stay with her and Dominic. Hazel's husband had just died and his children had thrown her out so Dominic was forced into taking her in. Gloria struggled with her mother's cold attitude and harsh words, Hazel talked about her mother and how terrible she was only to pointedly tell Gloria that she looked like her and had her eyes. Gloria came close to leaving her own home until Hazel left but was talked out of it by Dominic who suggested Hazel regretted giving up her daughter. To this end Gloria took Hazel to The Jockey for a pub lunch and reached out, calling her "mum" for the first time. However Hazel responded by pointing out that she hadn't been left destitute, she was simply waiting for her inheritance from her husband's death to clear after which she would be moving out and taking Dominic with her. Gloria was shocked by this and angrily returned home alone.

Dominic soon followed her after seeing her storm off and realizing Hazel must have upset her. Gloria angrily asked Dominic why he had lead her to believe their mother cared for her or regretted putting her up for adoption when she so obviously didn't. Dominic revealed that he lied because he didn't want to be left with Hazel, he had thought he wouldn't have to be after she remarried but due to her husband's death he was scared of having to take care of his mother in her old age. Gloria was outraged that he wanted her to bond with someone who had no interest in her for such selfish reasons but he replied that he couldn't look after someone when he couldn't even look after himself and he just wanted to stay with her. Neither of them realized but Hazel had walked in and heard everything he said.

Hazel collected her things and headed for the nearest bus stop after saying it was all Gloria's fault. Refusing to let her get away with everything, Gloria followed her to speak to her mother. Gloria told Hazel that her treating Dominic as the "chosen one" had ruined his ability to have meaningful relationships and settle down. Hazel brushed off Dominic's feelings, stating that she didn't blame him as he had seen how hard it was for to look after her own mother in her old age. However the women came to unlikely agreement when they accepted that they both make excuses for Dominic and continue like nothing has happened. Gloria finally asked why her mother had kept Dominic and not her, to which her mother replied that she just couldn't love the baby Gloria no matter how she tried. She mused that the reason for this could be her eyes, the same eyes as Hazel's mother who treated her so badly. 

Jamie Maguire

In Series 9, Gloria and Jamie begin having an affair, which is discovered by Jamie's wife Karen in Series 10.

Affair with Dom

At the end of Series 10, Gloria begins an affair with her brother, Dominic, and are continuing with their affair in secret at the start of series 11, until Gloria decides to leave the estate without Dominic.


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