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Series 1

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Meet the Gallaghers Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Mark Mylod January 13, 2004 #101
First episode. Fiona meets Steve McBride on a night out and they immediately fall for each other, Lip discovers Ian's affair with Kash.

We're Going to the Moon Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Jonny Campbell January 20, 2004 #We're Going to the Moon
Frank goes missing and everyone panics when they realize he's missing his giro day, something he's never do by choice. Agoraphobic Sheila Jackson gets a new man.

We're Getting Married Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Jonny Campbell January 27, 2004 #103
Kev drunkenly proposes to Veronica, but it is revealed he is already married. Mandy Maguire wants Ian, but he doesn't want to tell her he's gay which results in a confrontation between Ian and the Maguire's.

Abduction Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Mark Mylod February 3, 2004 #104
Debbie steals a baby which results in a panic in Chatsworth, so the Gallagher's must come up with a master plan to return the kid without bringing attention to the family.

Affairs Writer: Carmel Morgan Director: Mark Mylod February 10, 2004 #105
It's the school's parents evening and Frank is nowhere to be seen. Frank's relationship with his girlfriend's daughter and his son's girlfriend, Karen, is discovered and Yvonne discovers her husband's relationship with Ian.

Monica Comes Home (1) Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Dearbhla Walsh February 17, 2004 #106
The debt collectors are after Frank after they find out his current address and his run-away wife, Monica returns to the Chatsworth Estate with girlfriend Norma in tow.

Dead (2) Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Dearbhla Walsh February 24, 2004 #107
Frank fakes his own death to escape the Debt Collectors, Steve is arrested and Sheila makes it outside.

Series 2

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Christmas Special Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Jonny Campbell December 23, 2004 #200
Chatsworth is closed by the Military when some contaminated meat is stolen and finds it's way into public circulation among the residents.

Grandad Writer: Paul Abbott Director: David Evans January 4, 2005 #201
Frank pretends to get a job to keep his visiting father off his back, Karen gets a job at The Jockey.

Eric (Episode) Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Peter Lydon January 11, 2005 #202
Kev and Veronica get a visit from a Social Worker and foster a troubled young boy. Kev helps him learn to defend himself from the school bullies bothering him.

The Garden Competition Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Peter Lydon January 18, 2005 #203
Veronica and Carol battle over the local gardening competition, first prize a years free rent. Frank is left to look after Delia and Nigel and The Jockey is raided by the police and closed for serving past closing hours

The Big Day Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Dearbhla Walsh January 25, 2005 #204
Tony discovers Steve's car full of money and drugs when he steals it as a joke, causing Tony to attempt a sting of the drug dealers Steve is dropping off to which goes wrong, resulting in a warrant for Steve's arrest and him having to flee Chatsworth.

Crooks and Robbers Writer: Phil Nodding Director: Dearbhla Walsh February 1, 2005 #205
Lip is framed for burglary, Debbie rents out video's copied from Kash's shop only for someone to accidentally return a sex tape featuring the local lollipop lady!

Welcome to the Family Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Dearbhla Walsh February 8, 2005 #206
Lip gets Mandy pregnant while she is pretending to be Ian's girlfriend to cover his sexuality, leading to the Maguire's welcoming Ian to the family, so long as he marries Mandy! Fiona is mugged.

Joey Dawson Writer: Amanda Coe Director: David Evans February 15, 2005 #207
Liam swallows Fiona's contraceptive tablets leading to a visit from a Social Worker, only the social worker happens to be a girl Fiona bullied in school, Fiona has sex with new man Craig.

Against the Odds Writer: John Griffin Director: David Evans February 22, 2005 #208
Fiona quits her job and admits she's pregnant by Craig, Frank is coerced into suing the Karib's when he injures himself on their door, forcing them to close the shop.

Sister, Sister Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Dearbhla Walsh March 1, 2005 #209
Debbie helps Marty prepare for his court case, Craig plans to take Fiona away to relieve her pregnancy stress but his separated wife Sue is jealous and seeks a showdown with Fiona.

True Love Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Dearbhla Walsh March 8, 2005 #210
Kash runs for Chatsworth Councillor against racist Bernie Creme, Lillian's husband is killed in an accident by Carl causing the Gallaghers to scramble to get him off the hook, Frank takes the dead man's identity to claim his benefits in exchange for looking after his dog, but attempts to kill it instead, with comical results. Fiona and Steve's last episode.

Series 3

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Liamday Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Catherine Morshead January 3, 2006 #301
New Year's Special. Debbie lies and says Liam has cancer in order to get him out of trouble at school, but the plan backfires when the whole community gets involved in raising money for the cause.

Dark Friends Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Catherine Morshead January 10, 2006 #302
Lip gets involved in a towel stealing scam at his now job at a hotel, however his colleague, Jack, has another agenda that has consequences for Kash, Kev's sister Kelly moves into Sheila's and causes a stir with her sexual escapades.

Baby Writer: Bob Mills & Jim Poyser Director: Jim O'Hanlon January 17, 2006 #303
Mandy goes into labour after a robbery at the shop, but the Maguire's refuse to let Lip see her. Kev receives a horse racing tip which goes horribly wrong when the entire estate hear about it.

Benefit Fraud Writer: Amanda Coe Director: Catherine Morshead January 26, 2006 #304
Carl vies for the attention of Lip's new girlfriend Emily but only causes problems for himself, Carol reports Lillian to the DSS in revenge, causing a panic among the entire estate, when benefit investigators turn up on the Chatsworth Estate in droves, Frank is particularly worried as he's claiming benefits in Lillian's dead husband's name.

Old Flame Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Jim O'Hanlon January 31, 2006 #305
Kev wakes up on his birthday to find his mother has committed suicide, he meets his ex wife Roxy at the funeral, but when Veronica catches them in a compromising position she refuses to believe his pleas of innocence.

In with the Maguire's Writer: Emma Frost Director: David Threlfall February 7, 2006 #306
Carl gets arrested for growing Cannabis plants for the Maguire's, sparking a family feud when they believe him to have given the Police information for a quick release, Mandy bans Lip from seeing his daughter so he attempts to hunt down the real informant.

Act Your Age Writer: Amanda Coe & Phil Nodding Director: Paul Norton Walker February 14, 2006 #307
Debbie begins to realize the childhood she is missing out on and leaves the boys to look after themselves, a power cut from an unpaid electric bill reveals Sue's growing debts and she cowardly runs away, Frank's latest money spinner backfires.

The Wedding Writer: Amanda Coe Director: Paul Norton Walker February 21, 2006 #308
Garden work forces Sheila to reveal to Frank that her first husband is buried under the patio, Veronica sees a money opportunity when her last NHS funded IVF treatment fails and it looks increasingly likely that Debbie will be the only Gallagher at Frank's wedding.

Series 4

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
New Beginnings Writer: Emma Frost Director: Paul Norton Walker January 9, 2007 #401
Lip turns "18" and the Maguire's attempt to welcome him to the family business, Monica returns, Kev and Veronica are sent to prison for buying a child in a foreign country. and Frank nearly burns the house down whilst Sheila is away.

New Romances Writer: Emma Frost Director: Paul Norton Walker January 16, 2007 #402
Frank desperately tries to keep the fact he is still married to Monica a secret, Sheila sees competition in Monica and tries to reunite her with her lesbian lover, Norma Starkey.

You Decide Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Paul Norton Walker January 23, 2007 #403
Monica makes every effort to win Frank back from sheila, a new Police Officer starts on the Chatsworth Estate, Frank must choose between Monica or Sheila, but is it too late?

The Runaway Writer: Jack Thorne Director: Noreen Kershaw January 30, 2007 #404
Ian gets involved with a girl on the run from the Maguire's, Karen and Jamie try to out do each other at The Jockey, Mimi causes concern when she stops talking.

Boys, Boys, Boys Writer: Jim O'Hanlon & Amanda Coe Director: David Threlfall February 6, 2007 #405
Monica encourages Debbie to get a boyfriend to stop her hanging around Frank, Ian and Micky Maguire get to know each other.

Dangerous Situation Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall February 13, 2007 #406
Carl realizes he must get rid of Norma if he wants to reunite his family, Frank messes up his new job driving Shane Maguire's Ice Cream Van.

Terrorist Target Writer: Emma Frost Director: Noreen Kershaw February 20, 2007 #407
When mysterious explosions rock the Chatsworth Estate, rumours of Terrorism begin to spread. Norma accuses Frank of trying to rape her.

Revelations Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Lawrence Till February 27, 2007 #408
When three of his former cell mates die in mysterious circumstances, Paddy Maguire begins to wonder if he will be next, Karen worries if marrying Jamie is a good idea after all.

Series 5

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Countdown Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall January 1, 2008 #501
Frank receives some bad news while in hospital, Lip finds his past catching up to him and ends up in a fight.

Other Paddy Writer: Stephen Russell Director: David Threlfall January 8, 2008 #502
Mimi is upset when an ex boyfriend makes some offensive comments on the weight she has gained over the years and Paddy doesn't defend her.

Happy Birthday, Ma Maguire Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Paul Norton Walker January 15, 2008 #503
Monica vows to spend more time with her children when she finds out she isn't pregnant, Paddy is angry when The Jockey is robbed before the surprise party for Mimi, Stan's colleagues worry when he brings a questionable foreign woman home after meeting her on the Internet.

Frank's Big Win Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Paul Norton Walker January 22, 2008 #504
Trouble ensues when Frank is mistakenly thought to have won the lottery, he soaks up the attention but Liam is kidnapped and held for ransom!

Beach Party Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Lawrence Till January 29, 2008 #505
Debbie has an enterprising idea, Shane is happily surprised when the woman of his dreams takes him home, Carrie says she was driving when Stan accidentally hits an elderly woman with the police van but things get complicated when she decides to sue.

Nowhere to Go Writer: Ben Edwards Director: Lawrence Till February 7, 2008 #506
Frank is thrown out when baby Katie eats some of his drugs, Liam runs away when he hears Monica expects him to help with the new baby, when he meets Frank he begins to bond with his usually absent father.

Brothers and Boyfriends Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Fraser MacDonald February 14, 2008 #507
Ian and Mandy vie for the attention of a fireman called out to their gas leak, Carl stays in a relationship to continue sex with the girl's mother, but things get serious when the woman wants to leave her husband for him!

I Love Frank Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Fraser MacDonald February 21, 2008 #508
Frank is smitten with a woman he meets on the bus, Debbie attempts to raise money so the family can go on holiday.

Absent Parents Writer: Emma Frost Director: Jim Loach February 28, 2008 #509
Monica's estranged mother comes to visit, but she has Alzheimer's disease. Stan is torn when he begins a sexual relationship with Yvonne when he wants things to go further while she is happy with no strings. Liam outsmarts Micky and Shane with a business venture when they want money to throw a party.

Old Friends, New Enemies Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Jim Loach March 6, 2008 #510
Karen isn't happy when Jamie's former cell mate comes to stay, Norma gets back on the dating scene, Yvonne is surprised when her daughter arranges her wedding.

Twin Writer: Stephen Russell Director: David Threlfall March 13, 2008 #511
Paddy is caught committing armed robbery on CCTV and faces a long jail sentence, the Gallaghers find themselves in debt with Mimi, Tom thinks Carrie is exploiting her new position after she's promoted.

Family at War Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Lawrence Till March 20, 2008 #512
Yvonne and Stan's relationship is in danger after a big argument, but when she is held up in the shop and Stan tries to intervene, a shot is fired.

Date a Death Writer: Sarah Hooper Director: Lawrence Till March 27, 2008 #513
Mandy's love life is looking up when she's persuaded to go on a blind date, but things take a turn when her date dies after taking Ecstasy. Left with a corpse on their hands Mandy and Karen must get rid of the evidence.

The Ties That Blind Us Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall April 1, 2008 #514
After getting arrested Mandy becomes friends with Tom and tries to help him track down his birth mother, but she soon finds herself falling for him.

Assault Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Paul Norton Walker April 8, 2008 #515
Debbie and Tom enjoy another secret date but when they stumble across a woman who has been attacked, Tom is mistaken for her attacker and arrested. Debbie knows that if she doesn't reveal she was with him he's looking at a long sentence, but if she does there will be a different kind of trouble. Mimi also finds herself in an awkward position.

The Ninth Time Around Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Paul Norton Walker April 15, 2008 #516
A small earthquake sends Monica into labour but Frank is in a coma after falling off his bar stool, stuck in a hallucination of an alternate world.

Series 6

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Remember Me Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Richardson January 27, 2009 #601
It's Debbie's 16th birthday, she wants to celebrate it with her boyfriend, that she thinks no-one but he family know about, but Debbie finds out that everyone knows that her and the police men are together and after Ian is attacked he is rushed to hospital, where the attack is revealed to have caused amnesia.

Trouble in Paradise Writer: Sarah Hooper Director: David Threlfall February 3, 2009 #602
Jamie and Karen find their relationship strained, Micky enrolls on a film course after Ian's departure spurs him to do something with his life.

All Rise Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: David Richardson February 10, 2009 #603
Frank finds himself with a silver lining when his Identity is stolen and his criminal record is wiped as a result, however when he's called for Jury Service he's not as pleased as he was. Shane and Micky come up with a way to scam money out of tourists but Carrie is soon hot on their trail.

Loving Wife Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall February 17, 2009 #604
Monica feels neglected when Frank turns down her advances, the Maguire's are left furious when Fergal's grave is desecrated.

Miscarriage of Marriage Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Paul Norton Walker February 24, 2009 #605
When Karen has a miscarriage, her relationship with Jamie is strained further, Liam wins a modelling competition Debbie entered him in, Mandy finds her love life looking up.

Breaking Point Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Paul Norton Walker March 3, 2009 #606
Paddy wakes up to find himself chained to a bed in a strange room with no memory of how he got there. Maureen then enters the room and he remembers he has been seeing her since he met her in a cemetery.

Always Leave Them Wanting More Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Lawrence Till March 10, 2009 #607
Ian drives a car back to the UK following his travels abroad, unaware that there is something hidden inside. Paddy is still missing.

Damaged Writer: Davey Jones Director: Lawrence Till March 17, 2009 #608
Paddy lies to his family about his whereabouts the past few days, but he has vengeance on his mind when he fails to overcome his enforced Heroin addiction.

The Darkest Hour Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Paul Norton Walker March 24, 2009 #609
Shane is left partially paralysed after an accident but his trouble's are made worse when Mimi and Kelly clash over helping him recover.

To the Future Writer: Tracy Brabin Director: Paul Norton Walker March 31, 2009 #610
When Liam is awarded a special scholarship at school, Norma pretends to be his mother to make the family appear more 'normal'. Mimi tries to help Paddy with his addiction.

Powerless Writer: Emma Taylor Director: David Threlfall April 7, 2009 #611
Jamie's parole is threatened when he beats up Joe for hitting Mandy, but Mimi comes to the rescue by taking the blame.

Cold Turkey Writer: Tom Higgins & Kevin Erlis Director: David Threlfall April 14, 2009 #612
Ian isn't happy when he finds out his brother has been skiving off from school, especially when he thinks Danny is responsible. Paddy goes cold turkey in an attempt to beat his addiction while Mandy is pressured into finishing with Joe. Meena's career idea's don't meet with Yvonne's standards.

What About Me? Writer: Paul Tomalin Director: Tony Slater Ling April 21, 2009 #613
The Gallagher's find their lives turned upside down after a visit from Social Services, Chesney falls for a married woman.

Haunted by the Past Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Tony Slater Ling April 28, 2009 #614
When Yvonne's past begins to catch up with her, she attempts to stop Chesney and Meena from learning the truth.

Confession Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Lawrence Till May 5, 2009 #615
When Frank takes refuge in a confessional booth for the night he hears a neighbour's shocking secret and finds himself drawn into the events.

It's Over Writer: Alex Ganley Director: Lawrence Till May 12, 2009 #616
Paddy's downward spiral continues and he finds his marriage and family life in serious trouble. Mandy in particular is dragged into events, with fatal consequences.

Series 7

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Perfectly Frank Writer: Tom Higgins Director: David Threlfall January 26, 2010 #701
Frank turns 50 and finds a new woman in his life, a librarian named Libby Croker. Karen gives birth but while the Maguire's celebrate she worries over who the real father is, Jamie or Joe Pritchard.

Gunshot Writer: Emma Taylor Director: David Threlfall February 2, 2010 #702
Karen's new baby son Connor is christened but friction is caused when Mimi decides that an infertile relative should replace Kelly as Godmother. The pressure of the planning begins to get to Karen and she starts to exhibit strange behavior.

Out of Control Writer: Sarah Hooper Director: Lawrence Till February 9, 2010 #703
Liam meets a girl he likes but finds himself lying about his family background. Karen works obsessively to get back into shape after giving birth, but struggles to cope with motherhood.

Toyboy Writer: Kevin Erlis Director: Lawrence Till February 16, 2010 #704
Paddy's son's take him out for the night in an effort to encourage him to start dating, Mimi starts a relationship with a younger man but soon finds out he is under age! After being left at a club by his son's Paddy returns home and finds himself making an indecent proposal.

The Things You Do for Love Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Paul Norton Walker February 23, 2010 #705
Karen returns home after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder to find Mimi has been telling everyone she was in prison, Ian pretends to be Maxine's boyfriend at her parent's party but they soon realize their feelings for one another aren't pretend.

From Chatsworth to Cuba Writer: Frank Rickarby Director: Paul Norton Walker March 2, 2010 #706
Paddy finds himself torn when he wants to start a new life with his new girlfriend, but soon realises he has a greater responsibility to his family. Jamie starts a surprising new career. Liam allows bailiffs to strip the house when no one will listen to his warnings, the family are left with 28 days to raise the cash to get their things back.

Reunited Writer: Darren Fairhurst Director: Dominic Leclerc March 9, 2010 #707
Libby is released from prison and follows her heart to the Chatsworth Estate, and Frank Gallagher. Jamie begins to regret his current career path, Lillian believes she can contact dead people through her new television.

Marry Me (1) Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Dominic Leclerc March 16, 2010 #708
Shane proposes to Kelly but is confused when she turns him down, not knowing it's because she slept with his father. Following a house party at Chesney's, he and Carl are the only witnesses to a brutal murder.

The Wild Wales (2) Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: David Threlfall March 23, 2010 #709
Carl and Chesney are on the run and find themselves blamed for murder in their absence, Mimi joins the Women's Institute but struggles to fit in with their high standards.

Great Dangers (3) Writer: Davey Jones Director: David Threlfall March 30, 2010 #710
Carl and Chesney return home to find Jimmy still causing trouble on the estate. Shane and Kelly find out they won't be able to have children naturally so discuss their options.

Fallen Heroes Writer: Phil Charles Director: Lawrence Till April 6, 2010 #711
Maxine's brother Bruce turns up claiming his father evicted him for being gay, but is he telling the complete truth? Meanwhile Micky is left uncomfortable when openly gay Bruce starts working at The Jockey.

Boxer Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Lawrence Till April 13, 2010 #712
Ian, Carl and Chesney take up boxing but it turns out the boxing club owner has a history with Paddy Maguire. Micky decides to join the Fire Service in an attempt to gain some respect from his family, Libby tries to convince Frank to start a family with her.

Keep It in the Family Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Paul Norton Walker April 20, 2010 #713
Frank takes Patty on a pilgrimage in hopes of a miracle. Kelly's teenage sister Tonya moves in with her, hoping to regain custody of her baby.

Secret Relations Writer: Sarah Hooper Director: Paul Norton Walker April 27, 2010 #714
Mimi and Paddy file for divorce but are shocked to discover they were never married in the first place, realizing her children are illegitimate Mimi convinces Paddy to marry and then divorce her again.

The End of the Affair Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Metin Hüseyin May 4, 2010 #715
Joe tells Karen that he can't wait for her any longer, spurring her to admit her affair to Jamie, who admits his own cheating, but when he finds out who Karen has been with he reacts badly and Karen leaves with Joe. The pub football team enter a gay only tournament, much to Chesney's disgust. Ian and Maxine find themselves attracted to other men.

Gang Wars Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Metin Hüseyin May 11, 2010 #716
Despite Jamie's precautions, Karen and Joe manage to retrieve Connor and leave for a new life, but Karen finds herself realizing who she really wants to be with. Mimi believes she has a bad case of indigestion but is really in labour!

Series 8

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Night Before Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Dominic Leclerc January 10, 2011 #801
Libby and Frank's wedding is put on hold when he disappears on his stag night. Mimi attempts to find the father of her new baby Cilla.

Missing Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Dominic Leclerc January 11, 2011 #802
Frank is still missing and finds himself lost in Doctor Who themed fantasies, Monica hears of Frank's absence and wants custody of Liam and Stella, but what are her intentions?

Where's Frank? Writer: Kevin Erlis Director: Lawrence Till January 12, 2011 #803
Shane finds security work at a local school and helps a boy being bullied by his twin. Frank is still locked in a psychiatric hospital, unknown to Libby who attempts to move on with her life.

Back Home Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Metin Hüseyin January 13, 2011 #804
Karen moves back into The Jockey but attends the psychiatric hospital as an out patient for her peace of mind and is shocked to find Frank has been there all along.

Wedding of Disaster Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Lawrence Till January 14, 2011 #805
When Monica reveals her divorce with Frank will be nullified unless he objects Libby tries desperately to break him out of hospital and marry him, but Frank stages a break out of his own and finds out his nurse is in fact Monica's lover! Liam leaves to live with Monica in an attempt to "fix her".

Gangster Gallagher Writer: Darren Fairhurst Director: Metin Hüseyin January 18, 2011 #806
It's Carl's 21st Birthday and he gets a job with the Maguire's but things get serious when Kelly steals some of the money he's meant to drop off and the client blames Carl.

Kidnap and Ransom Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Paul Norton Walker January 25, 2011 #807
Sita calls a terrorism line to teach Chesney a lesson when he neglects the shop in favour of partying in the back room. Shane and Kelly's new sexual fantasy kidnapping business gets them into trouble when a customer is thought to have really been kidnapped.

Together in Heaven Writer: Phil Charles Director: Paul Norton Walker February 1, 2011 #808
Micky starts a shameless new business, a fake child pornography website where subscribers get their credit card details stolen but no porn. Micky argues that it's a deterrent, but the police don't see it that way.

Maguire Meltdown Writer: Frank Rickarby Director: Andy McDonnell February 8, 2011 #809
Mimi's sanity is in question when she begins to get confused, hallucinate and becomes convinced Shane and Kelly's attempts to fix up the house are a way to drive her out.

Sickness and Health Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Lawrence Till February 15, 2011 #810
When Micky feels lonely he gets a cat, which turns out to have Feline AIDS. Lillian introduces him to Phillip, a man with AIDS, so Micky can learn more about the illness, but Phillip thinks Micky is the one with AIDS.

Takeover Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Lawrence Till February 22, 2011 #811
Libby gets her mother a carer, but things take a turn when the nurse begins mistreating her. Lillian reveals she has signed her house and business over to newly adopted daughter Bonnie, who turns out to have been a scam artist.

Sibling Rivalry Writer: Darren Fairhurst Director: Paul Norton Walker March 1, 2011 #812
Mimi's pre-operative transsexual brother turns up, causing Mimi to rethink some things about their relationship, Jackson joined the British Alliance Party to get proof of their racist ways but ends up putting Chesney in the line of fire. Shane and Jamie are still at each other's throat's.

Beginnings and Ends Writer: Kevin Erlis Director: Paul Norton Walker March 8, 2011 #813
Frank relationship with Libby is in trouble when she finds a new man, the mysterious Martin. Jamie and Shane's relationship worsens when Jamie threatens Shane with death unless he leaves for good.

The Not-So Deceased Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Michael Keillor August 30, 2011 #814
Paddy Maguire returns to the estate in a coffin, but are the residents in for a shock? Elsewhere, Karen decides that children's entertainment is the way forward but Jamie's secret phobia causes problems.

My Name Is Avril Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Michael Keillor September 6, 2011 #815
Chesney gets put into a dangerous position by a wayward employee. Avril is revealed to have been committing fraud, leading to the residents turning on her as well as her spending a stint as an employee at Lillian's Brothel.

Frank Gallagher: Sent by God Writer: Tom Higgins & Lee Warburton Director: Sarah Punshon September 13, 2011 #816
Jackson's attempts to break up Letitia and her new boyfriend results in a big secret from his past being unearthed. Frank begins to realize his parenting mistakes when Stella gets chicken pox.

Comebacks Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Paul Unwin September 20, 2011 #817
Marty Fisher makes a surprise return to the estate and gets close to Kelly, much to Shane's annoyance. Patty returns with a band of strong Christian missionaries, lead by Jesus O'Toole, who want to turn the residents from their evil ways.

Frank in the Frame Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Gordon Anderson September 27, 2011 #818
100th Episode. Frank is accused of mugging an insane local resident when she wins money from a scratch card and with evidence mounting against him, Carl is left to fix things for the first time in his life. Carl calls in Kev for help while his sister Kelly gets closer to Marty.

Moving Back Writer: Kevin Erlis Director: Paul Unwin October 4, 2011 #819
Mimi's past fling with underage Billy comes back to haunt her. Micky and Marty bond as they fix up their squat so Marty can see his children, but Micky soon realizes something isn't right between Marty and Kelly. Aidan grows excited when he realizes his mother will be released from prison soon.

Career Criminal Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Gordon Anderson October 11, 2011 #820
Shane discovers there is more to Marty's time in Spain than he has admitted and reports him to the police, while Kelly agonizes over her feelings for him. Marty decides to go on the run and asks Kelly to go with him. Billy misunderstands Mimi's request and kills a priest!

The Maguire Motto Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Lawrence Till October 18, 2011 #821
Micky's Community Service turns out to be helping mentally disabled adults put on a play, Kelly discovers she's pregnant and with Shane being infertile who is the father? Meanwhile Mimi and Billy decide to break into businesses and steal their petty cash but soon find themselves chased by the police.

PC Gallagher Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Lawrence Till October 25, 2011 #822
Micky discovers Billy writing his wedding vows and spurs Mimi to announce the wedding to the residents. Kelly tells Shane about her pregnancy and admits she needs to leave him. Carl takes his life in a new direction.

Series 9

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The End of an Era (1) Writer: Ed McCardie and Kevin Erlis Director: John Henderson January 9, 2012 #901
The series starts with a multi agency swoop on the estate, when ruthless project consultant Carmen Kenaway and her toxic side kick Feeney hit on the estate, embarking on a long-term strategy to make the Chatsworth an urban wasteland. The Gallaghers (and half the estate) are evicted from their homes.

Save Chatsworth (2) Writer: Tom Higgins and Ed McCardie Director: Luke Watson January 10, 2012 #902
Karen brings in a secret weapon against Carmen and her agenda when the residents get their hands on her personal computer. Marty's lost family continues to haunt him, leaving Kelly feeling alone. Jackson loses his teaching post. Billy impresses everyone for the first time with an idea that just might save the Chatsworth.

Open to All Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Andy McDonnell January 17, 2012 #903
Marty struggles after Kelly's miscarriage, while Kelly acts like she doesn't care. Mimi worries that she isn't enough for Billy and enlists a disgusted Shane to get his step-father a girl for the night. Avril goes for a nightmare job interview and ends up making a fool of herself. Patty gets in over her head when she crashes a funeral for the free food and entertainment.

Vendetta Writer: Ed McCardie and Jonathan Harvey Director: Luke Watson January 24, 2012 #904
A one night stand ends in horror when Micky is gay bashed by his would be partner. Shane, along with the rest of the male population of Chatsworth is blown away by the arrival of his sexy cousin Ruby. Carl finds love at first sight with feisty Clem but struggles to accept her every feature. Aidan worries for illiterate friend Frasier until he attacks Aidan's teacher Ms. Heaton.

Cop Killer Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Andy McDonnell January 31, 2012 #905
A simple collection of unpaid drug money gets complicated for Micky when he gets trapped in a room with a woman in the late stages of labour. Kelly continues to drink heavily and lash out those closest to her. Shane and Chesney discover the joys of smoking Kanda - dried cow shit. A face from Jamie's past returns in the form of Brooksy, a bent police officer with dangerous evidence on Jamie. Aidan suffers from severe nightmares after witnessing his teacher's rape and attempts to convince her to go to the police.

Last Man Standing Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Tim Whitby February 7, 2012 #906
Shane's unpaid bar tab and lack of money spurs him into robbing cigarettes from a van but the job requires two bodies, Shane finds an unlikely partner in Jackson. Carl announces he is moving in with Clem, much to Chesney's annoyance. Gloria's brother Dominic arrives on the estate and the priest on sabbatical wastes no time in bringing home a lady friend...or two. Frank is coerced into taking Stella to a local petting zoo by Patty and while there he finds a new best friend.

All Fall Down Writer: Karen Laws and Ed McCardie Director: Tim Whitby February 14, 2012 #907
Everyones fears for Kelly hit a peak when her constant partying leaves her completely out of control. They hold an intervention for her but she storms away to continue spiralling into her old habits of drink and drugs. Karen and Dominic make a bet that he can't get Ruby into bed, but just how much does Karen want to win? Avril steps in to investigate when she notices higher volumes of drugs being logged than are being used by her often dishevelled co-worker.

Blackout Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall February 21, 2012 #908
Marty's attempts to tap into the public supply of electricity results in a black out on the Chatsworth, but the dark results in all kinds of secrets being revealed. Gloria has a moment of passion with the husband of a friend. Kelly decides the time has come to organize the Brothel properly. Chesney's recent frantic excercise has terrible consequences when mixed with drugs. Frank reveals the history of his famous coat when it goes missing and he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Dominic in the pursuit to find it. Marty thinks himself saved by God when he isn't killed by the electricity he's trying to steal.

Decision Time Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Paul Cotter February 28, 2012 #909
Chesney's recent brush with death leaves him with a fresh outlook on life and with his grandfather demanding the shop be sold and Chesney move away, he decides to run his own life. Jamie and Gloria continue their affair. Kelly and Ruby argue whether prostitution is an art or service and decide to settle it and find Lillian a new staff member in the process, by holding auditions.

Million Dollar Maguire (1) Writer: Jonathan Harvey and Ed McCardie Director: Justin Molotnikov March 6, 2012 #910
Jamie begins to worry his affair with Gloria will be revealed and he will lose everything. Shane and Jamie engineer a plan to rob Manchester's former War Rooms (now owned by the Lottery) with the aim of lifting a stash of scratch cards as a way to make some easy money. Karen enlists Chesney's help to do the money collecting in Jamie's absence and convince Mimi she is up to the job. Letitia forms a girl band with friends from school but soon finds their music video hacked and doctored.

Rescue Me (2) Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Justin Molotnikov March 13, 2012 #911
Frank, Jamie, Shane, Ruby and Aidan begin to feel to the strain after days of being trapped underground. Gloria agonizes over whether to reveal she knows where the missing party are for fear of revealing her affair with Jamie. Marty worries that Kelly may still love Shane when he overhears her praying for his safe return. Aidan's absence spurs a worried Letitia to set up a shrine for him, though her choice of location has Avril disgusted.

Series 10

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Working Man (1) Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: David Threlfall September 12, 2012 #10.1
When Frank's usual excuses fail to impress the Department of Work and Pensions and he is faced with losing his benefits, he is forced to finally get a World of Burgers. Shane and Jackson begin selling their own bootleg booze, but it's so disgusting they are forced to take help from Billy whose oddly powerful sense of smell helps turn their business into a roaring success. Meanwhile, Avril supplies Patty with medication but when she wants more than her recommended dosage Avril refuses and Patty decides to steal the pills.

The World of Burger (2) Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Tim Whitby September 13, 2012 #10.2
Frank is loving his new job at World of Burgers and it's going suprisinly well. His banter and laid-back approach are winning over his team and the sales figures are increasing but his new boss Wesley isn't happy and plans to get rid of Frank to achieve his longed-for promotion. Karen's success with an alternative parenting method sees Mimi adopting the same style with Cilla. Elsewhere, Kelly overheards a hurtful comment made by Aidan and tries to bond with him in order to change his views on women while Shane's quest to find a missing cat leads to a new experiment.

The Brazilian Effect Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Gordon Anderson September 19, 2012 #10.3
Marty tries to rescue a Brazillian housemaid from her life of slavery but is forced to steal from Lillian when Kelly refuses to get involved. Meanwhile, Billy is tired of being such a push-over and is talked into trying out a self-help tape by Karen.

Who's the Mummy? Writer: Ed McCardie & Tom Higgins Director: Gordon Anderson September 25, 2012 #10.4
Billy fears Mimi is pregnant again when he discovers a pregnancy test and relays his fears to Jamie. However, Jamie is the one who begins to worry when he finds out Gloria and Karen spent the night drinking at the Maguire house and either of them could be expecting his baby. Elsewhere, Jackson becomes suspicious when Avril grows closer to her new friend, Calum, and jumps to the wrong conclusions while Gloria get's in over her head with a loan company.

The Truth Will Out Writer: Ed McCardie and Ben Newman Director: Andy McDonnell October 3, 2012 #10.5
Shane's guilt over the hit and run continues to grow as he becomes friend's with the family of the man he killed and begins to see the damage he has caused. Kelly blames Lillian when a more modern brothel opens up across the road and takes all their customers. Chesney discovers the girl he's been dreaming about works at the new brothel but is too nervous to chat her up, forcing him to take help from Patty.

Secrets and Wives Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Gordon Anderson October 10, 2012 #10.6
The fate of Marty's family are held in question when a letter arrives from one of his children, did his family really die in Spain? Karen begins to get suspicious that Jamie is cheating and unwittingly asks the woman he is having an affair with, Gloria for help. Lillian has one of her "visions" of the future and sets out to save someone from dark times.

Business as Usual Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Luke Watson October 17, 2012 #10.7
Patty becomes a pariah in the Chatsworth community when her escalating stealing is found out. Shane's attempts to make use of the left over food from his business with Jackson back fires when he is double crossed by a priest. Mimi worries about her marriage when Billy is unable to ejaculate during sex but Lillian comes to their rescue.

What Are Friends For? Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Andy McDonnell October 24, 2012 #10.8
The teenage girl Dominic got pregnant before coming to the estate has a miscarriage and later commits suicide, destroying Dominic's faith in God and inspiring him to commit suicide. Lillian falls for a magistrate client when he enlists her help to sell the lie he came to her for life coaching when she shows up on his work expense account. Letitia decides it's time to lose her virginity and set's her sights on Aidan but someone forces himself into the equation to take Aidan's place.

Great Rivalry Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Andy McDonnell October 31, 2012 #10.9
Jamie's family is put in danger when a series of escalating threats lead to Karen being attacked and note warning that Jamie has 24 hours to leave Manchester for good. Lillian stuns Kelly when she reveals she isn't actually a British citizen, due to wanting a passport Lillian has to take a citizenship test or face being deported leaving Kelly and Gloria the unenviable task of helping her revise. Avril begins sneaking people's urine samples into the lab tests for the GP surgery where she works but is soon left in a horrible position when Patty's shows she is dying.

One Year On Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Luke Watson November 1, 2012 #10.10
Frank is left the unenviable job of telling Patty that she has terminal cancer, but she reveals she already knows and requests he take her to see Ireland one last time. Mimi decides to have a clear out before her wedding anniversary but comments she makes to Ruby about her father leads to a dangerous situation followed by death. Jackson reveals he knows about Avril's infidelity and announces that he is leaving her. Gloria starts a shocking new affair.

Series 11

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Golden Empire Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Paul Norton Walker February 26, 2013 #11.1
The Chatsworth residents celebrate being awared an Olympic ring from London 2012. The Maguires celebrate the expansion of their business with Mimi taking control of the local schools PTA. Business is doing well until Jamie suddenly walks away, can he be convinced to take up the reigns again? Meanwhile Frank's new job as janitor at "St. Mimi's School" is going well and he becomes involved with prostitute duo, Sherilee and Derilee, the Gastric Bandits.

An Inspector Calls Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Dominic Leclerc March 5, 2013 #11.2
Mimi enlists her friends and family to help stop the school from failing an inspection. Frank discovers an unexpected perk of his job as caretaker. Jamie has a change of heart and attempts to contact his half-brother Kassi. Dom and Gloria continue their incestuous affair.

Money in Mind Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Daikin Marsh March 12, 2013 #11.3
Lillian asks Kelly to retrieve her savings (stashed in a railway station locker) to keep it from the police. Lillian thinks there is only £3000, as she never counts it, but when Kelly finds more than double that amount she must choose what means more: money or Lillian. Patreesha throws Avril a party. Headmaster Banbury is forced to go to Mimi for help again.

No-One's Perfect Writer: Sean Conway Director: Dominic Leclerc March 19, 2013 #11.4
Jamie finds that he and Kassi are more alike than he realized when his new brother's house is raided by the police. Kassi refuses to explain however but does request Jamie find a place in Chatsworth for his family to live. Kelly and Marty attract some unwelcome attention when the estate becomes suspicious of their new wealth, which the couple decide to use to buy a house.

Risky Business Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Daikin Marsh March 26, 2013 #11.5
Kassi is arrested and denied bail, he could be looking at 10 years in prison, which is why Jamie and Karen are so confused by Esther's lack of interest. Chesney makes plans to expand the shop but certain clues leave him worried that new business partner, Remona, is a terrorist. Avril discovers the real reason for the trouble in Patreesha's marriage

Death and Erasures Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Gordon Anderson April 2, 2013 #11.6
The old man Aidan has befriended commits suicide without leaving a note, forcing Aidan to go to Dom for help. However when Aidan begins flashing the cash and driving the dead man's car around, Dom begins to worry that Aidan murdered him. A depressed Esther and Frank become good friends and bond over alcohol, but Esther's daughter Thalia is less than pleased and hatches a plan to be rid of Frank.

Crime and Punishment Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Paul Norton April 9, 2013 #11.7
The time for Shane's long planned music festival has arrived but when Mimi discovers that he has been sleeping with "pig" Sergeant Randall, everything begins to go wrong. Aidan and Letitia stage a fake robbery of Chesco in a bizarre attempt to get Mary Mae and Chesney together.

Grandaddy Gallagher Writer: Loren McLaughlan and Amy Roberts Director: David Threlfall April 16, 2013 #11.8
Frank has a shock when he runs into Lip and Katie on the street. Katie is even more surprised however as her father told her Frank was an army chef and had been kidnapped by the Taliban! Bad feeling still remains between the father and son and arguments soon erupt while Mimi tries to stop her grand-daughter dressing like a boy.

Domesticated Specialist Writer: John Kerr Director: Daik Marsh April 23, 2013 #11.9
Chesney is surprised when Remona's "dead" father Barry shows up. Frank accompanies Esther to a Polish evening, out of revenge for Frank stealing his stash of drugs, Esther's so feeds everybody laxatives. WPC Randall becomes jealous of Esther's innocent chats with Shane. Billy gets a tattoo to impress Mimi but the result is a failure.

Crossing the Line Writer: Melissa Bubnic Director: Gordon Anderson April 30, 2013 #11.10
Hoping to gain respect on the estate, Billy goes for a job selling security devices. To get extra money he arranges for his house to be burgled to claim the insurance. Esther is shocked to find that Thalia is the school bully. Lilian takes in Stella, as a result of which the brothel suffers an infestation of nits.

The P Factor Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Luke Watson May 7, 2013 #11.11
Patreesha's boyfriend tries to arrange a singing tour of America for her but fatally overdoses, and leaves a case of fifty thousand pounds. Patreesha and Avril attempt to cheat each other out of the money. Tam's obsession with stealing girls underwear from washing-lines leads to Frank being wrongly accused of being a pervert.

Early Retirement Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Paul Walker May 14, 2013 #11.12
Mimi retires from dealing to provide a new gym for the local school. The regulars at the Jockey are less than generous so Billy enlists Chesney and Aidan to help him commit a robbery. Karen, Jamie and Shane learn of the robbery and work out that Billy was the reason it happened and Karen blackmails him to get her funds. Shane tries to end his affair with WPC Randall but she is very persistent.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Writer: Loren Mclaughlan Director: Tim Whitby May 21, 2013 #11.13
'Biddy' Baxter arrives at Frank's house and causes trouble when he wants Derilee to return to him, as she refuses; Stella and Derilee become hostages. News coverage brings Monica back to the estate but purely for publicity as she volunteers to be a hostage in Stella's place. Derilee and Biddy's differences come to blows and she defends herself, ending fatally for Biddy.

End of the Line Writer: Jack Lothian Director: David Threlfall May 28, 2013 #11.14
Frank is discharged from jail after serving six months for benefits fraud and is welcomed back by a heavily pregnant Monica who gives birth in the Jockey. Monica suffers severe post-natal depression due to termination of her child's twin. Monica enlists Fiona, Lip and Carl for a funeral. Fiona and Lip steal Stella and the baby due to the inadequacy of their parents and hides them to talk to Steve about housing them. Stella wanders off with the baby and tracks Frank down and manipulates him into publicly admitting that he loves her. The family have a reconciliation and celebrate at the Jockey.