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"Found" is the fifteenth episode and season finale of Season 9 of the US version of Shameless.


Carl is doing work before he notices Kelly's truck and quickly runs away. However, Kelly storms in and tackles him down as she berates him for being willing to throw his life away. Kelly straps Carl's hands to his back as she takes him, while telling Carl's boss that he quits and will go back to school. As the manager watches Carl being loaded up, she comments on how Carl has a real lady keeping him in line.

Debbie goes back to the house of Liam's friend and she finds him making a list of demands for his return and tells his sister to go over it.

Debbie returns home and tries to tell Fiona of this but she finds her packing up and realizes what's going on. Lip and Tami arrive as Debbie tells him of what Fiona is doing and he finds her packing. He talks with her and accepts that she has to leave but not before joining the party that he is planning. Lip sets out but Fiona leaves a note on the fridge, as Frank noticed that she was skipping the party Lip was going to throw her. Frank sends his caretaker Seamus away and takes the time to express his gratitude to his daughter for caring for the family, as she took it in stride and he told her to accept it if it helps her sleep. Smiling at her father, Fiona realizes this was his way of wishing her well and says goodbye to her father. Taking one last look at the house, Fiona sets out and catches a train.

With the Gallaghers back home with the party supplies ready, Lip notices Fiona isn't home - she's already on her way to her new life. Accepting her decision, the others decide to throw the party anyways in her honor. Later that night, the Gallaghers alongside Tami, Kevin and Veronica dance and drink. Lip sits on the stairway as Kevin joins him. Lip expresses his concerns over Tami's pregnancy and wonders if he'll be a good dad asking Kevin for advice. Kevin encourages him and decisively tells him that he'll do great and that it doesn't matter if Frank didn't raise him right. As the party continues, Debbie finds an envelope on the fridge. She and Veronica open it only to realize it's from Fiona. Debbie is shocked when she sees that Fiona left them fifty-thousand dollars and a note that says "Love You". "She truly does," Veronica proclaims as they continue to party as Debbie looks at the Gallagher household, happy with both Fiona and her family.

Fiona, already on the plane to her unknown destination, puts down her luggage. A woman apologizes to her about her child taking the window seat, as it has never been on a plane before. Fiona politely tells the woman that there's nothing to worry over and that she also has not been on a plane before. Sitting down with ticket in her hand, Fiona smiles as she seems ready for the new journey ahead of her.

In a mid-credits scene, Ian is playing basketball in prison, before he sees the plane Fiona is on and smiles, wishing his big sister luck before continuing on with his game.


  • Fiona's last appearance in this episode.
  • Fiona visits Ian in prison.
  • Ian last appeared in Black-Haired Ginger.
  • Kelly makes Carl quit his job and apply to another school, while reconciling their relationship.
  • Frank's injury will recover in months and for that the kids hire a caretaker for him.
  • Debbie states nobody in the house loves Frank but their acts of caring for him, show this was far from true.
  • Before leaving, Fiona finally gets the praise she always wanted from her father since the Pilot.