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Frank the Plumber is the ninth episode of the  Season 3 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona starts a new office job while Jimmy continues with his job at the coffee shop. After having a bad day, Jimmy considers returning to medical school.

Frank continues his stay at the home of a member from alcoholics anonymous. He gets the idea of trying to get financial benefits under a domestic partnership program. When they're turned down he unknowingly starts a city campaign for gay rights. Because of all the publicity, his roommate's mother makes him move out.

Lip and Mandy get into a fight due to Mandy apply to colleges for Lip and the return of Karen. After a possibly successful interview with M.I.T. and talking with Mandy, Lip realizes how good Mandy is for him and how bad Karen is.

Lip decides to finally break it off with Karen, he meets Karen at her house and she is excited to see him. However, Lip officially ends their relationship and says Mandy is good for him since she has interest at heart. He tries to leave but Karen stops him and tries to persuade him otherwise though he only apologizes for leading her on. A devastated Karen is depressed especially when her mother continues to shun her. Sheila, while watching Debbie who skipped school and babysitting Liam, is persuaded to change her attitude on Karen. A frustrated Karen, tries again win Lip back by all means possible, leading her to call Mandy to harass her.

Meanwhile, Ian finds out that Mickey is getting married and becomes upset. When he confronts Mickey and tells him that they love each other and are both gay, Mickey beats Ian up. Mickey leaves the bloodied Ian on the ground, as the latter breaks down at being rejected.

At night, Karen is in her room when Sheila visits her. Karen tries to shoo her away but stops when Sheila shows attempts to reconcile with her by apologizing for not properly being there for her while growing up. These words nearly work, as mother and daughter share tears and connect again until Karen receives a text message supposedly from Lip asking to meet at the park. Karen then receives a text, supposedly from Lip to meet at a park before she kindly brushes her mother off and goes to meet up with him.

Karen crosses an intersection a car passes by, nearly hitting her. She dodges and directs her middle finger at the car, only to turn around be run over by another car.

Veronica and Kev continue their quest on having a child leading to questioning themselves on whether having their child circumcised.

The next day, Mandy is at her house cleaning blood off her car, revealing she hit Karen. This is confirmed when she tells Mickey that she struck another girl with it and he pays it no mind.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Bradley Whitford - Abraham Paige
  • Christian Clemenson - Christopher Collier
  • Matthew Glave - Scott Walker
  • Mary Mara - Nance
  • Bernardo de Paula - Beto
  • Sunkrish Bala - Andy
  • Bill Brochtrup - Hal
  • Maile Flanagan - Connie
  • Jake McDorman - Mike Pratt
  • Christopher Aguilar - Drag Queen
  • Jocelyn Ayanna - Trauma Nurse
  • Erika Duran - 12 Year Old Girl
  • Terry Hamilton - Paul Lashmet
  • Jim Hoffmaster - Kermit
  • Thomas Jones - Prada Man
  • Jason Looney - Partier
  • Brett Matthews - Guy
  • Michael Patrick McGill - Tommy
  • Kerry O'Malley - Kate
  • Adam Poss - Crying Teenager
  • Colin Tary - Rich Guy
  • Alliso Torem - Angry Teenager
  • Jason Sweat - Paramedic
  • Pat Whalen - Friend


  • Robert Finlayson - Man at Bus Stop
  • Barbara Elizabeth Maleski - Commuter