Frances "Franny" Harriet Gallagher is a minor character on Shameless.


Season 5

Franny was conceived towards the end of the fifth season shortly after her parent's Debbie Gallagher and Derek Delgado began having sex. This was mostly in part because her mother wanted to create a new family with Derek, and lied about being on birth control.

Season 6

After Derek learns about the pregnancy, he goes to live with his grandmother in Florida as he suspected Debbie's actions. The majority of the Gallaghers were against Debbie's choice to have Franny, with Fiona even pleading with her to have an abortion, but she refused. The only person that supported Debbie during this time was Frank.

Frances makes her first on-screen appearance when she's born in "Paradise Lost". She's born on the Gallagher kitchen table, and is named after her grandfather shortly after.

Frances is often seen being tended to by her mother, aunt, and uncles.

Season 7

Franny was almost surrendered by mother at a fire station, but is taken back soon afterwards. Debbie also briefly calls her Harriet or "Harry" due to the Gallaghers fallout with Frank.

During I Am a Storm, Debbie leaves Harry in care of Fiona for an job interview. Fiona tends to her niece and ruins Debbie's chance of a job.

In Own Your Shit, Debbie brings Harry to the Homeless Shelter and begs Frank to help. Frank (still holding a grudge against her) refuses and she makes him consider his granddaughter. After Frank mentions how Debbie had her child's name changed, she offers to change her name back to Franny if he teaches her to scam. Hearing this, Frank agrees and holds his granddaughter, happy that she has his name again while telling her mother to go begging, since she fits the part and people will love to help her.

After Debbie meets Neil Morton, she and Franny move in with him when they became a couple.

She was introduced to her father's family, as Debbie's way to mend the bridge between them. The Delgado family were pleased to see her and were accepting towards her. Franny was soon kidnapped by her father's relatives, while her mother was out and the Delgado family wanted full custody of her.

Fortunately, the kidnapping was short-lived, as her maternal grandmother Monica had returned and was excited at the thought of having a granddaughter. Wanting to make good with Debbie, Monica took part in saving her by terrorizing the family long enough for Debbie to reclaim her.

During "Ouroboros", a DCFS meeting is held for custody of Franny between Debbie and Monica against Tanya and Mrs. Delgado. In the end, the official grants Debbie continued custody of Franny provided she and her family don't terrorize the Delgado's again. The official also tells Tanya and Mrs. Delgado not to try to steal the baby again and grants them visitation rights, which they begrudgingly accept.

After Monica's death in Requiem For a Slut, Franny is present at the hospital when the family receive the news. At the house, she is crying when her great-grandfather Bill Darrgen visits the family. Bill takes note of her and is disappointed that Debbie is a teen mother, while not showing any emotion to his great-granddaughter.

Season 8

Franny is now growing up and taking her first steps at her grandmother's home, while her mother is disappointed at missing it. At the end, Franny walks to her grandfather Frank and the family are amazed by it while Frank holds her and praises her as a blessing. This caused Ian to remark that he really is "Saint Francis", as the family share a moment.

Franny is babysat by her grandmother, when her father visits for her grandma's birthday, though he comes with his new girlfriend. In the visit, Franny bonds with her father who is happy to meet her. When Debbie comes to pick her up, a tense meeting is made since Derek had left all the caring for the baby to her. Debbie then takes Franny back and leaves in anger.

Now guilty for his previous behavior, Derek tries to make amends by offering to cover his child's needs.

Season 9

Franny has grown up and mostly does toddler things as she is tended to by her mother and bonds with her uncles and aunt.

While Frank was recovering from his leg injury in Found, Franny stays at the house with her complaining grandfather. After climbing out her crib, Franny keeps him company and has Frank read her a story in the meantime. Frank begrudgingly obliges and soon has to read the story several times before Debbie comes home and Frank tells her about this.


  • She is the youngest member of the Gallagher family.
    • This will last until the birth of Carl and Lip's kids.
  • She was born on the table of the Gallagher Household, which is where her uncles and aunt were born.
  • Both Monica and Frank were happy at the idea of having a granddaughter.
    • She is Monica's first grandchild and Frank's second grandchild after Chuckie Slott.
  • Debbie appears to not mind Frank watching Franny, as seen in Season 9.
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