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"Fuck Paying It Forward" is the fourth episode of Season 8 of Shameless.


A blast from the past shakes up Fiona's view of her life. Meanwhile, Frank gets involved with Liam's school and becomes the most popular dad in the PTA; Lip learns getting laid is harder than anticipated when sober; Ian crosses a boundary with a kid from the youth center; and Kev and V take a trip to meet his birth family.


At home, Ian and Carl return home to tell Lip of what they've been through as Liam comes in to tell them Sean stopped by. They are surprised before Frank walks in and states he overheard them mention Sean and says he's happy since forgave the latter. They question if he is still going through his change as he states he must continue to develop as Lip complains about his father's strange ways and his lack of action with women. Lip mentions he can't pursue relationships because of his course as Frank tells him to really change he must face his inner problems. Lip and the others are surprised by the strangely helpful advice as Frank says he's decided to act more like a parent. Ian remarks he's out of kids to ruin but Frank states he still has Liam and he will raise him properly before he decides to take him to school on time as the older sons look after him.


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  • Frank decides to show a fatherly side to Liam since he is the only child he has left to raise.
    • The older Gallagher kids are still skeptical of Frank's change even after he saved them earlier. However, they are pleased he is making progress.
  • Sean reappears for the last time.
  • Kev meets his biological family and learns why he was abandoned.
  • Lip starts a fling with Eddie.