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"Frances Francis Franny Frank" is the third episode of Season 11 of the U.S. version of Shameless.


In a rush to get out of the house, Debbie loses track of Franny and has to balance her search for Franny with her handy-woman jobs. Meanwhile, Frank and Franny have a day of weed runs and adventure. Ian and Mickey question who is the "man" in their relationship. A delighted Carl gets a new Training Officer who loves to kick ass. When Brad and Cami learn about their newborn baby's health complications, Lip and Tami step in to help. Kev's newfound money and lack of modesty prove to be trouble.



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  • Frank gets a tattoo in honor of Franny the says "Frank hearts Franny" on his left arm. While Franny (Paris Newton) got a temporary heart tattoo on the same arm. The two have a very heart to heart moment.
  • Frances Gallagher (Paris Newton) has her first major story arc. Starting sassy and arguing with her mother over wearing a dress. She later wears the dress to make her mother happy after Frank convinces her to listen to her mom and play the long game.
  • This episode marks the first time that Frank interacts with his kids in season 11.
  • Carl is given a new partner after his previous one is put on life support.
  • It appears Tommy and Kermit have put aside their awkwardness because they sit next to each other.
  • Kevin has upgraded his truck.
  • Debbie is taking advantage of her new Instagram fame.
  • Brad and Cami's baby is experiencing heart problems.
  • Frank speaks Armenian.