Ford is a character introduced in Season 8. He becomes the love interest for Fiona.

Season 8

Ford first appeared in season 8. An Irish carpenter with a colorful past, he introduces Fiona to a new world and people beyond the South Side.

Season 9

He was upgraded to a series regular character for season 9. Ford continues his romance with Fiona and even gives her advice in business, something that impresses her and aids in her. Ford's intelligence often leads Fiona to question him and she gets no answer. Very soon, she confronts Ford on this and tells him he doesn't know anything about as she does of him. Ford reveals his knowledge of her life in detail, stating he had done some research and is impressed with her and decides to open up to her.

Ford shows that he might want a relationship, as he gets jealous of her meeting with a real estate agent and denying jealously. Fiona's friend Veronica comments on this too and Fiona begins to consider it.

When Fiona makes a $100,000 investment that she can't back out of, though she tries to. This puts a strain on her relationship with Ford and leaves her scrambling to find a way to raise another $25,000, causing her to briefly consider stealing money from the restaurant and trying and failing to take out another loan. To compound matters even further, after a night of drinking, Fiona discovers that Ford has a wife and kid. Ford claims that he and his wife are separated and getting a divorce and are only still living together for the sake of their kid. In hysterical tears, a drunk Fiona drives away, causing her to crash into a parked car.

After learning of this situation, Debbie tracks down some friends and has them help in getting revenge on Ford. At the end, Ford is hung from a sign with his pants around his legs. Ford begs for help to get down as Fiona sees the scene and shoots a paint gun at his rear end and takes amusement from the act while her siblings laugh at his pain.

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