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Here at the Shameless Wiki we strive to be as informative and accurate as possible, in order to achieve this references/sources of information must be used. This doesn't just mean linking to a news article that reported cast changes or air dates but also adding references to other pages on the Wiki, usually a specific episode page.

This page may be a little confusing, I'm not used to writing instructional guides. But if in doubt about anything Shameless or Wiki related, please feel free to ask for help here or by leaving a message on my talk page or the talk page of any other admin who will be happy to help you out.

It has long been the practice here to use some variation of "During Episode X..." or "as seen in Episode X" to show which episode a particular event happened in or when a certain piece of information was revealed.

We're now in the process of using Wikipedia style references in place of this, as a clearer and more reader friendly approach. This doesn't necessarily mean going back and changing all examples of the above to reference tags, but does mean using reference tags from now on instead. If you notice a statement or piece of information on any page here at the Wiki that doesn't have a reference but you feel needs one to prove what has been said is true, add a [citation needed] after it by writing:


When it comes to adding sources/citations an example would be, if you were writing on Fiona Gallagher's page about when she first met Steve McBride, you would add a reference tag to Episode 101 like this:

Fiona first met Steve in a nightclub when her bag was stole, Steve tried to 
retrieve it for here and though he was unsuccessful, he punched a bouncer who 
insulted her and was invited back to the Gallagher house.[1]

If there are no references on the page already, it will be required to add a new reference section like the one at the very bottom of the page (it must always be added to the very bottom of the page).

A how to guide on adding reference tags is explained Here, but I will explain briefly below.

To add a reference tag like the one above you must add <ref> before and </ref> after. In between those tags you must add the link to the reference. If it's a page on this wiki, like an episode or character then like my example above you just have to put [[Episode 101]] between the tags.

If your linking to another website, for example a news site as a reference for an actor returning in the next series, you must do the same, but for the link you will want to add it like this [LINK HERE name of article] SOURCE, DATE.

So for example: Info here<ref>[ Series 11 Details] The British Comedy Guide, October 9 2012.</ref>

which will become:

Info here[2]

And of course, always remember to add a reference section at the very bottom of the page like this:



Which becomes:


  1. Episode 101
  2. Series 11 Details The British Comedy Guide, October 9, 2012.