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Frank the Plank is the second episode of the first season of the US version of Shameless.


A manhunt ensues after Frank turns up missing, and Fiona suspects Steve may have something to do with it; Frank wakes up in Toronto, with no memory of how he arrived there.


While drinking at the Alibi, Frank is headbutted in the nose by Eddie Jackson, who is still angry over the incident with Lip, Ian, and Karen. He angrily tells Frank to inform Ian to stay away from his daughter. An angered Frank returns to the Gallagher house and attacks Ian, headbutting him in the nose. Enraged by Frank’s abuse, Steve shoves Frank and the two men get into an altercation. Attempting to deescalate the fight, Fiona kicks Steve out of the house. While Ian tends to his nose, Frank leaves to return to the Alibi; Steve follows Frank in his car.

The next morning, Ian and Veronica steal products from the back of a dairy truck. While checking the mail, Fiona notices that Frank hasn’t picked up his disability check. She grows even more suspicious upon realizing the day is Friday, as Frank never fails to cash his disability check on Fridays. Kevin, who was working at the Alibi the previous night, reveals that Frank was extremely drunk throughout the night, but can’t recall if Frank was at last call.

Suspecting Frank is missing, the Gallaghers begin searching for Frank. Tony is reluctant to open a missing persons report, as Frank is always missing, but he immediately files the report upon realizing it is Friday. After speaking with Kevin, Lip and Karen learn that Frank was speaking with Steve at the Alibi the previous night. Fiona confronts Steve, who reveals that he merely apologized to Frank, bought him a drink, then went home.

Meanwhile, Frank wakes up on a park bench in Toronto, and he gets arrested for sleeping on public property. Tony reveals that the Canadian embassy wants Frank off Canadian ground as soon as possible, but Frank cannot cross the border without a passport. After noticing Canadian health warnings on the back of Steve’s cigarette package, Fiona realizes Steve was the one who smuggled Frank into Canada. She punches Steve and orders him to get her father back.

With the help of a friend, Steve acquires an RV with a secret smuggling compartment. While Steve, Kevin and Veronica drive to Toronto, Tony chats with Fiona; he reveals that he is being honored with a Coach of the Year award, and invites Fiona to join him at the award’s banquet. The next morning, Steve, Kevin, Veronica return to Chicago, having successfully managed to smuggle Frank across the border. Fiona gives Frank his disability check, but warns him to never hit one of her kids ever again. Frank angrily reveals that he knows Steve was the one who smuggled him into Canada, as he recognized Steve’s Drakkar Noir cologne on the drive back. As an apology for kidnapping Frank, Steve steals a floral delivery van for Fiona, so she can easily drive the kids to school. However, Fiona sternly tells him: “We don’t need your charity.” She gives Steve cash, paying him back for the washing machine, and breaks up with him.

At the Alibi Room, Frank runs into Eddie, who buys Frank a drink as a way of apology. Eddie reveals that he has left his family; he expresses his dismay of Karen’s sexually active behavior and Sheila’s agoraphobia, which he believes is a made-up disease. Eddie also reveals that Sheila receives disability benefits from the welfare state for her agoraphobia. Intrigued by Sheila’s disability checks, Frank visits Sheila and attempts to manipulate her into letting him stay at her house. After Frank flirts with her, Sheila leads Frank into the bedroom, in which he discovers that Sheila has a kinky side; she handcuffs him to the bed and pulls out a big box of sex toys. Despite Sheila’s kinkiness, Frank decides to stay with Sheila, as she happily provides him with free cooking and bedroom hospitality.

The next morning, Karen and Sheila are eating breakfast when Frank joins them at the dining table. Karen looks on, horrified that Frank and her mother are in a relationship.

Post Credit Scene

A TV in Sheila's bedroom is tuned to a shopping channel. The female host warns that there is a product recall on a pair of fluffy handcuffs they have sold due to a faulty locking mechanism; the camera moves away from the TV to reveal firemen in Sheila's bedroom, preparing to free a tutu-wearing Frank from those same handcuffs locking him to the bed. This scene is a direct adaption of the post credit scene from Episode 102 of Shameless UK.


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  • This episode is a direct adaptation of Episode 102 of the UK version.
  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • Frank and Sheila begin their relationship and Frank moves into the Jackson house.
  • There is a deleted scene from this episode on the Season 1 box DVD; it features the family waiting for Steve's ride to arrive.
  • Episode Runtime - 00:55:58