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Father Frank, Full of Grace is the twelfth and final episode of the first season of the U.S. version of Shameless.


Steve tries to convince Fiona to skip town with him, while she tries to bail Lip and Ian out of jail; Karen's video blog creates problems with Frank, Lip, and Eddie.


Following Lip and Ian’s arrest, Fiona, Debbie and Jasmine wait at the police station, in which they learn that Lip could be charged as an adult. Fiona tries to call Steve, but he fails to answer her calls. In an attempt to find Steve, Debbie shows up at the Lishman house and reveals Steve’s double life to Candace. Tony bribes a colleague with sports tickets in order to get Lip and Ian released. The plan works, and the brothers are ultimately released with no charges. Upon returning from jail, Ian comes out to Fiona, who is accepting of his sexuality.

Following the Daddyz Girl incident, Frank wakes up in Karen’s bedroom and realizes what has happened. Believing that Karen wants to start an affair with him, Frank shares a brief moment with Karen, in which he explains that “a man has to be able to look his son in the eye,” and implores Karen for her silence. Despite Frank’s request, Karen makes the Daddyz Girl video blog public anyway, and she personally sends a link to Eddie.

Tony encounters Steve riding on his motorcycle, and confronts him over why he hasn’t left town; Steve, feeling guilty, reveals that he’s trying to get Lip and Ian’s charges dropped, unaware that the brothers have already been released. Steve bribes Tony with the house he bought next door, in exchange for Lip and Ian’s release. Tony accepts this offer. Meanwhile, Jasmine offers Fiona a job at Hal’s office. Despite Veronica's disapproval, Fiona considers taking the job.

That night, Debbie goes to Fiona and reveals that there’s something she should know about Steve. Believing that Debbie is talking about Steve stealing cars, Fiona interrupts and reveals she already knows, and that everything is resolved. Later, Steve shows up at the Gallagher house and finds Fiona. He begs Fiona to skip town with him to Costa Rica, expressing that she deserves a life of her own. After Steve leaves, it is revealed that Lip has heard their conversation; Lip encourages Fiona to go with Steve, as she has done more than enough.

Eddie receives the email for Karen’s Daddyz Girl video blog. Angered over the Daddyz Girl video, Eddie believes Frank is the instigator and shows up at Sheila’s looking for him. When Frank outruns him, Eddie visits the Alibi and informs Kevin and the bar patrons over what Frank has done. Meanwhile, Lip goes to Karen and apologizes for calling her a whore; Karen forgives him and the two have sex. Feeling guilty over what happened with Frank, Karen cries when Lip says “I love you”; she breaks up with him immediately following their sexual encounter. Upset and confused, Lip tries to take back his statement, to no avail. Returning to the Gallagher house, Lip admits to Ian that he was falling in love with Karen.

After being informed by a classmate, Lip searches up the Daddyz Girl video blog online. Upon watching the video, Lip shows up at Karen’s and yells at her for choosing Frank. Later, Frank is nearly run over by a car; Lip then gets out of the driver’s seat and viciously beats Frank. He nearly beats Frank to death before Kevin stops him. After watching Karen’s video, a depressed Eddie goes to his ice fishing hut. Feeling he’s failed as a father, Eddie cuts a hole in the ice, ties a cinderblock to his legs, and commits suicide by jumping into the frozen lake.

Karen discovers that Lip had beat up Frank, and she catches up with Lip to explain what really happened. The two watch the Chicago skyline together; Karen apologizes, and Lip responds “Fucking fathers, huh?” Later that night, Frank shows up outside the Gallagher house and profusely apologizes, begging for Lip’s forgiveness. Lip opens the window and urinates on Frank for his troubles; Frank is initially angered, but he takes it as his punishment. Without saying another word, Frank slightly laughs and walks away, with both father and son unknowingly sharing a smile.

Steve waits at the airport for Fiona, who has packed a bag and is waiting at the train station. However, Fiona fails to get on the train, as her heart is with her family. Realizing that Fiona isn’t going to show up, Steve boards his plane without the girl he thought he’d be with. Fiona leaves the train station and walks to Jasmine’s office building. Jasmine warmly invites her in, and the season closes on Fiona sitting at her office desk, looking sad but hopeful for the future.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Julia Duffy - Candace Lishman
  • Russell Hornsby - Tony's Partner
  • Toby Huss - Steve's Boss
  • Jeremy Ratchford - Detective Bernero
  • Steven Lee Allen - Nathan
  • Stacy Hall - Sergeant
  • Michael Patrick McGill -Tommy
  • Frank Pacheo - Tony Milkovich


  • Emily Margaret - Girl at Airport
  • Jim Nieciecki - Chicago Police Officer
  • Hillarie Putnam - Yacht Owner
  • Roger Wiggins - TSA Officer


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • Episode Runtime - 00:50:46
  • Frank being a regular inmate is referenced by an officer who learns Lip and Ian are Frank's sons.
  • There are four deleted scenes featured on the Season 1 DVD. These scenes include:
    • Tony telling a co-worker about Lip and Ian's arrest.
    • Veronica expressing her worries to Kevin about Lip and Ian's arrest.
    • Candace catching Steve stealing from the house; Candace reveals that Debbie visited her and told her the truth.
    • The Gallaghers discover that Tony has moved in next door.
  • In a rare moment, Frank shows parental affection to his children.
  • The series finale is also titled "Father Frank, Full of Grace."