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Father Frank, Full of Grace is the twelfth and final episode of the first season of the U.S. version of Shameless.


Steve tries to convince Fiona to leave town with him after Tony Markovich discovers his true livelihood and threatens him with jail if he doesn't leave. Frank and Karen's secret is discovered.


Lip goes to Karen and apologizes for his words and she forgives him and they have sex, though Karen is guilty about what happened with Frank and when Lip says "I love you" to Karen during his climax. Karen rejects him afterwards and says they should be friends. This prompts Lip to say that it was just a "during sex 'I love you'" and meant nothing but she has him leave.

When he learns she raped Frank, Lip attacks his father by nearly ramming him with a car and beating him until Kev stops it and he leaves his father in a bloody mess.

That night, Frank has managed to evade Eddie and comes home where he calls out to Lip and begs him for his forgiveness. Frank tells Lip that he would do anything for his forgiveness and Lip takes a piss out of his window onto Frank as payback for Frank sleeping with Karen. Frank is upset at first but doesn't protest and accepts the punishment. After Lip is done, Frank leaves the house with both father and son unknowingly sharing a smile.

Meanwhile, Eddie ties his feet to a block of cement and drops it in a hole of ice water along with him, killing himself.

Later, Karen comes to him and they smoke together and she apologizes to him, explaining what really happened with Frank.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Julia Duffy - Candace Lishman
  • Russell Hornsby - Tony's Partner
  • Toby Huss - Steve's Boss
  • Jeremy Ratchford - Detective Bernero
  • Steven Lee Allen - Nathan
  • Stacy Hall - Sergeant
  • Michael Patrick McGill -Tommy
  • Frank Pacheo - Tony Milkovich


  • Emily Margaret - Girl at Airport
  • Jim Nieciecki - Chicago Police Officer
  • Hillarie Putnam - Yacht Owner
  • Sqpphire - Family Member Visitor
  • Roger Wiggins - TSA Officer


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • Episode Runtime- 00:50:46
  • Frank being regular inmate is referenced by an officer who learns Lip and Ian are Frank's sons.
  • A rare time, Frank shows parental affection to his children.
  • The series finale is also titled "Father Frank, Full of Grace."