Face It, You're Gorgeous is the sixth episode of Season 9 .



Fiona discovers that Ford has a wife and kid. Ford claims that he and his wife are separated and getting a divorce and are only still living together for the sake of their kid. In hysterical tears, a drunk Fiona drives away, causing her to crash into a parked car. Completely devastated by the turn of events her life has taken, Fiona runs off.

The next day, Ian waits for Fiona but she doesn't appear to take him to prison as she promised before Kev takes him with most of his siblings. Ian shares a tender moment with his loved ones outside the gate, before he bids them farewell.

As he settles in, Ian hears his cell door open and finds out his old lover Mickey is now his cellmate, to his surprise. Mickey tells Ian that because he worked as an informant, during his time with a cartel in exchange for getting to choose where he would be locked up. The two are happily reunited and kiss.


  • Mickey was last seen in Season 7.
  • Frank has no interaction with his kids in this episode.
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