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This page is about the US incarnation of Frank Gallagher. For the UK version, see Frank Gallagher.

Francis "Frank" Gallagher was one of the main characters of Shameless. Through his late wife Monica Gallagher, he was the father of their five children (and other main characters) Fiona Gallagher, Lip Gallagher, Debbie Gallagher, Carl Gallagher, and Liam Gallagher until his death in the series finale. He was the adoptive father and uncle of Ian Gallagher. Through his ex-girlfriend Queenie Slott, he was the father of Sammi Slott.


A hopeless alcoholic and addict, Frank was usually shown passed out drunk on the floors around the house when he was not at the bar spending what little money the family has. Frank was careless, selfish, and narcissistic. He hadn’t done anything in his life but collect disability checks and get intoxicated. He was also abusive, conniving, being in Lip's and his own words, a "total f*cking asshole." He provides next to nothing in the way of parenting or financial support and usually serves as one of the main headaches in the Gallagher household. Frank has also shown that he would give up his own children if it meant he could get booze (or money to get booze).

Despite being easygoing, he has been shown to get very frustrated or fall into a rage at certain times. In these moments, he scares those around him and leaves them shaken. The best examples are when he attacked Ian for indirectly getting him beaten up by Eddie, he threatened Fiona and V for trying to stop him from obtaining his settlement from Monica, when he fought Sean Pierce, when he expressed anger that shook Kev, V, and Svetlana after he remembered they were part of throwing him off a bridge, he intimidated his children into allowing him to have Liam after they kicked him out, when he attempted to burn down the homeless shelter in revenge for kicking him out and caused the homeless to flee from his actions, attack Monica at their vow renewal, fought back against Monica's military father Bill Darrgen, when he attacked Debbie for hiding meth, being unfazed from the threats of Eric Stark, an armed killer (that scared two of his sons who are capable fighters) while having no problems threatening him, and demanding that Liam's school actually educate him.

His upbringing from his similarly abusive mother, Peggy, is most likely the cause of his manipulative, selfish, and neglectful tendencies. Frank had even wished pain on her after she continued her ways on him and putting him in his place, which is something nobody else could do. Frank heavily resented his mother, though he showed care for her as he attempted to make amends with her and was quick to prevent her from kidnapping children since she would go back to prison. He even stopped himself from nearly killing her in her sleep but did lash out at her for her verbal abuse. However, he rejoiced at his mother's death because he was freed of her. Not much is known of his status with his father, though it is suggested he resented his father too, as he told Sammi about him being beaten by his father who favored his brothers. In a conversation with his granddaughter Franny, Frank reveals that his father made him wear a dress suggesting that the latter try to demean him. However, Frank did express nostalgia when telling Carl that his father took him on his first heist and they had room service. While not much is known about his status with his siblings: Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt, Frank suggested that he extended his resentment to them and stated he alone suffered while his brothers were the favorites and supposedly got off free. Despite that, he and Clayton were once alter boys together as children but had a falling out. Even as an adult, Frank continued to harbor this disdain to his brothers: as he never told his kids about them, was angry one of them was Ian's true father from an affair with Monica, that his mother sent them money while he got none, despite him being dragged into caring for her and Clayton sending him off with nothing.

When it came to his extended family, he has shown to have somewhat good and neutral terms with them. He was very well-versed in the history of his cousin Patrick was sad about the death of his aunt Ginger. He apparently has a good relationship with his Uncle George stating he could go live with him.

Frank has proven himself to be quite intelligent, having finished high school and gone to college. Lip confirms that he gets his smarts from his father, stating Frank has a brilliant mind. Despite his intelligence, the people who know him often regard him as nothing more than a rambling drunk who provides amusement or aggravation (depending on the day). This often includes his children, who spend extraordinary amounts of time cleaning up whatever mess Frank has thrown himself into at the moment. Frank would rather use his intelligence to scam and manipulate others, often starting up small successful business ventures which often fail due to his addictions and impulsiveness. His manipulation skills are possibly due to him studying psychology in college and because of his time with his controlling and equally manipulative mother. Frank's manipulations are shown to be superior over a psychiatrist and judge, which allowed him to ease bad situations. Frank's kids and friends have even been known to remark on how he usually succeeds in scamming people.

In spite of his many faults and treatment, Frank does love his children and at times proves himself a better parent than either his mother or Monica, even rivaling Fiona and Lip. This is best seen when he stayed to raise them, expressed pride in his children when describing them, felt guilt about attacking Ian, bonded with his family while getting sober and had fun with it, was upset to learn Ian wasn't his son, where he begged forgiveness from Lip and allowed him to urinate on him as his punishment after he supposedly slept with the latter's girlfriend Karen, felt guilt at losing Liam in a bet and worked to reclaim him, spoke highly of all his children when talking to his mother about them and later firmly told her to stay away from his family, bonded with Fiona over neglectful parents, felt guilt about his past neglect when Fiona brought it up in court, took the fall for Carl in a robbery and stated that's what family does, celebrated Lip's graduation with him, justified Carl's attack on bullies since he was defending his little brother, while recovering from surgery he mistook a dying little girl (whose real father abandoned her) for Fiona as a child and made promises on being a better father while being devastated the girl died, he appreciated Carl helping him with his liver problem by sharing a beer and hug with him after the surgery, and supporting his daughter Debbie throughout her pregnancy and being a teen mother. He continues to call Ian his son, despite learning that he is biologically his nephew from an affair. He also does not scorn Ian for his sexuality after discovering it and treats him like his other children. While he did not think much of his estranged oldest daughter Samantha, he bonded with her enough to confide in her about his upbringing with his parents and siblings, something that he rarely did with the other kids. He also appreciated her caring for him in his time of need and expressed pride in her knowledge of scamming people, deeming her a true Gallagher. He bonded with his grandson Chuckie after he came to accept him as part of the family, despite once not thinking highly of him and getting him imprisoned. He indirectly protected Carl from angry thugs by picking up his business after he decided to give up his gang life ways, wanted to go to his daughter Fiona's wedding because he missed many other events in her life and tried to pay for the event by blackmailing the family of his granddaughter. He was happy that his granddaughter Franny was named after him and bonded with the new addition to the family. He soon warned Fiona not to marry Sean after the latter had a relapse, even though doing so got him kicked out of the house and estranged from the family for a while. He was hurt by Carl's statement that the family (kinda) hoped he'd die after being thrown off the bridge by them. He was also hurt by their cold treatment of him in his moment of pain in the wheelchair. He named his new adopted children after his real children and spoke about them constantly, showing that he missed his family despite disowning them and their actions on him. He still got along with his youngest son Liam, allowing him to stay his child and later getting him into private school after seeing him being bullied in public school and was happy to be called a good father by him. He only agreed to help Debbie out after she changed his granddaughter's name back and happily held the infant after their restored connection. After being abandoned by his adoptive family, he slowly made amends with his real family and fixed up the house for them and helped in other ways until he was accepted again. At Monica's funeral, he called all his children strong for how they turned out, showing he is proud of them in spite of his neglectful ways. After the funeral, he is seen very happy to be accepted by them again and forgave their transgressions on him. In the month after Monica's death, he resolved to put in the effort to change his ways and apologized to his kids for what he has done to them and while they are not properly convinced he still tried hard. However, he showed his change was genuine by threatening an armed meth head who came after the family and promised death on him if he ever came near his children again as they were surprised at his defending of them. In this instance, he showed to his family he has been holding back on them for all the years they have attacked him based on his threat to Eric. He was seen proud of himself as he accepted Fiona's gratitude for the event. Frank continued by choosing to show real parental affection to his son Liam after realizing he was never fatherly to him and he even had fun bonding with him. He later made sure that Liam got a proper education, gave helpful advice to the oldest children, such as telling Lip to internally ready after making a change and telling Ian about religion something that caught both by surprise and to thank him. He supported the union of his son Carl and Kassidi, most likely because they resembled himself and Monica. Even after falling back into his old ways, he continues to show his love for the family such as when he empathized with Fiona over her drunken slump and told Lip to cut her some slack, since he knew the pain she was going through. He even gave his daughter advice on stopping her drinking, presumably because he realized she was turning into him. While dealing with his leg injury, he bonded with his granddaughter to pass the time by reading her a story several times. When Fiona was preparing to leave, Frank took the time to tell her of how she did a good job in helping to care for the family, nearly breaking into tears at parting with his daughter as she took his words with a smile and knew that he was just wishing her well and they parted on good terms. He bonded with Liam while initially trying to sell his new grandson, Frank grew to care for the child and hesitated on selling it while being sad at losing him. Frank also expressed pride in Liam for scamming him to make him attend Ian’s wedding to Mickey. At the event, Frank was seen happy for his son.


Frank usually has a very disheveled and dirty appearance, likely as a result of his heavy drinking. He is unshaven with long, greasy hair, relatively thin, and has several scars, some of which are from surgery or injuries. He generally looks homeless (because half of the time he actually is), but is occasionally able to clean himself up when the circumstances call for it.


Frank grew up as the son of Peggy Gallagher and an unnamed father. He had three brothers Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt. Not much is known about his childhood, though he mentions to being abused by his parents even when he did nothing. Frank mentions that his parents favored his brothers, more than they did him but stated his father took him on his first heist as a young child and they stole plenty. As a teenager, he and his brother Clayton served as ushers together.

He revealed in middle school, he was bullied by another boy. However, he got revenge by pantsing the latter in front of their peers, at the same time demoralizing the latter after it was revealed he had tiny penis.

Frank stated when he was 16 that he was known as Boot and Rally by his peers. At some point, he had a relationship with a woman named Queenie Slott and she got pregnant with his child. At the time, Frank believed himself unfit to be a parent and tried to get her to have an abortion but she refused, and Frank abandoned her, though they kept in touch since he knew she gave birth to a daughter named Samantha.

He later finished High School and went on an internship in college at Northwestern. He studied a semester of Psychology, using his time away from his manipulative mother to advance himself. He never graduates college and eventually is put on trial when he is caught in possession of drugs but is sent to rehab instead of prison because he is white.

According to Frank, he met Monica at a concert when she was being chased by a man who raped her. They fell in love and married about two weeks after dating, with Frank dropping out of college to be with her. The two soon had a family though neither were attentive to their children because of their criminal behavior, addiction, and series of affairs.

Twelve years before the start of the series, Frank's mother was imprisoned for running a series of meth labs and causing the death of two people in an explosion and he always hoped she die in prison. At another point, his Aunt Ginger died of an overdose at a party and he buried her body in the backyard while scamming the state that she was alive to not lose his house.

Sometime later, Monica left the family prior to the series starting, something that devastated Frank and he began to neglect the Gallagher children who came to resent him (especially Fiona, Lip, and Ian), but still love him in a way since he stayed around.

Throughout the Seasons

Season 1

In the Pilot, Frank is introduced as the deadbeat, at times absent father who is constantly drunk. The Gallagher children often find him passed out in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the backyard. They have learned to live without him in their life. Frank is complacent in his life as a drunk, and he is a regular at the local bar, The Alibi Room.

In Frank the Plank, Frank gets drunk. When Eddie confronts him about Lip, Ian, and Karen he shows up at the house and punches Ian, breaking his nose. He returns to the Alibi and after a night of heavy drinking, he wakes up in Canada after Steve smuggles him across the border. He tries to convince the authorities that he is a citizen of the United States and doesn't know how he got across the border after he is arrested when two old joggers report him. He is later smuggled back in by his family. Convinced that his family doesn't love or appreciate him (which isn't entirely false) he begins searching for a new place to live. After Eddie apologizes and reveals that he has left his wife, Frank makes a plan. He manages to manipulate Sheila into allowing him to stay at their house.

In Aunt Ginger, when authorities begin asking questions about his aunt's social security checks he is force to reveal the truth about her death. This forces his family to find a senile old lady that can play the part. At the end, Frank tells Fiona that Ginger is buried the backyard.

In Casey Casden, Frank overhears Kev of inform a woman that he is engaged to V. He is happy for his friend and announces this to everyone including Veronica's mother. When Debbie returns a missing child (actually kidnapped by her), Frank praises his daughter, but attempts to steal the money that she was given as a reward but Lip and Ian stop him.

As of Three Boys, Frank is upset to learn that he has three testicles and might have cancer. In his anger, he takes a long walk and finds Liam outside and greets his son but doesn't acknowledge his predicament of being out in the cold. As he deals with his own mortality, Frank begins to spiral out of control. Karen begins trying to seduce Frank.

In Killer Carl, Frank is being chased down by two men he owes when a business venture goes wrong. Fiona learns that Carl is being threatened with expulsion unless a parent or guardian shows up to Parents Night. She tries to convince Frank to help but he refuses, stating that teachers are part of a conspiracy. She also tries to convice him to deal with the men instead of running away. Karen convinces Frank to attend parent teacher conferences in her father's place. The men eventually catch up to him at the school and beat him up and threaten him. He runs into his kids at Parents Night and inquires to if Carl has been expelled or not. When Fiona reveals he hadn't, Frank is happy because he believe he'd been proven corrrect about the teacher's scare tactics.

At the beginning of Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father, the men from the previous episode are shown threatening him again. He spends the episode scrambling for cash trying to sell one of Eddie's watches and rob people at the ATM. It's reveal that Frank applied for credit cards in his children's names and has been running up their debt. In order to escape this debt, he fakes his death with the help of his children.

In It's Time to Kill the Turtle, Frank wakes up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning after being unconcious for 2 days and is offered to be part of an alcoholism study. They offered $3,000 if he manages to abstain from alcohol for two weeks. Frank even asked Sheila to entertain him in the meantime. Soon Frank bonds with his family and friends to pass the time and has fun doing so. Frank even does housework around the house by cooking and telling stories. The children are surprised that he can be a great father when he is sober, but Lip advised Fiona, Carl, and Debbie to "enjoy the moment while it lasts." It is mentioned by Lip that Frank got sober once for a bet and went to Lip’s little league game, where his son was pleased with him expressing pride in his achievements. Eventually, Frank's soberness becomes too much for the elder children when he tries to break a supporting wall with Carl. He loses his chance at getting the money when Lip and Fiona, spurred by Debbie, force him to drink alcohol. When Steve returns to the house, he sees a drunken and bitter Frank sitting in his chair show about politics while the children are pleased. Carl also gets his bracelet removed.

Frank lures Monica back to sign his settlement but when she returns in But at Last Came a Knock Monica reveals she is bisexual and wants to marry her partner Bob. She asks Frank to hand over parental rights to the kids as well as do a paternity test for Liam, which Frank allows.

During Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, Frank soon avoids an investigator on his disability check and is told by Monica to get the kids on board with the Liam decision for her signature. Frank confronts Fiona and V, telling her that he will get his money and she better get used to the decision of her parents. Late on, he is able to get rid of the investigator by making him think that he injured Carl who already injured himself. At the Alibi, Frank is celebrating his victory when he is visited by Fiona, Lip, Carl, and Debbie who he tries to shoo away since he wondered where Monica was. However, they inform him that Monica was getting a paternity test for Liam and tell him he is the latter's biological father. Frank is obviously shocked to learn this, though remembers his grandmother's rumored affair and realizes its true. He argues with his kids before Lip punches him, out of disgust while Fiona criticizes him. At dinner, Frank learns from Lip that he is not Ian's father, to his shock. As Frank struggles to understand, Ian explains to Frank that he isn't his father but they are still related, since Ian is revealed to be the child of one of Frank's estranged brothers, making him Frank's nephew from a drug fueled affair of Monica. Frank is upset at both her doing drugs without him as well as cheating on him with his brother. The pair argue before Frank kisses her in the argument until Bob breaks it up. Very soon, he is upset when Monica leaves with Bob and goes on a rant. He goes to Sheila, where he witnesses Sheila throw Eddie out. He remarks that she is outside.

After he allegedly had intercourse with Karen in Daddyz Girl, it is later revealed that no penetration actually occurred.

During Father Frank, Full of Grace, Frank had to hide from an angry Eddie since he saw a recording of the event. Lip also attacked Frank for the incident until Kev stopped it. Much later, Frank was able to evade Eddie and returned to the Gallagher House where he called out for Lip and apologize for the deed. He genuinely asked him what he needs to do for his forgiveness, to which Lip responds by urinating on him from his window. At first, Frank is upset but allows this to be his punishment and lets this occur. Without saying another word, Frank laughs and walks away, with both father and son unknowingly sharing a smile.

Season 2

In Summertime Frank, after losing a bet with a fellow bar patron, is now in over his head $10,000, and Karen refuses to let him steal the money from Sheila again; Frank uses Liam to win sympathy panhandling, until the bar patron takes Liam as collateral for the money. Frank then goes out of way to reclaim his son and with help of his children succeeds. He tries to apologize to Fiona who has him leave the house.

As of Summer Loving, Sheila conquers her agoraphobia, a worried Frank finds a new financial plan in fellow bar patron Dottie, whose declining health and city pension make her an ideal match; Frank decides to do anything to get Dottie's money, including marrying her and intercepting the page telling her she has a new heart.

During A Beautiful Mess just are no limits on how low Frank will go. However, he suffers an eye injury and tries to prove to Sheila that its dangerous by having one of his one armed friend fake an injury. It doesn't work but Frank awards his performance with food Jody cooked. Frank prepares to leave the house, when Sheila goes shopping but an airplane wheel falls and narrowly misses Sheila who is terrified and runs inside. Shocked by this struck of luck, Frank celebrates his fortune by cheering.

During Father's Day, Sheila is simultaneously trying to find Eddie (who committed suicide last season) and working on being outside her home. Frank thinks he is a suspect after he is reminded Eddie had a motive for killing him. He tries to get an alibi from his kids but Ian tells him to go to Terry Milkovich for help. Terry supplies Frank with a good alibi but charges him and Frank goes to get it, though is arrested. Frank protests innocence until he finds that he is viable since they discovered his encounter with Karen. However, Frank is released and he goes to the Jackson House where he finds that Karen told Sheila the truth about the encounter. Frank thanks Karen who also thanked Frank for supposedly killing her father.

In Can I Have a Mother, Frank is trying to do a scam for Eddie's life insurance but has to deal with the return of his overbearing and controlling mother Peggy Gallagher and gives him commands for a scheme. On the drive, he attempts to make amends with her by talking about his children and complimenting them, though Peggy is not interested. After he brings her to a surgeon named Noah Pitts that used to be her old partner, he learns that he owed her money and is worried about her plans to kidnap the man's kids. He gets involved by meeting Noah (who is familiar with him) and warns him of his mother's plot and offers him a way to avoid it and is paid seventy five grand. He meets with Peggy who says he ruined the scheme for her since she was trying to get more and stabs him in the leg for trying to swindle her. Later on, Frank's childhood habit of wetting the bed returns and he urinates in Sheila's bed, to his dismay. Once he recovers, Frank later goes to a party thrown by Sheila and watches the argument between her and his mother, before telling Fiona to let them handle it. However, he is horrified to see Peggy shoot at Sheila but misses and Frank calls the cops but Tony Markovich stops the arriving officers and resolves the issue, to Frank's dismay. That night, he secretly enters his mother's room and nearly shoots her while she is asleep but can't bring himself to do it. The next day, he argues with Sheila who orders him out of the house and he goes back home where Peggy tries to order him around. Reaching his breaking point, he angrily lashes out at her and orders her to leave him and his family alone. However, Peggy is not fazed by his outburst and puts him in his place while coldly calling him a loser who made his own life terrible. A saddened Frank sits on the porch where he is approached and comforted by Fiona who now sees why Frank is the way he is and actually empathizes with him by stating her parents are terrible too. Frank takes her gesture with a smile as they sit on the porch and share a beer. That night, as Peggy took his room, he sleeps in the old van in the backyard with Carl who wakes him up to tell him that he wet the bed. Dismayed at this, Frank tells his son to move aside for the dry area and goes back to sleep.

During A Bottle of Jean Nate, Frank later tries to get his mother back in prison but nothing works and he is forced to submit to her will. He later attempts to get Fiona on his side but she likes her grandmother over and ignores his protests. However, Fiona soon sees her father is right when Peggy builds a meth lab in the basement which Carl destroys. Frank is approached by Fiona who plots with him to get rid of her. However, he learns his mother is dying of pancreatic cancer and is left surprised.

In Parenthood, Frank is still processing how his mother is leaving him permanently. Very soon, he becomes happy since he will be free of her influence. He is able to finally get even with her by tended to by Sheila and Jody. Soon, he goes to Kash and Grab where he finds Ian and Mickey having sex but thinks nothing of it even ignoring his son's attempts at warning of him of mickey coming for him. That night, he walks in on Sheila smothering his mother, he is confused by what's occurring as she tells him that Peggy died. Frank (putting things together) rejoices at finally being free of his mother's influence. He visits Monica and tells her his mother died, as she comforts him on it.

However in Just Like the Pilgrims Intended, he is later angered to hear that she sent all of his brothers money while leaving him nothing in spite of him helping her. Frank decides to visit his brother Clayton Gallagher along with an ill Monica to get money. Once there, Clayton is not pleased to see him and Frank tries to guilt him by mentioning him taking care of their ill mother before her death. After Clayton clarifies that he didn't know she was released, Frank asks his brother for some of the money to make amends. However, Clayton had already used the money to pay his mortgage and orders him out. Clayton also resists Monica's advances and watches as they leave.

Season 3

Frank loses the support of his daughter Debbie after he ruins her project, this causes her to physically attack him with a bag of soap until he loses consciousness and he is thrown away by Lip and Ian.

Frank later calls Child Services at the Alibi in an attempt to get back into the Gallagher house, as he has been kicked out by Fiona. In the episode "The Sins of My Caretaker" an Asian woman is hesitating to go into the Gallagher house. A bloody Mickey is seen being carried into the house from getting shot at a failed robbery attempt. Fiona walks in when she hears Mickey screaming in agony as Dr. Lishman is removing a bullet from his buttocks in the kitchen. The daycare is out of order and Debbie, wearing a bathing suit walks in excited about her growing up moment at the pool. Fiona is surprised to see an unknown woman in the house and asks who she is. The Asian woman replies that she is with CPS. Much to Fiona's surprise and dismay, she later finds out that Frank had called child services. When she searches for the rest of the Gallaghers to see what homes they were placed in, she eventually convinces Frank to participate in a parenting class. In exchange, Frank asks for a free room back at the house and Fiona agrees. She at first looks for Monica. She calls her grandmother, Monica's mother, who apparently didn't remember her own daughter, but failed to find her and resorted to Sheila with the help of Frank. Sheila was again bothered that Frank showed up again to her house but agreed. Fiona asked the social worker who contacted CPS on her family to which the worker reluctantly allowed her to listen in secret due to violation rules. Fiona hears the tape and recognizes Frank's voice.

Afterwards, Fiona moves to file suit and convince the courts to terminate Frank's parental rights. A custody fight in court gave Fiona the position of legal guardianship of the Gallagher children but Frank still has rights as a parent. As a result, Frank has been kicked out of his home and finds himself sleeping on the subway and fighting with homeless men.

Eventually in Order Room Service, he runs into Carl, who sneaks him in the van in the backyard. After a moment with Carl that night, Frank and Carl come up with a plan to steal from Carl's previous foster parents once he tells him his father took him on a theft. That night, he and Carl celebrate their acts but when Carl leaves, he is caught by the cops. Frank overhears Lip trying to defend his brother before he appears on the scene. Frank tells Lip that he's come home and the officers tell him they are bringing Carl in for questioning. In a rare moment of fatherly compassion, Frank takes the fall for his son by claiming it was him who stole, proving it by revealing some of the stolen items and stating he forced Carl to give him the code. After turning Carl over to Lip, Frank tells the officers to arrest him before he gets disorderly. As a result, Frank is charged with theft and arrested by the police and tells his children to hang on as he is taken away with a surprised Lip, Carl, and Ian watching in surprise at his actions.

During Survival of the Fittest, while in jail Frank's alcoholism begins to catch up with him as he can barely stand as his body and health begins to deteriorate. He is released from custody on technicality, he tries to spend time with Lip when he runs into him at The Alibi Room and tells him that he took the blame for Carl since he was family. He then hears Lip graduated school and congratulates him, where the two challenge each other on doing push-ups. Afterwards, Frank decides to continue the bond by having Lip join him for a steak dinner, in Lip calls him Dad. Frank is further proud of him when he suggests they dine and ditch before they go skate at the park. It was there when Frank is rushed to the hospital after falling down unconscious and vomiting blood. Fiona visits him in the hospital denying Carl and Debbie access. After she tells Lip to go home, she sits down and talks with Frank. Fiona tells Frank that she would have preferred that he died since the thing she fears the most about Frank is him not caring for his own kids. Fiona then informs Frank how much her and the rest of the kids love him and want him to change. Carl visits Frank at the hospital and shaves his head, as it's presumed Frank may have cancer. Eventually Frank decides to get out of bed and walks out of the hospital and on to the streets. He walks alone alongside an empty bridge as the winter snow begins to fall.

Season 4

As seen in Simple Pleasures Frank's liver fails, leaving him to make a life-changing decision to either find a donor or live out his last days. Frank's health is declining and he's becoming too ill to take care of himself. He is brought back home by Tony Markovich, after Carl tells him where to put him. Fiona wanted to kick him out but Carl refuses and elects to tend to his father. Fiona reluctantly allows Frank to live in the Gallagher house. Frank weakly thanks Carl for his help.

In My Oldest Daughter Frank is tended to by Carl who supplies him with prescription drugs to ease his pain. He is proud of the latter's activities of trying to help him and his suggestion of painkillers for him. Afterwards, Carl begs Fiona to donate her liver since they are a match but she refused to be a donor for him, since it was his own fault. Frank watches his depressed son leave but tells Carl that if Fiona won't help, he'll go to his other daughter for help. When Fiona states Debbie is too young for surgery, Frank tells her that he was talking about his oldest daughter Samantha, which greatly surprises Fiona. Frank leaves while glaring at Fiona for her refusal to help him.

Frank bonds with his eldest daughter.

During Like Father, Like Daughter, Frank and Carl locate Samantha now a grown adult with a successful career and a kid of her own Chuckie, making Frank a grandfather. Frank arranges a scheme to look good in front of his daughter and it works with him meeting Samantha. Unaware that he's her father upon meeting him, she is sexually attracted to him, to his discomfort though he plays along.

In Strangers on a Train, Frank accidentally reveals the truth when she informs him that she cannot give him her liver, as she is not a match. Although intensely enraged at her unintentional supposed moral crime, she tracks him down and quickly accepts him back, reconciling and bonding.

As of There's the Rub, Frank continues to bond with Sammi and Chuckie since they are aware of their relation. Frank introduces them to one of his other children Carl, much to Sammi's delight. Frank tasks his son to build a sweat lodge, after Sheila's boyfriend gave him advice on this potentially helping his liver.

Very soon in Iron City, an ill Frank is taken care of by Sammi. Frank takes the time to explain that his estrangement from her stems from his youthful immaturity when he became a father, with his initial desire to abort her, and his uncertainty about how he impregnated her mother. While Sammi is hurt at first, she lets it go after he calls her a miracle for how she turned out and has him look into hospices for help but he refuses to stay and she takes him home. Due to Frank having parental rights, he is needed by the Gallagher children to get Liam discharged from the hospital. Lip searches for him but is unable to find him though Carl locates him at the house and tells his brother. The next day, Frank introduces Samantha and Chuckie to his other children (except Fiona and Ian) and they are surprised by the new addition. Also, they are able to reclaim Liam with his presence at the hospital.

As of A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin, Frank has returned home with Sammi being allowed stay to tend to Frank when her siblings give her a chance though warn her of Frank's real personality. Sammi forbids the protesting Frank from any drugs since it could put custody of Liam or any other Gallagher child at risk, to which he begrudgingly agrees. While resting Frank takes the time to let Sammi learn more about their family, telling her his upbringing with his siblings, his life with abusive parents and how he alone suffered. Soon Frank persuades Sammi to give him drugs after calling her like the rest of his kids and she relents. Hours later, he was found unconscious on the bathroom floor by his kids. Seeing this, Lip kicks Frank out along with Sammi and Chuckie. They move into the house of Sheila, since she left for a while.

They are later visited by the other Gallagher children Carl and Debbie in Hope Springs Paternal, with Carl helping Sammi in tending to Frank. Later on, Frank has to appear at Carl's school conference for his attack on bullies who made fun of Liam. Frank is taken there by Sammi and defends his son's actions, as he was defending his brother and he may have helped better the victim's lives and uses examples of those bullied that gained success. His act caused the school to drop the trouble against Carl.

During The Legend of Bonnie & Carl, Sheila returns from the Indian reservation, Sheila and proposes to the unconscious Frank in an attempt to adopt several Indian children.

In Liver, I Hardly Know Her, Sheila pays 26,000 dollars for a surgeon to give Frank a new liver, but it is a scam and a kidney is stolen. As a result, Frank goes to the hospital where his family and friends watch him marry Sheila in his unconscious state before they speak their last words to him. However, the hospital staff rush him out of the room, where they explain his condition has moved up for on the list for a donor and that he's getting a new liver.

In Emily, Frank has gotten his new liver and survives. He wakes up suffering from a punch to the groin by Carl but is shown to have delirium, as he mistakes Sammi, Sheila, and Carl for Debbie, his mother, and Lip (respectively). The staff explains it is a result of the surgery and it will wear off in time. Afterwards, Frank stays in the hospital to recover and mistakes the girl in his room Emily for Fiona and makes promises to be a better father and the girl (whose real father ditched her) accepts with them holding hands. Later, Frank finds Emily (who he still mistakes as Fiona) asleep and goes to get food. Afterwards, he wakes up to see Emily has died and breaks down at his supposed daughter's death.

In the finale Lazarus, after emerging from his delirium and being back to his old self; he is told of how he successfully got a new liver. Frank is told he can no longer drink but asks about his prescription drugs. He is later visited by Carl, who tells him of Sammi and Sheila are arguing with security to see him before he is wheeled out by Carl while they see the argument. Carl takes Frank along the Chicago waterfront where Frank takes out a can of beer and victoriously rejoices about surviving and still being able to drink. Frank then shares the beer with Carl to thank him for his help in his time of need. Father and son soon hug at Frank's recovery.

Season 5

A year later in Milk of the Gods, it was shown after Frank's operation, he and Sheila live together at her house. She's been caring for Frank and making sure he takes his medications. Frank secretly works on his "Milk of the Gods" beer in the basement, Sheila contemplates an offer made to her regarding her house: Two women would like to purchase her house for double the market value and while Sheila wants to accept and use the money to travel the world, but Frank disagrees. While the two argue over whether or not to sell, especially since Frank allowed his daughter Sammi and grandson to stay over.

During I'm the Liver, the father of boy whose liver Frank received invites Frank to a special father's day dinner with all the other organ recipients, which Sammi ends up crashing, further enraging Sheila.

In The Two Lisas, Frank tries several times to convince Sheila to stay, eventually asking her to keep her house so it can be "their nest". He blames his post-transplant weakness and desire to renew his and Sheila's vows for his resistance to selling. Sheila finally decides to cancel her plans and stay with Frank, until she, Sammy, and Frank get into a fight regarding the man Frank promised sex with Sammy. Frank blows up and screams at Sammy for being needy and annoying, and proceeds to turn on Sheila and accuse her of being a "certified wack-job" and a "pervert". Then, due to Frank's beer production in the basement, Sheila's house blows up. Ignoring the flames and the burning contents of her home, Sheila walks past Frank and Sammy and into the RV she bought earlier that day. Then, she is seen driving off as Frank makes one last-ditch attempt the get Sheila to stay but she fulfills her dream of seeing the world. Frank is upset at this but decides to return home, establishing it was his home before any of them came along.

As of A Night to Remem- Wait, What?, Frank tries to claim the insurance for his leg injury, though learns that he previously claimed it and went on a binger. Frank learns he bought drinks for the Alibi, purchased a Porsche, got high, committed a hit and run, and invested in a charity for children with one limb. At the end, he sells his Porsche for the hit and run, wallows in his sorrows, and shares a bottle of wine with Carl who comforts him.

In "Rite of Passage", Frank promises to give her a new trailer and she is excited but he tells Debbie it was a lie.

During Crazy Love, a vengeful Sammi takes over the Gallagher house and enforces strict curfews and no amenities for Frank. As a result, Frank suffers on the couch unconscious while others note on his smell. Eventually, he goes to the hospital to recover.

In Tell Me You F**king Need Me, he comes back to his house where he ignores Sammi's threats to leave. Frank tells Sammi that he doesn't have to leave his house, as she aims a gun at him but Frank challenges her to shoot. She appears to not go through with it but shoots, grazing Frank's arm. The other Gallaghers watch while Frank is on the ground with Sammi pouring salt on his wound and demands Frank state he needs her. Frank complies and the gleeful Sammi once more calls him "Dad". Frank is taken to a hospital by her and gets an arm cast.

He pretends to make nice with her but secretly plots to get even with her act.

Frank bumps into Bianca, a doctor who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. He encourages her to try many drugs for the first time and because she has decided to avoid treatment, she does many life-threatening stunts. The pair goes overseas where Bianca disappears.

Season 6

Frank starts off the season by trying hopelessly to find the reason why his beloved Bianca was taken from him. He spends time making visits to every religion and trying them out, hoping to gain peace of mind. After Bianca's co-worker tells Frank she stayed with him because she was at life's end, Frank runs similar scams trying to get more money.

Eventually Frank supports Debbie through her pregnancy, with her calling him "Dad" again. He also supports the recently released from juvie Carl in his thug life by asking for money. After the Gallagher house is sold, he tries to find Debbie (and selfishly himself) a place to live and a means to make money for her pregnancy by setting her up as a nanny in a household with a dying mother. The pair leaves when the mother is in remission.

Frank later returns to the abandoned Gallagher Household where he finds his grandson Chuckie camping under the porch, he sees that the latter was not told of the family being thrown out and has been there for two days. Feeling sympathy for him, Frank stays with him for the night and they bond over food and he starts to accept Chuckie as family. When Queenie (Sammi's mother and Frank's ex) returns to Frank's life to claim Chuckie, he is happy to reconnect with her even more so after the house is brought back. Frank then tries tirelessly to prevent her from leaving him again. He is later proud of Chuckie's outspoken (though misguided) views and speech.

After Carl decides to quit the thug life, he goes to Frank for help and the latter decides to pickup where Carl left off. He does well at first but soon he and his temporary accomplice waste through half of the drugs he was assigned to deliver and he is chased violently by G-Dogg's crew. Frank takes refuge with Debbie at Queenie's commune in the woods. Debbie hates it and nearly gives birth in a hospital, naming her daughter after Frank who was taken by G-Dogg's men. Frank narrowly escapes death by telling them of the opium at the hippie camp, he is lucky when the hippies attack the gangsters and presumably kill them while he narrowly escapes, abandoning Queenie and Chuckie. He returns home and learns his granddaughter Frances Gallagher was born and was named after him. Through less-than-honorary means, Frank blackmails of his granddaughter Franny's relatives and raises money to help pay for Fiona's upcoming wedding. After getting into a fight with Sean, Frank attempts to place a hit on him and fails, so he proceeds to purchase a gun.

For ruining Fiona's wedding, Frank is thrown off a bridge by his family and friends.

Before Fiona and Sean's wedding, Frank arrives and is greeted with disdain. He demands to give Fiona away at the wedding, a manipulation so he can tell his entire family their wrongdoings - including Debbie - and reveal he broke into Sean's office and found heroin. This is the last straw for the Gallagher children, as Lip punches him until he is stopped.

Much later, Kev, Veronica, Svetlana, Caleb, Ian, Carl, and Debbie kidnap Frank and throw him off of a bridge into the freezing river. They leave the area while happy to supposedly be free of him.

Season 7

Frank wakes up in the hospital.

A month later in Hiraeth, Frank has survived the event once he was found and pulled out of the river being only in a coma before he wakes up in the hospital with mild amnesia and leaves the hospital after receiving a heavy bill as well as learning nobody looked for him. He receives a wheelchair and returns to the Alibi for a drink while Kev, Veronica, and Svetlana are shocked to see that he has survived the fall and he explains his condition. He talks with Kermit and Tommy about his injuries being temporary as he calls Kev and the others out on not looking for him.

Frank recalls the event after the wedding.

He is confused by their reactions after they state he doesn't remember what happened after the wedding and how he ended up in the river. Looking upon their worried expressions, Frank soon recalls the event after the wedding and that they along with his children were the reason he was thrown off a bridge. Frank is angry at this and curses them for what they did to him before leaving, with the three being left scared at what he might do now. Kev was the only person who actually felt guilt about throwing him away after seeing his condition. He tries to move back in his house by getting Liam to let him in. Frank passes out while eating, he is found by his other sons who aren't too surprised to see that he is alive. Frank later learns from Carl that nobody tried to find him, since they kinda hoped he'd be dead, depressing him. This is further seen when the family treat him with disdain and displeasure at his return. Very soon, Fiona forces him out for his wrongdoing at her wedding, though it was later revealed Fiona appreciates his act of ruining the wedding, since he did her a favor. He is angry and later sneaks back in after nailing the door to his room shut, though Fiona again kicks him out.

After recovering and being back on his feet in Swipe, Fuck, Leave, Frank sees that The Gallagher children no longer want anything to do with him. However, Kev states his relief to see him on his feet again, while Frank glares at him. Believing that his family was the one who ruined his relationship with them, Frank disowns his children who are more than pleased by this and kick him out as Debbie begins using her daughter's middle name to distance her child from Frank. However, Frank promises to get even with his family for trying to kill him and insulting him since his return. He carries out his agenda by taking his only loyal child Liam for a while and ignores the older kids' protests at this. Using a stolen credit card from Debbie, Frank hires contractors (who he promises to pay fully) to block the other children out the rooms of their house with walls of cement and force them into cramped spaces, something they already realize was because of him and are angry at his revenge. He also gains a new girlfriend after having Liam charm her and celebrates his victory over his children by drinking the night away in his old room. His children try to get rid of him but he maintains his stance and continues to get payback on the family by throwing a raccoon to harass them, while insulting them for their treatment of him. Soon he and his girlfriend are forced out when the kids demolish the walls.

In Home Sweet Homeless Shelter, Frank moves into a homeless shelter and has several teens assume his family's names, including renaming his current adult girlfriend Delores to Monica. When he learns the shelter is closing, he has his new family search for a new home and they end up crashing a home realtor's showing on his old block. Getting an idea, Frank returns to the homeless shelter and has the dozen homeless people there join his Gallagher 2.0 family. Frank tells the realtor who was familiar with him that the old owner gave him rights to the house but she isn't buying it and calls the police for his trespassing. However, Frank manipulates the police officers who show up into having them think the homeowner okayed the trespass. The police were also well aware of who he was and considered him to be lying but they did not have it in them to throw so many people on the streets. Frank celebrates this victory before he and his new family go scavenging with Frank encountering Carl along the way and shares a tense glare with his son. That night, he finds a nun and asks her church to supply food. The next day, he throws a party at his new home before his real children and friends show up to protest his choice. Now having the upper-hand against them, Frank tells his former family (except Liam) to leave him alone since they have shown him their real feelings with their acts on him and sends them off while he continues to bask in his fortune.

As of I Am a Storm, his shelter starts to earn controversy by the neighborhood so Frank decides to make money from donations. He is introduced to Ian's new friend Trevor who works with homeless and likes him for his efforts. Frank is somewhat annoyed with Ian though he is thankful for Trevor's words. Despite disowning them, Frank continues to talk about his old family who still claim Frank as their father. Later on, he chains himself to the railings of the house on a televised interview in the rain, receiving both compliments and disdain from the people who know him.

Very soon in Own Your Shit, Frank is told of how his recent act has caused him so much support that he technically own the property. He is happy with this as he bonds with his make-shift family since they have made the shelter stronger. Frank is basking in his victory, as he is visited by his daughter Debbie and granddaughter. She tries to make peace with him long enough for him to help teach her in the art of scamming. Frank (still holding a grudge against her) refuses to help a "Gallagher traitor" and she makes him consider his granddaughter and he brings up on how she changed her name to distance her from him. Debbie offers to change her name back if he does help. Hearing this, he agrees and happily holds Franny before telling his daughter to go begging, since she fits the part and people will love to help her. Afterward, Frank and his family take a picture with the house's new owner and Frank has him send furniture and necessities for the house. He continues to treat his new family well by getting them things, though starts to horde money from the shelter to treat himself.

During The Defenestration of Frank, he is still hording money but does treat his adopted family. Later on, while counting his money, he is visited by his daughter Debbie. She tries to make peace with him long enough to give his consent for her marriage to Neil Morton. Frank refuses and tells her marriage is important but this causes an argument that reveals his money hording to his new family. That night, he goes to his old house where Carl is displeased to see Frank returning. Carl insults his father but is angry when Frank tells him about the new items in his shelter and takes Liam to enjoy those things while insulting Carl. However, when they get back, Frank's new family reveal the money and proceed to kick him out by throwing him out a window, breaking Frank's arm and injuring his leg in the process. Abandoned by both his families, Frank is forced to sleep on a park bench for the night after being treated for his injuries.

In You'll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life, he goes back to the house where he angrily rants about all of the residents being "ungrateful", as he tries to burn the house down in retaliation while his former adopted family secretly run out in fear of his actions. As he tries to light a match, Liam comes to him for advice and Frank talks with him. With Liam, Frank takes him to school only to find it closed for the day and the two go to Frank's old private school but are told to leave. When dropping him off to another school the next day, Frank sees Liam get bullied by his peers, to his frustration. In a rare moment of fatherly affection, Frank ends up getting his son enrolled in private school with a paid tuition after harassing the school enough to give his son a chance. As thanks, Liam calls Frank a good father and hugs him as he goes off with a proud Frank watching him.

As of You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?, Frank has recovered from his injuries and returns to his old home after stealing back some of his old possessions from the shelter (as revenge) to improve the Gallagher House. Despite this, he is still kept out by Ian who doesn't trust him while Ian's boyfriend Trevor criticizes him for his acts on the homeless. However, Ian allows Frank to walk Liam to school but threatens him if he takes Liam begging. Much later, he was chased off by a mob of the homeless for the theft but escapes them. By this point, he is now at a low state and doesn't have much to protest about, as seen when he doesn't argue with Svetlana about paying for drinks at the Alibi and his friends are surprised by this. He has started to try in making amends with his children by helping Fiona in remodeling her Laundromat, caring for Fiona's senile tenant, allowed to take Liam to school by Ian, and the rest of the children with other matters.

When Monica returns in Ouroboros, she attempts to reconcile with Frank who casts her aside until deciding to speak with her and learns she is dying from an brain aneurysm that she may have gotten from an infected needle.

They resort to their old habits in Ride or Die once again for the next few days and are able to go their old home since Ian had left to be with Mickey.

Afterwards they decide to renew their vows in Happily Ever After, they celebrate and have their kids join in. When morning comes, Frank tries to wake Monica up but realizes that she has died and he breaks down at his loss.

During Requiem For a Slut, the family go to the hospital with Monica. Fiona notices Frank was not present and Debbie tells her that he is outside on the curb. Devastated at losing his true love, Frank sits quietly while ignoring Fiona's attempt to comfort him and leaves to drown his sorrows in a bar. Soon he returns home, where he passes out on the floor. He is found by Fiona, who feeling sympathy for him gives him a towel to rest his head. learns that Monica left 70 pounds of meth for the children with Carl, Debbie, and Liam locates it. Frank later fights Monica's father Bill Darrgen who arrives at the Gallagher Household and blames Frank for supposedly ruining his daughter. Bill also paid for the funeral services and Frank watches as his children speak for her. Before anyone leaves, Frank has some heartfelt words about her and tells his children that their mother loved them and they are all strong and wouldn't be who they are without her before he leaves.

Frank makes amends with his family.

Afterwards, he finally returns home with all animosity with the family ended and him once more accepted. He celebrates his return by dancing with Fiona who allows him to lead. Frank and Carl later go to an alley, where Carl graffiti's a wall in honor of Monica. Frank is shown to be proud of the gesture, as he and his son share a beer to pay their respects together before leaving.

Season 8

In We Become What We... Frank!, he meditates after smoking Monica's methamphetamine and is seen with only a mustache. Frank says that his time away has changed him for the better because it helped him move on after losing Monica. Monica's death truly devastated Frank, but he determines his life is so horrible because of her manipulation over the past 30 years. From this epiphany, Frank decides to turn a new leaf and become a responsible adult. By doing this, his children begin to believe he has lost his mind since he has taken to apologizing for some of the wrong he has done to them. He also apologizes to his old friends who are more less confused by his change in attitude but let him try to make it up.

As of Where's My Meth?, Frank gets a job at a hardware store by telling the manager his story and sympathizing with the latter over failed marriages with controlling women. He quickly climbs the ladder to management with his new upbeat and 'by the book' work ethic.

In God Bless Her Rotting Soul, he is told of how Carl and Ian were spotted by the meth head and his children ask what his plan is since he got them into the ordeal. Frank tells them that this was his old self but tells them to relax as they needed to keep their heads down and maintain their story of ignorance. He later asks to be referred to as 'Francis,' and discards 'Frank' as the name associates with his treacherous past. While continuing his work at the store, he becomes supervisor as Fiona comes there and he requests to be called Francis or Dad. Fiona ignores this and goes about getting tools since he denied her a family discount. When his children face problems with Monica's old partner Eric Stark, he refuses to rob his job for money though experiences guilt. He and Liam go to Fiona's apartment building, where he tells the rest of his kids that he has decided to help them. Fiona has him help with digging Monica up after he gets them tools from his job. After getting the meth, they go to the storage unit and pay Eric but its still not enough and Eric threatens the kids at gunpoint. Seeing this, Frank steps in and defends them by telling the angry meth head everything that he and his children went through with Monica along with her death. Staring Eric down, Frank tells him to accept their payment before he successfully intimidated the man by promising death on him if he ever came near his family again. His children were surprised at his actions and saw his new change was genuine as he leads them to safety. Because of his defending them, Frank earns gratitude from Fiona who calls him Francis as he requested. Frank is happy with this recognition and they go home.

During Fuck Paying It Forward, Frank has decided to act like being in his thirties and overhears from his sons that Sean Pierce returned. He tells them he has decided to forgive the man and act more fatherly shown by giving his elder kids useful advice as seen with telling Lip about readying for change and the latter is thankful for the help. Ian then remarked that Frank is out of kids to ruin with his new ways, but Frank states he still has his youngest son Liam and will raise him properly since Liam is his last chance. With that, he takes him to his school as his other sons look on. Walking his son to school, Frank asks him for tips about being a good father but the latter doesn't know. At the advice of a mother, Frank joins the PTA and decides to show what real labor is for the children. He has Liam join him and this ends up being fun for both of them as the two bond at a car wash. He even bonds with his granddaughter Franny who walks to him. While he continues to show change, his children are still skeptical but let him go on to humor him, since he's doing better as "Father Frank" or "Saint Francis".

Through his new behavior in The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher, he has been rewarded with beautiful women of Liam's school who are aroused by his rugged appearance. He ages himself to his forties and opens a bank account and buys a new car for his commute, which he and Liam go riding in. Frank also makes sure Liam gets his education after seeing falling behind in school because of them using him as a token child, which allows him to excel. Because of this display, the older Gallagher children are surprised to see how fatherly Frank can be.

Frank continued to do good only to be fired from his job shortly after, due to downsizing. He attempts to do the honorable thing and find other work but only discovers minimum wage work willing to hire him. While drowning his sorrows at the Alibi, he meets several foreigners from the Middle East wishing to be smuggled into Canada. Frank starts a lucrative venture by helping smuggle them across the Northern border. While in Canada, Frank also buys cheap medicine and flips it at home for profit. This business quickly goes under when the Canadian Mounted Police discover his hiking trail and capture him. Frank barely escapes and gets home, but also barely escapes the angry mob that lost their investment in Frank's medicine smuggling ventures.

Frank reverts to his old self at this point, and only seems to care about his own interests again but still spending time with the kids. He later decides to retire and discovers his benefits would be next to nothing because he never held long-term work. In an attempt to earn his own retirement, Frank creates t-shirts to sell at Ian Gallagher's church rallies labeled "Gay Jesus," and pockets almost all the cash for himself.

Frank continue to spend most of his time with Liam who helps Frank with his schemes, but also offers an inside track for Frank to sample the upper class because Liam's friends all have wealthy families. Most of the wealthy families are first-generation wealth, and the parents have a peculiar relationship with Frank. The housewives collectively find Frank attractive because he is everything their white collar husbands are not, which some find irresistible.

Season 9

In Are You There Shim? It's me, Ian, he continues to revert to his old self and continues his affairs with the rich women while stealing from them. He tells a maid (in Spanish) that he is not bothered by threats. He soon has Liam hold the loot while he keeps up his acts. It was shown at a PTA meeting, he has spread a series of STD's to most of the mothers at the school who spread it to their unfaithful husbands. Frank is named the source after it is revealed that he slept with all of them. He and the parents all get their STD's tended too and he is surprised when some of them become thrupples, while he is punched by angry man as the wife promises to call him.

During Mo White!, he picks up signs for congress candidates and profits from the campaign managers. Frank overhears Lip and Ian's talk while commenting to his son that the reason his Shim, an-invented word for the genderless God, isn't talking is because he was hallucinating. Frank talks to Ian about religion and talks about the basics of it and has him figure it out, as Ian considers it. Eventually, he makes a scam where he decides to nominate Mo White for congress.

In Weirdo Gallagher Vortex, Frank and Mo go out to gather supporters with things going good. At home, he tries to get his kids to support Mo while also telling Ian that prison wasn't bad from his experience. Later on, Frank is shocked to discover Mo is a sex offender but the latter asks him for his support.

With the election drawing to a close in Do Right, Vote White, Mo is in dead last and decides to call it quits, seeing no reason to continue, much to Frank's dismay. Knowing that the political runoff would be enormous if Mo were to win, he pays a visit to the released Terry Milkovich who asks for his help on election day to ensure that Mo White is victorious by having his neo-Nazi and white supremacists colleagues and surrounds the polling place to non-violently intimidate any minority from entering the building while only letting the whites inside. However, a violent riot ends up breaking out between the white supremacists and members of the Church of Gay Jesus.

Frank later meets up with Mo in Black Haired Ginger, where he admits that while it may not have gone smoothly like he hoped he was still proud of his efforts. They hear people cheering at the results of the election on television. They walk over to see the results and are shocked to learn that Mo White is the surprise victor with just over 52% of the votes. Mo's victory comes to a complete shock to South Side's residents with pollsters believing that his victory was in large part due to the vast number of Caucasian voters and their reluctance to admit to that they voted purely out of bigotry. Frank then asks the pleased Mo what he plans on doing now that he's back in Congress, and pridefully responds "Absolutely nothing." He states that the beauty of being in Congress is that he doesn't have to do anything for anyone but himself. During his first televised speech, Mo is seen with an underage girl and this surprises as well as disgusts Frank to see he hasn't learned his lesson.

In Face It, You're Gorgeous, Frank falls into a drunk stupor, found passed out at the Alibi by Veronica. He shows an illness after his urine is black, he is rushed to the hospital by Kev and Veronica. Frank is told this is because of his new liver acting up. He doesn't listen and falls into his habits again and heads back to hospital, who give him medicine that calms his liver but he gets erectile dysfunction and can't perform well. Frank goes to the hospital and meets Ingrid Jones, a manic woman who jumps him and sexually assaults him before running off from the room. Frank was confused but happy he had his charisma back and decides to pursue her. With Liam's help, he goes in search of Ingrid and finds her at a hospital, getting her medicine.

Soon in Down Like the Titanic, he and Ingrid form a relationship but where next door neighbor and ex-husband Randy gets in the way. Frank manipulates him into taking a trip as a way of coaxing him out of worrying for her.

In The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Alibi, Frank is shown passed out as Fiona finds him and takes his drinks. Frank and Ingrid go out with her taking him to a clinic. She reveals that she wanted him to fertilize her stored eggs so she could have children. Frank agrees wholeheartedly at the chance of being a father again. However, he learns that because of his habits and medications that his sperm count is low, with the chances being severely low for him to reproduce. Frank takes a sample cup home for him to deposit in but plans to have one of his sons do it. With Lip out, Frank goes to Carl and bribes him with the hundred dollars Ingrid gave him. Carl fills the cup all the way, unaware of what Frank intends to do with it.

During BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!, Frank and Ingrid are at the lab and the doctor reveals their possibility of having a child are now up. However, Frank learns because of Carl's sperm, he and Ingrid are expecting septuplets and when the doctor reveals the risks of carrying the children to full term, he readily agrees to abort some of the kids. Ingrid is less than upcoming with this, but he seemingly convinces her. At the Alibi, he reveals the good news but is worried when Ingrid refuses to abort three of her kids and make him get a job to support them. Frank and Ingrid reveal this to the Gallagher children, who are shocked by this but doubt he could support more kids since he didn't do it with them.

During Los Diablos, Frank applies for the hobo loco and tells a fellow contestant he should win. Frank furthers his reasons as he mentions his depressing life by burying Monica, his cancer riddled girlfriend Bianca, and his unloving mother Peggy.

In The Hobo Games, he competes with Mikey throughout the games. At the end, he loses and Ingrid leaves him while telling him that she will reduce the embryos. Her ex-husband also pays Frank off and he allows this.

In You'll Know Bottom When You Hit It, Frank is at home before he learns of a blackout and takes the time to meet an old friend for help in scamming people for help in exchange for sharing profits. Frank also bonds with Fiona over being kicked out when Lip fulfilled his promise. Frank offers her a deal in his scam, she reluctantly decides to work with him in surviving the blackout for half of the profit. Father and daughter's plan was successful even though Frank told her to stop drinking because of her uncontrollable nature. During a party, he is so happy that he gives Kev free ice for his recovery of his vasectomy as a show of good will. At the end, he is passed out next to Fiona in her old apartment building and Fiona realized she was nearly like him, which caused her to revaluate her standing.

During Lost, Frank is left in the building by Fiona and is woken up from the demolition taking place. He narrowly runs out and is insulted by the crew for trespassing though they offer to tend to him after he injures himself but casts it off. He makes it home and passes out by the fence where he is spotted by Tami's father who mistakes him for a homeless guy. Frank wakes up as Carl spots him and hears his groaning. Carl nearly leaves his injured father but helps him when Frank begs him, along with Kelly and Debbie who finds his bone sticking out. Frank rests on the couch while refusing the hospital, as Tami's father questions this before Frank's kids find pills on him and deduce he didn't want ambulance because of it. After the people Frank called take the pills, an ambulance arrives, the paramedics are familiar with him and take him to the hospital with Fiona being by his side until he receives help. He is given surgery by a new but professional doctor and after given a prescription, the hospital staff have him sent home. He is loaded in a wheelchair and let out in front of his home.

As of Found, he is now sleeping on the couch and taken care of by the family. He tells Fiona his recovery will take months but he wants his meds though is refused as Debbie hid them and the children are fed up with his whining and needs. When the family leave, Frank is upset before his granddaughter Franny keeps him company and he uses the time to read her story but does so several times. Soon, Debbie hires a caretaker named Seamus, who Frank was familiar with to do most of the grunt work. When Fiona was preparing to leave, Frank noticed that she was skipping the party Lip was going to throw her. Frank sends his caretaker away and took the time to express his gratitude to his daughter for caring for the family, as she took it in stride and he told her to accept it if it helps her sleep. Fiona noticed that he nearly burst into tears and smiled at him as she realized that this was his way of wishing her well and said goodbye to her father. During the party, Frank mostly drank beer as he sat on the couch while his granddaughter approached him.

Season 10

As of We Few, We Lucky Few, We Band of Gallaghers!, six months have passed and Frank has recovered from his injuries but is not pleased by Debbie taking charge of expenses and the house. Frank goes to the hospital, where he attempts to get more pills but fails and the doctor tells him that he has actually recovered and tells him that his prescription is up. While at a pharmacy, he steals the medicine of an old woman and runs away but bumps into Mikey O’Shea who has injured his leg after getting him by a train. He reveals has more or less recovered is begging, Frank teams up with in a scam in exchange for pills. They steal couch cushions and celebrate at Gallagher Household, where they get high on pills. While on the floor, Frank sees Mikey make himself at home, while the Gallagher children to his friend.

Frank and the rest of the family, as well as friends arrive to celebrate the birth of Lip's son. Frank jokes on the certainty of the baby being Lip's but is happy for him.

During Sleep Well My Prince For Tomorrow You Shall Be King, Frank and Mikey try to scam people but they don't get far with their old material. Eventually, a sympathetic person helps by giving them money but Frank is worried about his place in the house. Mikey encourages him to take a stand against his kids and assert himself as the father. Frank then goes home and protests to Debbie, with Carl and Lip agreeing with him. Later that night, he comes across Lip with Freddie. In one of his fatherly moments, he encourages his son to rest because he is running ragged and tells him that he won't hurt Freddie. The next day, he is woken up by Debbie who brings him and the others out. Frank is given not only money cards but control of the house by Debbie. Very soon, he and Mikey raid Debbie's room before Liam comes across this sight. Liam asks his father about why he is different from the rest of his siblings. Frank explains an affair one of Monica's relatives had. Liam is surprised by this, even more so when Frank reveals that not only is the relative still alive but lives up the street. Frank takes Liam to visit the relative, with his son wondering why he never told him about her. He gets his answer when one of them shoot in the air when seeing Frank. The pair run off with the gunshots behind.

In Which America?, he is told by Mikey of the collection of stuff Debbie stole. He decides to use the stuff to make a quick hustle. Frank then learns of Mikey's kidney disease and after stealing more of Debbie's stuff, ends up throwing a party where they make a huge profit to get help for Mikey's disease.

During A Little Gallagher Goes A Long Way, Frank is passed out from the party and his money is confiscated by Debbie who takes it in retaliation for his theft of her stuff. With little options, Frank helps Mikey live out his dream of being a business man.

In Sparky, Frank decides to make a scam by selling the tamales of Anne's family, which he got from one of the relatives he slept with him. After making a good sell, he gets more and is about to leave before Randy arrives with babies to tell him that Ingrid left him and asks he takes the babies back. He runs away but is caught and talks with Randy. The two argue for a while until Frank reveal that the babies born from Ingrid are actually his son Carl's children, something the arriving Carl overhears. Understandably, Carl was very upset with his father for using his sperm to impregnate the woman while Kelly argues with Randy on not leaving the kids with Frank or Carl. Frank looks at the children and realizes potential for them, deciding to take one. Although Randy protests this, Frank uses his superior manipulations to talk him down, as Carl realizes Frank's goal and wants to take part in the scam Frank has planned while telling Kelly that Frank is a master with scamming.

During "Adios Gringos", Frank has Liam accompany him while he tries to sell one of Carl's babies. They meet with an an African couple and an asian couple, and try to pit the two couples against each other. Frank gets the couples to book a suite for him, Liam and the baby. Frank tries to milk both couples for as much money and free nights in the fancy hotels as possible, including using and abusing the room service (playing with and getting food all over the bed while prancing around in their underwear). The day after, Liam promises the baby to the asian couple after they offer $100,000, but the African couple steals the baby first. Frank is devastated at the loss of the money and the hotel suite, but Liam cheers him up by stealing towels and mini-bar items.

In Debbie Might Be a Prostitute, when they arrive at the Alibi, V notes that Frank and Faye are close but he is unsure of her, since she lives in a car. However, Kevin asks if she has a house, and she replies yes. She tells Frank her house is haunted. When she tells Frank of the scotch collection, he tells her he can help. When they drive up to the house, she gets cold feet but Frank holds her hand. When they enter the house, Franks wants to start in the room with the scotch collection. When walking up the stairs, he sees a picture of Faye at a graduation with a man. She tells him that was right before her life changed forever. When they enter the bedroom, Faye tells him to lay on the bed. She begins to handcuff his hands to the bed. Then she gets on top of him and yells, "Boo." She walks in later after Frank wakes up from the drugged scotch and asks if he remembers Kyle Holmes. She continues to ask him while Frank is confused. She then tells Frank Kyle was her fiancé and was suppose to married until he ruined it. She gets angrier when Frank continues to be confused by the questions. She then asks him about the summer of 1995. She bring out a TV and plays an old video of a young Frank in court being called the victim of drugs and Kyle Holmes his dealer. Kyle is then sent to jail while Frank is sent to rehab. Faye turns to Frank and tells him Kyle has been rotting in prison for twenty-four years. When Frank calls it a "not me" problem, she is shocked that he really doesn't remember. She then leaves for the hardware store and plays the video on loop.

In Now Leaving Illinois, Frank wakes up in a car tied to the wheel with bags of prescription pills. The cops appear and Frank's explanation does him no good and he is arrested. After being processed, he is visited by Faye who says she is doing this for her love and Frank must pay. Later on, Frank has his trial and sees Faye is at his hearing, pleased that she will get her revenge and the judge asks Frank if he has anything to say. However, Frank manipulates the judge into only sending him to rehab, something that shocks Faye. As he is escorted out, Frank smiles smugly to Faye in victory.

In Location, Location, Location, Faye later catches up to Frank and tells him that she visited her ex fiancé who told her to let go for a grudge because he wants to kill Frank as soon as he is released. Faye tells Frank that she only wanted to tell him that she’s going back to Puerto Rico and hopes to meet again. With news of her departure Frank immediately squats at her house only to find that he was not the only one that had the idea but put off by strange things in the house. Very soon, he is tracked down by Liam who needs him to sign something and appear at his school. Frank initially refuses but obliges after Liam threatens to expose him to Child services. With this and the house's odd behavior, Frank agrees and things are settled with Liam. He prepares to go back to Faye's house, while laughing off Liam stating he missed him. At the end, Frank meets one of Faye's house keepers and he admits that he shouldn't be there either and they both bask at enjoying the victory.

In Gallavich, Frank is still at Faye's house before Liam comes over and tells Frank that Ian are marrying and Frank should attend the wedding. Frank refused but Liam tricks Frank into thinking Lip is selling the house and they drive Faye's car to go back home. However, once they return does Frank learn that Liam deceived him and tries to go but Liam has took the keys and is borrowing Faye's Mercedes for Ian and Mickey's wedding reception. Frank then goes to the wedding place, where he is horrified at the venue, since its owned by an old fling but goes in regardless. As the wedding goes on, Frank is seen congratulating his son and son-in-law. Much later, the bar's owner spotted him and the two made out, much to Liam's disgust. Ian spotted the scene, while pleased Frank attended and enjoyed himself. Much later, Ian and Mickey subsequently use Faye's car to go off on their honeymoon, which Frank states he'll need back.

Season 11

During NIMBY, Frank is shocked when Terry Milkovich and his family moved into the house right next-door to him. Frank works with Liam and Kev to get ways to evict the family but it is revealed Terry was sleeping with the old owner of the house. Frank is disgusted to hear from the videos that Liam had of the sex Terry and the old woman had. At night, he is awaken by the Milkovich family party.

In Slaughter, Frank is still fed up with Terry continuing to harass him and the Gallaghers by leaving a box of dog feces on the front porch of their house or by continuing the loud shenanigans outside. Frank wants his family to help get rid of the Milkovich , only to be reminded that two of his children are romantically involved with two members: Mickey and Sandy. However, he is able to get Terry out of the house by telling him of a supposed white supremacist rally going on. Terry then gathers his relatives to go and see. At the end, Frank tried to kill the old lady Terry is renting from but is unable and she fights him off, forcing him to escape.

During Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good....Eh, Screw It, Frank approached Terry who is now handicap from being shot and after sharing some words to him about his predicament Terry begs Frank to shoot him and put him out of his misery but Frank does not participate stated he does not like Terry at all in order to be merciful. Frank celebrates but hits his head and goes to the hospital, where he is diagnosed with Early Stage Alcoholic Dementia.

In Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake, Frank wanders the city because of his gradual deteriorating state but he uses some of it to his advantage. He tries to reach his home but gets lost repeatedly. At night, he is about to give up until Lip moves him out of the way and he realizes he is at home.

In Cancelled, Frank is upset about the name change of Liam's school, despite the fact that it was discovered the person was a pedophile. He is revealed to be an alumnus for Liam's school after it was mentioned that only they can change it. He goes to the name changing debate but his dementia acts up and he strips naked, causing him to be detained. At the hospital, his family are informed of his condition. In spite of their resentment towards Frank, they appear to be concerned after he asked what happens.

During Survivors, Frank's condition continues but because everyone is now aware they appear more at ease with him, trying to help. When he learns Lip wants to sell the house, Frank tries to plan one last heist. However, he is unable to carry it out, as the original people he intended are dead, retired, and handicapped. He continuously forgets, but has notes written on his arms.

In Father Frank, Full of Grace, Frank survives his suicide attempt and wanders Chicago in a dazed state, possibly due to brain damage from his drug overdose exacerbating his dementia. Frank is taken to the hospital where the staff recognizes him from his frequent trips to the hospital seeking drugs. Frank contracts COVID-19 and ultimately dies of the virus, experiencing a series of flashes of his life before he dies. As he dies, Frank's ghost appears in the Alibi at Ian and Mickey's anniversary party with a constantly refilling beer glass. As everyone else goes outside, Frank floats above the city on his barstool on his way to the Afterlife (since it was revealed in the Shameless Hall of Shame episode Frank: Ghosts of Gallagher Past, by Frank's deceased father that Heaven contrary to primary belief is downwards and that Hell is actually upwards), due to not being able to truly redeem himself and showing no remorse for all of his past actions in his suicide note, only receiving a limitless glass of beer as a final mercy for expressing his fondness to his family.

Kill Count

  1. Dottie Corones, indirect: Had sexual intercourse with her knowing it would cause her to have a heart attack and die. He did this on her request after proposing and telling her doctors she had died so that she didn't get the transplant she needed. She asked him to do this after finding out someone else got the heart she needed.
  2. Hanzi, accidental: Accidentally left his with his "Milk of the Gods" beer equipment in Sheila Jackson's basement on, causing an explosion which blew up the entire house and blowing Hanzi to pieces. All that was left of him was a piece of his leg.
  3. Hilary, accidental: Gave her cannabis after she found out she had terminal cancer and wanted to live life fully until she died. However, she immediately overdosed and died, Frank leaving her body by the railway.

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  • As of Season 10, all of his children have called him "Dad" at one point.
  • He can be the perfect father when sober.
  • He has shown to be multilingual: speaking English, fluent Spanish, Japanese, and Armenian, this has helped him on a series of occasions.
  • He is shown to be skilled at playing the piano.
  • Despite being skinny and cowardly at times, he is a capable fighter when pushed.
  • He doesn't appear to be on good terms with his brothers as Jerry immediately ran from Lip and Ian when he learned they were his sons. Clayton was annoyed by his appearance after their mother's death but didn't show signs of resentment.
    • This was supported when he makes no mention of them and told his daughter Sammi that his brothers were the favorites of his father while he suffered abuse.
    • It is unknown who is the oldest of the four brothers. However, Frank is suggested to be the oldest, since he told Sammi that his father told him that he should looked out for his mother who was cheating. This is further suggested, as Wyatt is hinted to be the baby and Clayton looks younger.
  • As a child, he was a bed wetter and when his mother was released from prison, this habit returned until her death.
  • According to himself, he hoped his mother die in prison.
    • This was similar to Fiona's wish for his death on her birthday and the other kids after he was thrown off the bridge.
  • With Monica, he is the father of Fiona, Lip, Debbie, Carl and Liam but not Ian who is biologically his nephew because of Monica's affair with his brother Clayton though Frank still calls him his son.
    • He is also the father of Samantha Slott, from a previous relationship with Queenie Slott.
    • During Like Father, Like Daughter, Fiona speculates he may have even more children than they are aware of but this is unknown.
    • However, the fact that Carl has some Apache heritage and both Frank and Monica must have african DNA to produce Liam and Carl has none, it could be that Frank isn't Carl's biological father, just like Ian.
  • He has five known grandchildren: Chuckie Slott, Frances Gallagher, Carl's unnamed kids, and Freddie Gallagher.
    • It would have been six had Fiona not aborted her child.
    • With Ian marrying Mickey, he was the step-grandfather of Yevgeny Milkovich.
    • With Tish supposedly having Carl's baby and Lip possibly impregnating Tami again, it is likely eight.
  • He appeared to have been on good terms with his Aunt Ginger, as she attended a party he threw before her death.
  • He mentions that he has an uncle George, who lives in Jersey, but it is unknown if this is his maternal or paternal uncle. From his talk with Fiona, they appear on good terms.
  • He seems to have been on good terms with his grandmother Rose Gallagher, as he makes frequent references to her and was in possession of her ring.
  • Despite being cousins, Frank has no interaction with Patrick.
  • Despite having no job and having committed several crimes, he has a good lawyer as seen in Season 3.
  • He has been to jail several times: he was released from jail in the Pilot, Tony stated Frank was always declared missing by the cops in Frank the Plank, Kevin once mentioned to a woman who was looking for Frank that she may likely find him in jail, an officer questioned Lip and Ian if they were related to Frank after they were arrested while stating he's a regular before learning they are Frank's sons in Father Frank, Full of Grace , he was arrested and released after his fling with Karen was exposed but Sheila dropped the charges in Father's Day, Shelia mentioned that she would always see the cops at the Gallagher house in Can I Have a Mother, when he is arrested after he took the fall for his and Carl's robbery in Order Room Service and ended up released in Survival of the Fittest, officers recognized him while raiding a house before Tony took him home in Simple Pleasures, a female officer recognized him when confronting him about the homeless shelter in Home Sweet Homeless Shelter, both Ian and Liam went to an officer who knew Frank in Debbie Might Be a Prostitute and Now Leaving Illinois. In the latter episode, he was arrested by the police after being framed by Faye but manipulated the judge into sending him to rehab. In "Gallavich!", before learning they were there for her, Debbie wondered what Frank had done when hearing that the cops were there.
  • According to himself in Season 9, he has been to prison.
  • He has been to the hospital many times, he went there in It's Time to Kill the Turtle, where a doctor recognized him and had cut off alcohol for a medical study, he went again in Survival of the Fittest after his liver failed, in Season 4 where a doctor who once tended to him had stated Frank is a legend among their patients with his record of 50 visits. He breaks this record in Season 5, when he sees a doctor for his new liver. After he was shot by Sammi, Frank meets Bianca who comments that he is a legend in the hospital and addresses him as frequent flyer Frank and that it was an honor to meet him. He went back after Bianco shot him by accident after a bad game of Russian roulette. He awoke in the hospital from his coma in Hiraeth. In Season 9, where he arrives two more times and the staff as well as paramedics are all familiar with him and know how to deal with him and warned the new people of him. He goes back in Season 10, where a doctor who tended to him remarks on the many visits. During Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good....Eh, Screw It, he goes there after a concussion and is diagnosed with Early Alcoholic Dementia. In Father Frank, Full of Grace (Series Finale), Frank is admitted into the hospital and the doctor recognizes him and is annoyed by his appearance there. This was also the last time he was admitted in the hospital before his death from COVID-19.
  • He is also familiar with the church as a Father told him that the silver has been locked up, due to him stealing it before.
  • Most if not everyone who knows him, have said his name with disdain.
  • He is missing his kidney, due to a botched blackmarket deal by Sheila and Sammi.
  • He has various scars on his body.
  • Despite his rough appearance, he is a skilled ladies man.
  • He is familiar with realtors, as seen when a female realtor recognized him in Season 7.
  • According to him in God Bless Her Rotting Soul, Monica nailed him to a cross in a sexual act.
  • He is attracted to bipolar women, as seen with Monica and Ingrid.
  • He has been physically attacked by most of his children except Liam.
    • Lip attacked him after he supposedly slept with Karen though they made amends. Later, Lip attacked him for ruining Fiona's wedding.
    • Debbie attacked him with a bag of soap for ruining her project.
    • Carl broke his leg to get him a check for his liver surgery at his request. Later on, Carl put him in a choke-hold in season six to stop him from attacking Sean Pierce.
    • Samantha shot him in the arm.
    • Ian, Carl, and Debbie threw him off a bridge into a river after he ruined Fiona's wedding with help from friends once he insulted their faults though he survived with minor injuries and being in a coma. He and his children reconcile in the seventh season finale.
    • After he was discharged from the hospital, Fiona kicked him out of the house by dragging him down the stairs after he ruined her wedding even though she appreciated him doing so.
    • Ian threatened him with a bat after he tried to return to the house on two occasions and later pepper sprayed him.
    • Debbie punched him for strangling her.
    • In Season 11, Debbie is the most frequent of his kids to attack him, even after the other kids stopped attacking him. Even when Frank was diagnosed with dementia, Debbie still attacked him but later felt guilt.
  • Frank has attacked most of his children.
    • He head-butted Ian for getting him attacked by Eddie.
    • He dropped a raccoon to torture Lip and Ian for their treatment of him.
    • He punched Debbie for hiding the meth.
  • The only ones of his children who seem to like (or liked) him are: Debbie, Sammi, Liam, and Carl.
  • He has saved his children on many occasions.
    • He reclaimed Liam after a bad bet.
    • He took full responsibility for Carl's robbery of his former foster parents and allowed himself to get arrested.
    • He indirectly protected Carl from an angry gang leader by picking up his business, even though they attacked Frank later on.
    • He saved Fiona from a potential failed marriage to Sean.
    • He protected Liam from hostile construction workers after they threatened both of them.
    • By teaching Debbie how to scam, he indirectly kept her off the streets.
    • He defended his six kids from a meth head and threatened him as they were surprised to see he protected them.
  • According to Lip in Season 10, Frank would never buy diapers but would hose the children off in the yard to cut corners.
  • According to Ian in Season 11, Frank once locked him in the basement when he was six years old to stop him from crying.
  • Frank has few friends: Kermit, Tommy, Bianca Samson, Mo White, and Mikey O’Shea.
    • Out of all of them, Bianca, Mo, and Mikey are the only ones who don't hate Frank.
    • However, when he suffered from dementia Kermit and Tommy appeared concerned.
  • As of Season 11, he now has a tattoo of his granddaughter Franny's name on his arm.
    • Frank plans to add his grandson Freddie's name to the other arm.
  • Frank is a master thief, as he has broke into several houses and avoided the cops pursuing him. It is shown that even while suffering from dementia, he stole several priceless pieces of art with the security cameras and guards not seeing him. His son Liam even questioned how it was even possible.
  • He claims in Season 11, that he has a great grandfather named Connell Gallagher.
  • It is unknown how his kids reacted to his death.
  • He was cremated just like his mother.
  • It is ambiguous whether he was really visited by his father, Mo, and an older version of Liam or whether he was simply dreaming. If these events did come to pass it would mean the Gallagher children got money after his death and moved on.
  • Frank once accidentally drowned Debbie's hamster, he defended his actions by saying he had heard that hamsters could swim.