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Geneva is a friend of Ian Gallagher and was a former case to social worker Trevor. She first appears in a recurring role during season 8 and season 9. She later becomes an important and loyal follower to Ian after he becomes "Gay Jesus".  She returns in Season 10.


Season 8

In "Where's My Meth?", she meets Ian as a patient at Trevor's at-risk youth center. Ian wraps her hand after she burned it smoking crack.

In "Fuck Paying It Forward", she visits Ian at his job asking him to help her with a cut she got from a razor. Since it was her dealer who attacked her and she was scared to go out, Ian let her sleep on the couch in his house. He woke up the next morning to find her sleeping with him, with her stating she felt safer with him. After getting Ian's number for the next time she needed help, she left.

In "The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher", she visits the church with Ian.

In "Occupy Fiona", she helps Ian with protesting against his sister, Fiona. When Fiona pays Ian's protesters to leave, Geneva is the only one who stays, until Fiona pays her double to leave.

In "Frank's Northern Shuttle Express", she helps Trevor clean up their new building. When looking over the list for people who need beds, she tells them Jamie can be taken off the list when he tried to kill himself. She later applauds Ian for his verbal fight with a pastor, which she saw online.

In "Sleepwalking", she tries to get Ian to eat something, along with brining Trevor. She is then at Ian's speech downtown, and steps up stating she's Ian Gallagher when the cops arrive.

Season 9

In "Black Haired Ginger," Geneva argues against Ian pleading insanity and taking a deal that would prevent him from spending a decade or more in prison, arguing that it is the best thing for their cause. As a result, Geneva and Fiona get into an argument about the best course of action, upsetting Ian. Ian later decides to plead not guilty by reason of insanity due to his bipolar disorder, greatly upsetting Geneva and his other followers.

In "Face It, You're Gorgeous," Ian is revealed to have been sentenced to two years in prison. Geneva and none of his followers are present when Ian goes to prison, upsetting him, though he understands after his betrayal.

Season 10

In "Gallavich," Geneva, despite her former anger at Ian, is shown to remain friends with him and attends Ian's wedding along with some of his other Gay Jesus followers. When Terry Milkovich tries to enter with a gun, Geneva and Ian's followers form a human blockade, forcing Terry to leave and allowing the wedding to go on uninterrupted.


  • Despite Ian giving up being gay Jesus, Geneva still went to his wedding and defended him.