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This page is about the original UK Shameless' Frank Gallagher. For the US version, see Frank Gallagher (US).

Vernon Francis "Frank" Gallagher (born 11 March 1959) is the patriarch of the Gallagher Family. He is a perpetually unemployed, absentee single parent and also a severe alcoholic who blows all his time and money getting drunk at The Jockey. He has appeared more regularly than any other cast member and has been voted Best Shameless Character On Earth.

With his wife Monica Gallagher, he has fathered 8 children: Fiona, Lip, Debbie, Carl, Liam, Stella and twins William (who Monica aborted) and Ben. He is also de jure father to Monica's other son Ian. He also fathered twins Nigel and Delia with ex-girlfriend Sheila Jackson, and he also apparently fathered Monica's half-sister with Joan Dallimore. During a drunk rant, it is implied he impregnated several girls in high school, which leaves the question of how many kids that he really has.

It is revealed that Frank spiralled into alcoholism shortly after Monica deserted him in 2001 and he shirked all responsibility, leaving his eldest daughter Fiona to pick up the pieces and hold the family together. Frank has apparently been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment several times in his youth. He claimed to have been incarcerated in Strangeways Prison. It has not been mentioned what exactly were the reasons for his string of past convictions.

Frank is famously known for his khaki green Parka coat, which usually wears without fail. In Episode 8 of Series 9, Frank revealed that though he originally stole the coat off a man on a bus, he was wearing it both when his daughter Fiona was conceived and when she was born. He revealed that he thought of the coat as an integral part of his identity.


In Series 1, he left the younger children in the care of Fiona, and moved in with agoraphobic Sheila Jackson, attracted by her large savings account and gullible nature. Often known to make a fool out of himself and shirk all responsibility, Frank nonetheless shows signs of loving his children. He can offer good advice, for example saving Liam from being taken into care when a parent was needed. When he is rendered completely sober by a new drug, Frank appears reflective and even quite intelligent, wondering why Sheila would add to her problems by marrying a mess like him.

In early series Frank comes across as a drunken bully, even headbutting his son Ian on one occasion. Most of his children initially resent Frank for his drunken bullying ways. Lip and Ian are never scared to show their feelings towards him, and even physically attack him on a few occasions. However, his middle daughter Debbie shows sympathy throughout the series when her father is either in serious trouble or presumed dead, something which has happened three times to date. The family have generally warmed up towards him more as the series has progressed, mostly due to the fact that he isn't bothering them hugely on a daily basis. In turn, Frank shows that in spite of his many faults and treatment, he does love his children and at times proves himself a better parent than either his father or Monica. This was best seen where he begged forgiveness from Lip and allowed him to urinate on him as his punishment after he slept with the latter's girlfriend Karen, missed Fiona when she moved, was sad Ian wasn't his son, went off to save his daughter Delia Gallagher from a crazed kidnapper, felt guilt about his treatment to Debbie after hearing about her supposed death, stopped Carl from hurting Ian, tended to the injured Ian, and was thankful Carl saved him from a crime he was accused of. Frank's pride somewhat gets in the way of his love for his family, though he slowly warms up to them. The greatest sign of his love for his family was seen, when he prevented Liam from running away and going down a brutal path and confirmed he loved him while making promises to him. He missed Carl after he moved out. He also saved his youngest daughter Stella from a bullet meant for a gunman. He later found Stella and son Ben outside a park and apologized for coldly treating her by affirming his love for them. He also refused to leave his family, when Fiona handed him money and he didn't take it since he realized he couldn't live without the people who have stayed by his side.

Frank's hallmark is drunken rants on a wide variety of literary, historical and philosophical subjects, usually returning to how decent, hard-working people, among whom he erroneously seems to count himself, are discriminated against. Frank frequently quotes Shakespeare, The Bible, references international current events and uses poetry and soliloquy to express his feelings or view, as he does at the start of each episode. Frank is a supporter of Manchester City Football Club.

In the earlier series, Frank is consistently drunk and incontinent and rarely makes any sort of intelligent appearance. He is first seen being carried into his house unconscious by the police. The next day, he meets Fiona's new boyfriend Steve McBride and after finding out it was Steve who bought the house their new washing machine, is warmly receptive of him.

Although Frank's birthday is cited as the 26th of January (because the air date of Episode 701 was 26/1/10), the party scene in Episode 3 of Series 4, where Sheila told Frank she got him a passport after announcing they were going on a honeymoon, gives a different date. A flashback appears where Sheila is photographing an unconscious Frank lying on the floor, before a pop-up of the same photo appears on a passport which gives Frank's date of birth as 11 March 1959.


Series 1

The First Series began roughly three years after Monica, Frank's wife, mysteriously disappeared, abandoning her husband and six children, after "going out for a loaf of bread". At the time, Fiona was between 16–17 years of age, and had come home after having her appendix removed. Lip was aged between 13/14, Ian was eleven, Carl was 11/12, Debbie was 10/11, and Liam was between 3–4 months of age. Frank claimed he "went on a bender" after Monica had gone. His alcoholism and tendency to shirk the responsibilities of fatherhood had apparently gotten worse.

The family, in a separate incident, did a "moonlight flit" from their previous address at Bishop's Grove (presumably in Stretsford), and got their current address through the assistance of a Housing Officer named Billy Wilson. This was revealed in Episode 6 of Series 1. However, it remains unclear if this occurred before or after Monica's abandonment.

In the three years after the incident, Fiona put her life on hold taking care of her younger siblings and acting as a mother for Liam. Even working as a teaching assistant at the same nursery (presumably) that Liam attended. Fiona also became fast friends with two neighbours, Kevin Ball and Veronica Fisher. They would often help Fiona with babysitting her siblings, Veronica and Fiona would go out clubbing on occasion, and Kev would work as a barman at The Jockey, Frank's favourite locale. Frank would notoriously run up a bar-tab, spending his unemployment benefits, while Fiona, Lip and Ian would be working to make up for their father's lack of contribution to the household bills. Fiona had her nursery job, Ian worked as an assistant operator at Yvonne Karib's Cash and Carry, while Lip was known to charge other pupils at his school to complete their homework for them.

Series 2

No longer able to claim benefits as he was officially dead, Frank was forced to live off Sheila's benefits. She gave birth to twins, Nigel and Delia in the Christmas Special.

Neville, Frank's no-nonsense, workaholic father, was seen for the first and only time in the following episode.

In the sixth episode of this series Frank was almost unfaithful to Sheila for a second time, when he agreed to have sex with the substitute landlady of The Jockey named Cassie Weston, in exchange for her clearing his bar tab. Karen stopped it going any further by threatening to tell Sheila.

In the seventh episode, Frank unexpectedly cleaned up his appearance to help Fiona re-assure Social Services that four year old Liam was well-cared for and didn't need to enter foster care.

Frank earned the resentment of the Chatsworth community when, on the advice of insurance claims reps, he sued Yvonne Karib for accidentally knocking out his tooth. After being denied service in The Jockey, Frank agreed to drop the charges. But after finding himself indebted to the Accident Claims people, it took Sheila winning on the televised Grab My Grand to win a thousand pounds to save Frank from more debt.

When Fiona left Chatsworth with Steve McBride, Frank was the last to find out they were gone.

Series 3

During the New Year's Special, Frank is arrested for possession of Class-A drugs. But in a breach of protocol, the officers let him off when he agrees to humiliate himself for their entertainment. Elsewhere, Debbie learns from a local Catholic priest and the headteacher of a Catholic primary school that Liam is being considered for expulsion, due to blaspheming at a Christmas pageant. They demand to meet with Liam's parents. The following day, Debbie urges a barely-conscious Frank to deal with the situation. Frank gives a half-hearted promise in reply. When the day arrives for the school visit, Debbie has to think fast, then decides to shave Liam's head and claim he has cancer in order to prevent his expulsion. But this gets out of control when the school and patrons of The Jockey collaborate on a fund-raiser for five year old Liam. Debbie and her horrified brothers, Lip, Ian and Carl, try to cover up the fact that he's not ill and limit the damage as best they can.

Frank shows his lack of interest in his children during these events by becoming angry that no one has informed him Liam has cancer. Illustrating the fact that such a thing could in fact go unnoticed by Frank, who spends most of his time at The Jockey or unconscious.

Series 4

Frank burns Sheila's kitchen down whilst cooking dinner and is rushed to hospital only for his first wife Monica to be called to his side. When Frank recovered, he was shocked to discover Monica had moved back into the Gallagher household claiming to be back for good. They later met for a friendly drink in The Jockey to discuss old times. However, Monica soon revealed she was back for her children and him, though their reunion was soon interrupted by Monica's girlfriend Norma Starkey.

Series 5

A drunk Frank is rushed to hospital when he urinates on an electric generator after being thrown out of The Jockey. Frank is less than pleased when he wakes up the next day and is so coarse with the wife of the comatose patient in the bed next to his that she informs him doctors discovered he has Aortic Stenosis, and may not be alive by next week. Frank is so worried about his apparent illness that he drowns his sorrows and makes no effort to greet Lip when he returns to the estate after months at Nottingham University.

Later Frank begins to experience hallucinations of himself at age 12. The imaginary younger Frank berates him for not doing something with his life and bemoans the sorry excuse for a man he became. Later, Younger Frank forces him to remember what happened to him at age twelve. Finally, Frank recalls his birthday party was cancelled due to the death of his mother, Sarah Gallagher. Younger Frank forces him to take the short time he has to make amends to every one he wronged. Frank then phones a number of acquaintances about the mishaps they suffered because of him. After that, Frank steals the digital camera from Mandy's room to record a series of confessions concerning his family. He admitted, among other things, that: he urinated in every drink Lip took out of the fridge as of 1998, once dropped Carl on his head as a baby, and would give Liam between the ages of 3-4 a couple of downers so he would "shut the fuck up". His most important confession was to Monica. Frank claimed that Monica's younger half-sister, who was born sometime after she met Frank, is technically also Monica's step-daughter.

Feeling sorry for himself and sure he is going to die, Frank is overjoyed when he is spurred to realize that he is in fact leaving a legacy, his children. The following morning Frank is attacked by one of the many men he annoyed over the years and is rushed back to hospital. Monica meets him there and explains that he is not dying, in fact he is perfectly healthy. Frank makes his way into the ward he was in last time and finds the woman who told him he was ill only for her to admit that she was not a doctor. When he assumed she was a doctor and made hurtful remarks about her husband lying in a coma she couldn't help herself, she also reveals that her husband is the one with Aortic Stenosis. A remorseful Frank then sits down with the patient and begins to speak to him.

Series 6

Both Frank and Monica believe that newborn daughter Stella is communicating with them telepathically in the first episode of the series. Frank also performs one of his rare heroic acts when in the same episode, he talks a heartbroken Tom O'Leary out of committing suicide.

There is a breakdown in the relationship between Frank and Monica. Monica tries to please Frank, but his continued indifference to her convinces Monica to abandon the Gallagher family once again.

In Episode 10, Frank and Norma, due to Monica's absence, have to pretend to be husband and wife on a visit to Liam's school when Frank's youngest son is considered for a scholarship. In a later interview at a university, Frank comes close to ruining Liam's chances of being accepted until Debbie saves the day.

Series 7

Its been roughly nine months since the events of Series 6. Debbie has left Chatsworth some four months earlier to join the army. Frank is now living with Carl, Liam and a one year-old Stella. Frank feels lonely without Monica, and is turning fifty.

Liam, who is turning eleven at the same time, is becoming infuriated with Frank. He attends a Grammar School, but with Debbie gone and Carl rarely around, its usually down to him to look after his father and baby-sister. He once tells Frank that the women in his life (Monica, Sheila and daughters Fiona and Debbie) left him when they woke up to who he was, and Liam was willing to do the same when the time came.

Frank would meet and fall in love with Libby Croker, a narcoleptic librarian. But would also meet her mother, the embittered wheelchair bound Patty Croker, who despises Frank as a distraction for Libby.

In the same first episode of the series, Franks grandmother, simply referred to as "Nin", is seen for the first and only time. After giving Frank money to spend on Libby, Nin shoots her disabled husband and tells Frank to tell the police what happened. Nin ends up in Frintham Prison (the same women's prison Mimi Maguire stayed during the previous series) where she would be well-cared for. Also Patty Gets shot and killed.

Series 8

A scheming Monica returned, with her latest tricks including convincing everyone that Debbie was killed while serving with the Army in Iraq, and having her new girlfriend Mildred help her kidnap Frank and have him sectioned. Her main motive was to stop Frank from appealing against her challenge of their divorce and getting married to Libby Croker. No one knew where Frank was at first, all thinking he had run away from his looming wedding but in reality he was lost in drug induced Doctor Who themed fantasies while Monica's girlfriend, Nurse Fletcher told Doctor's that Frank's real life was all a delusion. Monica used Frank's absence further by telling Libby that Liam and Stella couldn't stay at 2 Windsor Gardens since their legal guardian was missing. Libby argued but it was Liam who convinced Monica to agree to his compromise: leave Stella with Libby and take him. Monica's assurance she only wanted to take the children for their own well being was proved false when she revealed she only wanted them so the council would give her a bigger house.

Frank's whereabouts were eventually discovered by Karen Maguire when she was surprised to meet him at the Psychiatric hospital when checking herself in for a few days to stabilise her bipolar medication. Finally assured that Frank hadn't left her, Libby raced to their hospital but was turned away without more than a short time to speak with him. This all lead to a long and confusing day where Libby decided to break Frank out of the hospital while Frank, ignorant to her plans, worked the other residents into a frenzy and escaped with them. Libby however ended up trapped at the hospital which resulted in Frank, Jamie, Shane, Micky and Chesney all breaking into the hospital to rescue her. Libby had since escaped herself however.

Frank and Libby were eventually reunited at The Jockey where the residents had staged a surprise wedding for them but unfortunately the confusion at the hospital meant the Priest had to leave before they could marry. Monica did stop by and cause a scene in an attempt to make Frank take her back but he turned her down. Liam on the other hand decided to stay living with Monica to help her be a better person.

Frank's feelings soon returned to normal though and his continued negligence of his relationship with Libby causes her to become disillusioned with him. His thievery from a charity event and the revelation that he performed Cunnilingus (but only after being blackmailed) on Letitia Powell's headmistress in order to prevent her expulsion, finally destroyed any chances of Libby staying with him. Libby left Chatsworth, without her mother Patty and moved on. In a rare show of independence Libby left her mother and Frank completely unaware of where she was.

After Liam's departure, Carl had to become the mature Gallagher in the household, being tasked with cleaning up after Frank's antics, looking after Stella, and even becoming a role model for Aidan Croker. However, Frank feared for the reputation of the Gallagher family when his son Carl wanted to become a police officer. He was also concerned that his only remaining child in Chatsworth (other than baby Stella) would think himself too good for the estate and leave for good. However, Carl ignored his father's warnings and went ahead with the police training anyway. He was successful but at the end of Series 8, the only person aware of Carl's new calling was Aidan Croker, who secretly read Carl's acceptance letter. (Episode 822)

Series 9

Frank and Carl's relationship was strained even further in Series 9. Carl returned from Police basic training to find his father still detested the idea of his son joining the "enemy". Frank even went so far as to claim he was embarrassed of Carl. The two continued to be cold with each other, with Carl being hurt but also angry at his father until Jamie Maguire stepped in and locked them in The Jockey cellar. Carl and Frank talked through their issues, venting the frustration they felt for each other until Carl made a certain comment that made Frank realize his son was still the same person. The Chatsworth Estate was under siege from a multi agency project to evict as many people as possible and when Carl stated that the project manager Carmen Kenaway would be delighted if she was hit over the head because of the insurance money she would receive. Carl may not have meant the statement as a proposal but Frank saw it as proof Carl was still his son and set about acting out the plan with much success. Frank and Carl reached an uneasy truce afterwards and though Frank still disliked the idea of his son as an officer of the law and Carl was still angry, their relationship returned to some normality.

In Episode 10 and 11 of the series Frank was dragged into a robbery attempt by Shane and Jamie Maguire. They decided to break into Manchester's old war rooms, now owned by the Lottery, to steal scratch cards and because Frank had worked in the underground tunnels some 30 years previous they demanded he be their guide. However, not wanting to be there, Frank took his first opportunity to escape and ended up causing a cave in that trapped Shane, Jamie, Ruby, Aidan and himself underground. The group spent days trapped with little food or water before finally being rescued, but during that time Frank discovered a box of mementos he had hidden there behind a brick with his name scratched into it. The box contained a letter he had written, filled with his hopes and dreams for the future and though he bitterly discounted their merit Ruby made him realize that he still valued his life. He even wrote a reply letter to his younger self and hid it in the wall.

Early in Series 9 Patty talked Frank into taking Stella to a local petting zoo as a very late birthday present. While there, Frank made a new best friend: Terry the terrapin. Frank cared for Terry better than he cared for his own children and started taking him everywhere in his pocket. It was only through dropping Terry into the underground tunnels that Jamie was able to get Frank to enter them in the first place.

Series 10

At the very start of Series 10, Frank has to go to an appointment regarding his sickness benefits and though he uses his usual tricks to appear unfit for work they see right through him. Frank starts working at World of Burgers where he surprisingly excels. He becomes friends with the other workers but the manager Wesley dislikes Frank and attempts to get him fired only to fail again and again. Eventually sick of Frank's attitude Wesley makes him manager to prove a point and Frank quickly learns why certain rules are in place.

Working late one night with one of the other workers, the shop is entered by a man who intends to rob the place. However the man turns out to be someone Frank knows and he tries to convince him not to rob the place, knowing he will get blames as the shop door shouldn't have been left open so late. The man left with all the money anyway but Frank saved himself by destroying the CCTV tapes and saying her was alone in the shop when it was robbed by a group of men with guns. He then got rid of the manager title by tricking Cheryl, one of the workers, into helping the branch manager solve the problem of missed targets.

Frank continued to work at World of Burgers for a while but lost the job to "position re-shuffling" when he was caught masturbating into a burger.

Series 11

By Series 11, Frank along with his daughter Stella who is now six years old, are the only ones at the house along with Aidan. With only one child around, Frank lazes about while Stella does the lion's share of the chores at the Gallagher home, being all but ignored by Frank and Aidan. Frank is often the victim of Stella's pranks but she is still loyal to him, still calling him Dad and not by his name while he mostly pays a blind eye to her.

While on the bus, Frank catches sight of his son Lip and daughter Katie Gallagher. Frank is still not on good terms with him and harasses his son into visiting him and Stella after telling his granddaughter who he was. By the end, Lip has realized that he and his father don't see eye to eye but are on better terms.

In Episode 13, Frank is still working as a janitor and is being tended to by Derilee. He walks his daughter to school and is called to the office before he is forced to leave because of a fire alarm and a gunman who was looking for him. He goes home and finds his daughter having tea with the gunman that turns out to be Derilee's husband Baxter. Due to his daughter's presence, Frank uses her as a way to protect them both from the gunman. He calls Derilee to tell her to come home while Stella is kept oblivious to the danger and Frank makes sure to keep her close, especially when Baxter argues with his wife. The police call and tell Frank that Baxter (accidentally) killed someone and he is worried when they surround the house. Soon Monica returns long-term to being exchanged for Stella. When the police try to shoot Baxter, Frank pulls Stella in the house, saving her. She is put in bed after the experience. At the end, he parts with Derilee who leaves after giving Stella an early birthday present.

By episode 14, Frank is released from jail and learns Monica is pregnant with a child. At first, he denied that she was pregnant until recalling that he told her to abort the child but learns it was twins and only one survived. Monica gives birth to her and Frank's new son, Ben Gallagher. After Monica goes through a phase and calls most of their kids, but only Carl and Lip appear and find Frank taking no part in caring for Ben and leaving that to Stella. Frank is shocked when his oldest daughter Fiona returns as well. Things are tense, as Frank tries to make small talk and learns that she has a child now, making him a grandfather to her child.

Sensing the neglect of her childhood being repeated with Stella and Ben, a newly-returned Fiona plotted to remove Stella and Ben from Frank and Monica's custody. Stella decides to find her father after Fiona drops her to Kev. Stella takes Ben and finds Frank in the street, she wanted to go back home to him. Frank, who was angry after his spat with Monica, claims to blame Stella, as well as all his other kids, for ruining his life, and tells her that he's leaving. He watches as she sadly walks off and takes her brother too. Afterwards, Frank feels guilty at his treatment and finds the children outside a park, and tries to apologize for his earlier words. Stella refuses to go since he told her to go away, as women from the park think Frank is harassing her. Stella says Frank isn't her father since her father would love her. Frank then states he does love his daughter and she smiles at his honesty, as he realizes his words and notices that its true. Stella goes on a swing, leaving him with her brother as Frank clears up the situation with the women. Holding his son for the first time, Frank takes an active role in his upbringing by changing him before they return home together. Once home, Frank arrives in the midst of an argument between Monica and Fiona who demanded he hand the children over. However, he refused and even demanded to be called "Dad" by her. When Lip and Carl refused to help and said they all turned out fine, Frank watched Fiona state that he and Monica didn't care for them until Stella mentioned that Frank chose not to leave. Fiona questioned him on this and he said that he would be happy to walk away from his responsibilities if he had money. Fiona willingly handed her father some cash to walk away free. Frank hesitated to claim it, as Fiona noticed this and shrewdly stated that Frank can't walk away, because in truth, he couldn't live without his family. She is pleased by this change in him and to see he does love her and the others. In the end, they reconcile as Ben and Stella remained with Frank and Monica.

Key Life Events

  • 1960: Frank is born to Neville and Sarah Gallagher.
  • 1972: Loses his mother on his 12th Birthday.
  • Prior 1976: Frank meets Monica Dallimore.
  • 1976: During Monica's birthday, Frank gets drunk and has sex with her mother, conceiving Monica's half-sister who is his oldest child.
  • Prior 1983: Frank marries Monica.
  • 1983: Frank and Monica's oldest daughter Fiona is born.
  • 1988: Phillip, Frank and Monica's eldest son is born.
  • 1989: Ian is born but Frank is unaware that he is not Ian's real father.
  • 1990: Debbie, Frank's pride and joy, is born.
  • 1993:Carl is born.
  • 1998: Liam.
  • 2000: Monica suffers post natal depression and leaves Frank for Norma Starkey.
  • 2001: Frank and his children move to Chatsworth and he begins spending most of his time in the pub, leaving his children in the care of eldest daughter Fiona, and most of his children begin resenting him for his alcoholism.
  • 2004: Frank meets Sheila Jackson, an agoraphobic and he later moves in with her.
  • 2004: Frank begins an affair with Sheila's daughter Karen, who is also in a relationship with Frank's son Lip. Lip finds out and beats Frank up. As a result, Frank allows his son to urinate on him.
  • 2004: Frank fakes his own death in order to get out of debt with the council and bailiffs.
  • 25 December 2004: Sheila gives birth to twins Nigel and Delia, Frank's seventh and eighth child.
  • 2005: Frank is reunited with his estranged father Neville.
  • 2006: Frank commits bigamy by marrying Sheila Jackson.
  • 2007: Monica returns and seduces Frank. Frank has to choose between Monica and Sheila. He originally chooses Sheila but she leaves him anyway with the twins, so he gets back together with Monica.
  • 2008: Monica gives birth to Frank's ninth child, Stella.
  • 2009: Frank is devastated when Monica leaves him once again.
  • 2010: Frank turns 50 and meets Libby Croker. However, she ends up in jail after starting a riot to save a library from closure.
  • 2010: Frank suffers from blindness due to his drinking and nearly has sex with a transgender woman, who he headbutts after regaining his sight.
  • 2010: Frank is reunited with Libby and invites her to live at the Gallagher house with his kids, but she brings along her mother Patty, who hates Frank.
  • 2011: Frank and Libby get engaged but Monica returns and uses her nurse girlfriend to have Frank committed so she can take his kids from him and ruin the couple's wedding. He escapes and chooses Libby over Monica but the wedding is ruined as the Minister had to leave.
  • 2011: Frank blows his chances with Libby when he has sex with Letitia Powell's teacher. Libby leaves Chatsworth, leaving her mother Patty behind.
  • 2012: Frank is trapped underground with Jamie, Shane, Ruby and Aidan after a robbery attempt gone wrong leads to a cave in. The group spend 4 or 5 days with little food or water before they are rescued.
  • 2012: When the DWP finally see through Frank and declare him fit for work he is forced to get a job at World of Burgers. A job he surprisingly excels at. Not surprisingly though he eventually loses the job. His last son Ben Gallagher is born. Frank makes amends with Fiona, Lip, and Carl


Frank has been assaulted by numerous characters throughout the span of the series. These include Michael the Bailiff (Episode 106), Lip (Episode 105), Ian (Episode 205), Carl (Series 8), Liam (Episode 701), Shane, Paddy and many more. When Frank was stealing paint he climbed over a fence, fell and injured his leg. After he tried to put out a fire he bashed his head on the stove knocking him out cold. Frank was punched in the face by Norma. Beaten up by Jamie and pushed head first into a wall.


Frank has taken many illegal drugs, mostly ecstasy. Frank has on occasion physically assaulted various people. These include headbutting Ian, smashed a guitar over Norma's head, headbutted Micky, his co-juror (Episode 603), and Housing Officer Billy Wilson (Episode 106). Frank sold drugs for Shane in an ice cream van in Episode 405. Frank has stolen multiple bicycles, beverages from The Jockey, the little hammer from the bell in The Jockey. And Frank had continued to claim child benefits for his oldest sons, Ian and Lip, despite the fact that both had finished school and left home.



Apart from his marriage to Monica and his illegal marriage to Sheila, he has had a sexual relationship with Sheila's daughter, Karen. At the time, Karen was going out with Frank's son, Lip. He also slept with Monica's mother, Joan Dallimore, when they first met, and fathered Monica's half sister with her. More recently, Frank met Rosie on the bus on the way to a Restart Program. They started a secret relationship that stopped when Rosie told Frank she had a husband in a care home that she couldn't leave as was leaving for the South Coast. In Series 7 Frank met a librarian named Libby Croker, and showed that he loved her by supporting the 'Save Chatsworth Library'. Libby moved into the Gallagher's house with her disabled mother, Patty who despite a strong dislike for Frank, actually preferred him to an unknown new boyfriend of her daughter's. In Series 8 Frank was meant to marry Libby, but due at first to a scheme of Monica's that saw him sectioned and later his own cold feet the marriage never occurred. Later, due to Frank's cheating with a school head teacher and general neglect of their relationship, Libby left Frank and with mother Patty, moved out of the Gallagher home.


In the earlier seasons frank Gallagher had medium length hair which he had parted in the middle and was usually seen wearing a khaki green parka coat (which we later learn he had stolen from a man on a bus) he also sometimes wears a leather suit jacket and ties his hair up usually to get the social off his tail as the show progresses his hair grows longer by the end of the show his hair has reached longer than his shoulders his hair also progressively gets gray and in episode 908 he loses his parka in a blackout then the next morning he finds a dark green parka in the street and adopts it as his new coat he is also sometimes seen wearing a second denim shirt over his shirt which is normally a long sleeve grey shirt or a baggy short sleeve grey shirt he also gets progressively older throughout the series


Unnamed Daughter/Monica's half-sister

Frank reveals in a recording that he slept with Monica's mother Joan Dallimore and conceived a daughter with her.

It is unknown whether he had any role in raising her or if she is even aware of his status as her father. Frank apparently never told any of his other relatives, though Debbie found out from a recording of his and was shocked by this news.


Being the eldest of the Gallagher children, Fiona was left to parent her younger siblings. Although her upbringing was not as neglectful as her siblings, Fiona grew to resent her father for his alcoholism and neglect.

In 2001, Monica left her husband and family after supposedly going to the shop for bread. This sent an already neglectful Frank further toward the pub, later saying that he had a break down. Fiona was forced to take over the family and was the main parent for her 5-month-old brother Liam, as well as her other three brothers and younger sister.

When Fiona met Steve McBride, Frank nearly ruined their relationship by being abusive towards his son Ian, this angered Steve who then kidnapped Frank and drove him to France. Soon after, Frank moved in with Sheila Jackson, giving his family more space and stability at home. Fiona was later disgusted with Frank when it was discovered he was having an affair with Karen Jackson, the girlfriend of his son Lip.

Frank has shown that he is grateful and proud of his firstborn for taking control of the family, despite appearing the opposite at times. When Fiona left Chatsworth for Amsterdam, Frank kept a photo of her at his bedside (as seen in Series 7). However, he has not been in contact with his daughter since she left the estate.

Fiona soon returned in the finale and tried to claim Stella Gallagher and Ben Gallagher. Frank has learned that she has a child now, making him a grandfather to her child. She is hostile to her father and doesn't have much to say to him. After Stella and Ben went missing, they were found by Frank and Fiona demanded he hand them over. However, he refused and even demanded to be called "Dad" by her. When Lip and Carl refused to help and said they all turned out fine, Fiona stated their parents didn't care for them. After Stella mentioned that Frank chose not to leave, she questioned this and he said that he would be happy to walk away from his responsibilities, as Fiona willingly handed her father some cash to walk away free. When he hesitated, Fiona noticed this and shrewdly stated that Frank can't walk away, because in truth, he couldn't live without his family. She is pleased by this change in him and to see he does love her and the others. In the end, they reconcile as Ben and Stella remained with Frank and Monica.


Frank and Lip had a mutual dislike of each other. Frank considers Lip to be a "cheeky little gobshite" who "has too much to say for himself". While Lip despises Frank for, among other reasons, having an affair with his former girlfriend, Karen Jackson. However, Frank did love his son and begged forgiveness from Lip and allowed him to urinate on him as his punishment after he slept with the latter's girlfriend Karen.

After becoming a father himself, Lip was determined not to be like Frank, spending as much time as possible with his daughter, Katie, and her mother Mandy.

Lip was the second Gallagher child to leave the Chatsworth Estate, the first being Fiona. He left temporarily for University originally, leaving his daughter and girlfriend behind but when he returned for a holiday Mandy sadly ended their relationship, not wanting to hold Lip back.

Lip avoided returning to the Chatsworth of years afterwards though he was last known to be living in London with his new girlfriend. After Mandy's tragic death he became the full-time parent of his daughter Katie, who was taken to live with him, proving himself to be as different from his own father as possible.

When Lip returned in Series 11, he appears to have returned to Manchester, no longer with his wife, and is raising his now nine year old daughter Katie. His return was due to Frank spotting him on a bus-ride from work.

They get along better as Lip was pleased to see Frank decide to change himself and take a more active role in Stella Gallagher and Ben Gallagher.


Ian, the middle son, was raised along with his brother's and sister's only to discover in his teen years that Frank was not his biological father. Ian discovered that only his mother was aware he wasn't a true Gallagher and that his real father, Gary Bennett, was an old boss of Monica's.

Ian felt nervous and excited about meeting his true father, discussing the fact that he had a chance for a good father with Lip. However when Ian tracked Gary down he discovered that his real father was exactly like Frank, if not worse. Disappointed, he didn't even tell his father that he had another son.

Ian's relationship with Frank changed after they both discovered they weren't father and son. It caused many arguments between them over the following years but eventually they put it behind them and went back to treating each other like blood. It was after this final reconciliation that Frank decided to give new born daughter Stella the middle name "Ianna" after her brother. When Ian was attacked by Carl, Frank broke it up and tended to his injured son who was bleeding on the ground.

Frank was the only close family member seemingly not aware of Ian's sexuality. Ian never felt able to tell Frank due to his borderline homophobic feelings at times. At one point, Frank appeared to have noticed but was head-butted by Ian who attempted to cover it. It is heavily suggested that he really knew but accepted his son. In the finale, he showed no reaction to Lip saying Ian was marrying a transsexual.

Ian is the fourth Gallagher child to leave the Chatsworth Estate after ending his turbulent relationship with Maxine Donnelly.


Debbie was the closest to her father out of all his children, constantly able to look past his mistakes throughout her entire childhood. She was the only one who truly respected her father and was always willing to help him. However, Debbie's opinion of her father began to change when Fiona left and Debbie took it upon herself to replace her as head of the family.

As Debbie matured she was increasingly able to see Frank as everyone else saw him, lazy and useless. Though she never completely hated her father, she was never naïve enough to believe him blameless. Frank would rely greatly on his younger daughter to the point of lending money off her since she was eleven years old. Similar to Fiona, Frank secretly appreciated her acts and often showed her affection to prove his care.

In Series 5, Debbie began a relationship with an older man, local PC Tom O'Leary, and was too scared to tell Frank because she was his "Little Debbie". Frank discovered the truth and assured Debbie that whatever she did wrong in her life, he would always love her.

In Series 6, Debbie lost patience with Frank when he continued to waste away the house keeping money in The Jockey whilst she was trying to raise money to feed his other children. Debbie's opinion of Frank hit it's lowest when young Liam and Stella were taken into care. The children came home however, when Yvonne Karib was convinced to foster them in exchange for the benefits and her not actually having to look after them full-time.

Debbie later joined the army as a way to move on from the Chatsworth Estate and was posted to Afghanistan. She was the third Gallagher sibling to leave Chatsworth. Frank showed signs of regretting his past mistakes with Debbie when it seemed she had been killed in battle, only for it to be revealed Monica had set the lie up to get close to her family again and Debbie was fine.


Frank was never known to be close with his son Carl. On a few occasions he spoke disparagingly of Carl, claiming he was "thick as pig-shit". Yet, Frank later revealed that he thought of Carl as being the most like him out of all his children, showing that he does love him. But since the departure of Liam and Libby Croker in Series 8 Carl has matured considerably as a person, becoming a role-model for both Aidan Croker and his younger sister Stella. When Carl decided to apply for the police force, Frank vehemently opposed his son's decision, afraid that Carl would feel himself too good for Chatsworth and look down on those around him.

In Series 8, Carl would be primarily responsible for proving his father's innocence after Frank was accused of sexually assaulting an elderly woman. This garnered some gratitude from Frank, even though he didn't show it. Carl is the sixth Gallagher sibling to leave Chatsworth. Frank deeply missed Carl when he left as he was the only one of his children who could relate to him.

During the series finale, Carl is one of the few of his children to return and Frank is still not pleased by his occupation and speaks coldly to him. However, Frank still cared for his son and Carl was pleased to see him refused to leave him or his children.


While Frank, despite believing Liam was "gonna be a star some day", was never particularly close with his third son, leaving him entirely in the care of Fiona and Debbie after her. They seemed to have got on well enough on the few occasions they did spend time together. But this changed about the time Debbie left Chatsworth, and Liam had to take on all his sister's former responsibilities.

Liam grew to resent his father and would openly insult him, at one point calling Frank a "job-shy, sponging waste of space", and telling his father that he didn't blame his mother, sisters and Sheila Jackson for leaving Frank when they did.

There has been occasional physical violence in their relationship, such as Liam headbutting his father once after both were questioned by the police as witnesses to Nin's murder when Frank criticized his son for being slow in telling the inspectors what happened. Another occasion being when a drunken Frank struck his son because Liam was trying to get his help in sorting out the debt, they were in. Frank felt remorse and would later rush to stop his son from attempting suicide and promise to take the slack off him. When Liam seemingly jumped, Frank was the first to see if he was alright and was shocked that Liam simply deceived him. He also kept Frank to his promises while the latter was impressed with his son.

Overall, in spite of their disagreements they do love each other. Liam would still look after his father and call him "Dad", in one episode going to him when Stella was about to be born, giving him herbal cigarettes, non-alcoholic lager and paracetamol in place of the normal vices until Frank could recover his eyesight after drinking bootleg vodka. The two later reconcile and got along better.

Liam also shares a birthday with his father.

Liam is the fifth Gallagher child to leave the family home in Chatsworth, and at age twelve, he was youngest to do so when he went to live with Monica.

Nigel and Delia

His children through his relationship with Sheila. He was surprised to learn of them from Sheila and thought of leaving but didn't.

Unlike any of his children before (besides Stella and Ben), Frank was present during the birth of Nigel and Delia. However, he was drunk and he ended up passing out on the floor.

Throughout the first years of their lives, Nigel and Delia lived with both their mother and father. Frank often took them to The Jockey with him and once got himself barred by the police because of it. When Sheila left the twins in his care whilst visiting her mother, Frank lost Delia to a madman dressed as a woman. He showed just how much he loved both children as he desperately tried to get his daughter back to safety. Eventually, he was successful and reclaimed his child.

In 2007, Frank and his ex-wife Monica began a passionate affair which resulted in Frank having to choose between her and Sheila. Frank eventually chose Sheila but she finally opened her eyes to what Frank really was and she and the twins left for a cruise leaving Frank devastated.

Sheila and the twins haven't been heard from by anyone on the estate since leaving and Frank even seemed to have forgotten Nigel's name at one point.


Stella Iana Princess Gallagher is Frank's youngest daughter by his first wife Monica, Stella was born in Episode 516. She was born less than two years after Monica returned to Chatsworth, though she left her family again less than a year after her seventh child's birth. Frank called her a little star and made her middle name of that of her brother Ian.

Stella has been mainly cared-for since birth by older siblings such as Debbie, Ian, Liam, and Carl, as well as Patty and Libby Croker.

After all of them leave, Frank is left as her primary caretaker. Frank has had very little to do with his youngest daughter, though Patty managed to force him into spending time with her from time to time. It was on one such occasion that Frank took Stella to the zoo and rescued Terry the Terrapin after he accidentally killed all the other terrapins.

By Series 11, Stella is six years old, but well mature for her age as she once covered for his act in a riot. Frank was proud of his daughter's performance, as she took it in stride. Stella is seen doing the lion's share of the chores at the Gallagher home, being all but ignored by Frank and Aidan. She remains loyal to her father, still calling him Dad and not by his name while he mostly pays a blind eye to her. However, he does introduce her to her oldest brother Lip and niece Katie Gallagher after finding them.

Though Monica returns long-term in Episode 13 of Series 11, this does not improve Frank and Stella's status. However, he saved his daughter from a bullet meant for a gunman holding them hostage.

By episode 14, he is released from jail and Stella is happy to see her father again and hugs him while he barely acknowledges her. Although Frank talks with her, he is not particularly interested in her school activities while he was away. Later on, Monica gives birth to her and Frank's new son, Ben. Frank took no part in tending to Ben, letting Stella do the raising.

Sensing the neglect of her childhood being repeated with Stella and Ben, a newly-returned Fiona plotted to remove Stella and Ben from Frank and Monica's custody. However, Stella decides to find her father after Fiona drops her to Kev. Stella takes Ben with her and finds Frank in the street, she wanted to go back home to him. Frank, who was angry after his spat with Monica, claims to blame Stella, as well as all his other kids, for ruining his life, and tells her that he's leaving. He even labels a protesting Stella and her brother, as well as the other kids as mistakes before he watches as she sadly walks off and takes her brother too.

Afterwards, Frank feels guilty at his treatment to them and finds his children outside a park, where he tries to apologize for his earlier words. She refuses accept since he told her to go away, as women from the park think Frank is harassing her. Stella says Frank isn't her father since her father would love her. Frank then states he does love his daughter and she smiles at his honesty, as he realizes his words and notices that its true. Stella forgives Frank and leaves him with her brother and goes on a swing, as Frank clears up the situation with the women. They return home together with Stella even defending Frank from Fiona, as Carl and Lip support entrusting Frank and Monica with their siblings after seeing they've changed.


Ben is the eighth child and youngest son was born in Episode 14 of Series 11, the last ever episode of Shameless. Frank learned of him, when Monica was giving birth. At first, he denied that she was pregnant until recalling that he told her to abort the child but learns it was twins and only one survived. Initially, Frank took no part in raising the child and left the care up to Stella. When Fiona returns to the Gallagher home after about a decade, believing Monica had a miscarriage, only to discover, to her disgust, that Ben's unborn twin (named William by Monica) was merely aborted early in the pregnancy. Having witnessed the neglect of Stella and Ben in the care of an indifferent Frank and an unstable Monica, Fiona planned on removing the children from their care and taking legal custody herself.

Later on, Stella brought Ben to find him but Frank turned them away after his spat with Monica, where he claims to blame Stella and Ben, as well as all his other kids, for ruining his life, and tells her that he's leaving.

Afterwards, Frank feels guilty of his words and locates Stella and Ben outside a park, he tries to apologize for his earlier words. Stella held her brother as she refused to go since Frank called them mistakes as women from the park think he is harassing her. Stella says Frank isn't her or Ben's father, as he explains that she is in a mood though Stella still states he isn't since her father would love her. Frank soon states he does love her and Ben, as Stella forgives him. While she plays and leaves Ben with him, as Frank finally holds his newborn son while telling the women he was telling the truth as they realize the situation. Frank smiles at his son and changes him after the latter has a full diaper. He leaves the park with his son and daughter, he takes a more active role in raising his son and is proud to put him to sleep. Fiona protests before Frank refuses to leave his son and daughter in her care as Fiona, Carl, and Lip entrusting Frank and Monica with their siblings after seeing they've changed.

In the end, however, the older Gallagher siblings, Fiona, Lip and Carl agreed to let Monica and Frank keep their younger children, and presumably are maintaining contact for Stella and Ben's sake.



When Frank was given a dog in Series 2 named Sady at first Frank tried to kill the dog twice. Frank put Sady in a bag and dropped it in the river but when Sady returned to Frank in The Jockey. Frank then played catch with Sady and throw the ball into the motorway so that Sady would get ran over. But Sady again and brought Frank a mini alcoholic drink then frank said I will name you Bernard. The dog lives with Frank and Sheila through Series 3 and briefly appears. At the start of Series 4, when Frank got knocked out and the stove was on fire Sady dragged him out but Frank accidentally shuts him in. It is then revealed that he was killed in the fire when a fireman covered his dead body.

Other Relatives


During his childhood, Frank doted on his mother Sarah and always wanted her to be proud of him. They shared their hatred for Frank's father Neville and often badmouthed him when he wasn't around. Frank was utterly devastated by her death on his 12th birthday but was unable to attend her funeral because his father ordered him not too. Frank has always carried the burden that he didn't make his mother proud of him before she died, which could be one of the reasons for his alcoholism.

Unlike the relationship with his mother, Frank holds a strong hatred for his father Neville who shares that same resentment for Frank. Frank later suggested that Neville was only made happy by Frank's birth as it finally weakened Sarah.

Frank was rescued from a painful teenage life by his grandmother Nin. However, he rejected her when he became an alcoholic. Despite the bad feeling between Frank and Neville, the Gallagher children loved their grandfather and saw him often.

In 2005, Neville arrived in Chatsworth to visit his new grandchildren Nigel and Delia. Neville spent the entire visit trying to persuade Frank to get a job and treat Sheila better. To get his father of his back Frank pretended to have got work as a window cleaner and left the house each day with a ladder and bucket before hiding in The Jockey. When Neville discovered the truth he tried to push Frank off a ladder and ended up suffering a heart attack, where he finally learnt the truth about how Frank and Sarah hated him. After this, Frank and Neville once again became estranged.

Aunt Iris

Frank and his Auntie Iris seemingly had a close relationship during his childhood. Frank admired Iris's Gypsy lifestyle and Iris admired Frank's reckless way of living his life. When she died in 2009, she left her caravan to Frank and his kids. However, Frank sold it.


Known simply as "Nin", she appears only in the first episode of Series 7. She is around eighty years of age, and is perpetually disappointed in Frank, whom she addresses by his first name, Vernon. But in comparison is fond of her great grandchildren, especially Liam who she describes as "full of promise". She was married to Jonty, a mentally-handicapped, morbidly obese man who appears to be twenty years her junior. She shoots Jonty dead in order to escape having to be his carer as well as a form of euthanasia.

Nin also appears in a deleted scene, where, some days before his fiftieth birthday, an inebriated Frank drags an unhappy Liam to a more respectable part of Chatsworth in the middle of the night to a house where Frank's father Neville apparently lives. Frank rants for a few moments at his father, but is instead answered by Nin, who tells Frank that Neville is away at a boat club on a team-building weekend. A neighbour from the next house asks Frank to be quiet, but Frank hurls a glass bottle at the man's house in reply. The police appear shortly to arrest Frank.


Frank owns a BMC (British Motor Company) J4. For the first series it's just a place to hang out. At some point Fiona and Steve had sex in it. In series 2, Craig gets it working. Marty drives it the courthouse and Craig's dad's funeral. For series 4 to 6, Norma lives in it. The Gallaghers went to the sea side in it. Frank doesn't care much for it, he once referred to it as " A piece of shit"; he also damages it. Frank once mentioned that he had a blue Ford Escort van but it was taken by Monica when she first left Frank and the kids.


Paddy: Who the fuck are you!?
Frank: Debbie's new boyfriend!
Debbie: No he's not!!
Frank: Yes! He! Is! You love him!
Debbie: Looks at Mark, as she is trying to say it's true.
Mark: Looks back at Debbie and smiles.

After Stella and Liam have been taken away, they blame each other and their dad, then Frank comes out with something that really really upsets Debbie

Carl: Where the fuck were you?
Debbie: I told you I was going out!
Carl: You didn't say you were staying out!
Carl: Fucking Josie came to drop off forms, heard Stella crying, dad were passed out on the floor and Liam was holding the baby. None of us were here.
Debbie: You two were in charge!
Ian: Don't blame me! When I left this morning, Carl was here!
Carl: You should have rang.
Debbie: I lost my phone.
Carl: That's not my fault! Frank: Tragedy, Words can not express... Ian ,Debbie and Carl look at their father as if to say it is as much his fault as theirs.
Frank: Oh, I see where this is going. Well, it sounds to me like you were out getting laid, you scuttled off back to your palace and you're just a dopey bastard.
Carl: Where've you been for the last 25 years?
Frank: This would never have happened before!
Ian: What does that mean?
Frank: It means that Fiona would have kept it together!
Debbie: You're a cunt.
Debbie Storms upstairs really upset, while Carl and Ian look at Frank as if to say why the fuck did you say that.

Stella: My dad is nice and kind.
Frank:I'm kind!
'Women from the park aren't convinced'
Stella: And he never tells me to go away and he never shouts at me. And he takes me places and he loves me.
Frank : I love ya!
Stella smiles at her father’s honesty and Frank realizes what he said was true.

Fiona: I'll lend it to ya. No, I'll give it ya, anything you like.
Frank looks at the money and hesitates to claim it.
Fiona: You don't want to. You can't, can ya? Not while there's still some of us around
Fiona smiles at knowing her father does love her and her siblings.
Frank (grabs the money): Get your coats! Come on, you lot always think the worst of me don't ya! Come on! Come on!
Cuts to the jockey, with the Gallaghers present.
Frank: Drinks for the family.


  • Frank has been to jail several times, as officers are aware of him when he is arrested.
  • His children rarely address him as "Dad" but have on occasion.
  • His grandmother Nin Gallagher refers to him by his true name Vernon.
  • It is implied that Frank has contracted several STDs and that he may have transmitted several of the women he slept with.
  • in series 2, it is mentioned that frank has “three balls”