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Fred "Freddie" Gallagher is the newborn son of Lip Gallagher and Tami Tamietti. He is born into the Gallagher family at the beginning of Season 10.


Season 9

Freddie is conceived sometime during this season. After telling Lip about the pregnancy in The Hobo Games, Tammi is very unsure about whether or not to have Freddie as she lost her own mother to ovarian cancer at a young age.

Season 10

In We Few, We Lucky Few, We Band of Gallaghers!, Tami goes into labor and gives birth to Freddie via c-section. Lip informs Tami's family of the birth, as well as the fact that Tami isn't doing well. Lip later holds his newborn son and celebrates his birth after the rest of his family show up and congratulate him.

During Sleep Well My Prince For Tomorrow You Shall Be King, Lip takes care of his son and scrambles at the process. He also tells the family the child is named Freddie. Lip finds his patience is being tested with the child before Frank spots this, in a rare moment of fatherly compassion gives his son advice. Frank tells his son to rest up. Hearing this, Lip begins to cry and takes his father’s advice. The next day, he seems to have gotten a better grip on being a father.

In Which America?, Lip continues to send to Fred and while taking him to an AA meeting, he encountered a mother who is impressed with him. When going to work, Brad is excited to see his nephew before Lip learns he is unable to support them. Later on, Lip brings Fred to the hospital in order to formally introduce the latter to his mother. Tami is taken aback at seeing her son remarking on how beautiful he is but she is unable to hold him because of her pain. When taking them back home, Lip sees that Frank threw a party and takes Freddie away from the house. The pair go to The Alibi Room. Lip soon gets a call and turns out to be Ian who congratulates his brother on the birth of his son. Ian is amazed at his new nephew, taking the time to admire him.

In Sparky, Freddie is tended to by his mother who scrambles with him. Very soon, his uncle Ian arrives and is excited to meet him in person. At first, Ian tries to bond with Fred but Tami tells him she is busy with him. Tami struggles with him, though Lip called in a friend to help Tami who is soon able to succeed but upset by Lip's act. During the festivities, Tami brings Fred down and Ian gets the chance to hold his nephew while being happy too.

In Now Leaving Illinois, Lip and Tami take Fred to the family house where the Tamietti Family gave them. Lip takes a liking to the house, as he imagines the things he could do for it.

During "Gallavich!", his mother takes him to attend his uncle Ian's wedding, while she is still hostile to Lip. After the ceremony, Lip bonds with his son for a while before he and Tami argue over the care of their son before Fred starts to cry.


  • Freddie is named after Lip's former professor Clyde Youens whose middle name was Fredrick.
  • Freddie's name is often teased by others.
  • Freddie has yet to meet his aunts Fiona and Sammi.
  • Lip compares his whining to Frank's.
  • He was the first of Frank's grandchildren whose birth, he was present for.
  • Tami initially wanted Freddie's name to be Gabriel but Lip revealed she agreed to it while she was high on pain medication.
  • He never met his paternal grandmother Monica.
  • He never met his first cousins Chuckie and Unnamed cousins.
    • Coincidentally, Freddie was upstairs at the time of his cousins visit.