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Emily is a girl at the hospital where she share room with Frank Gallagher. She was portrayed by Aubrey K. Miller.


She is depicted to be very sick and needs a heart transplant, she overhears the song Sheila's adopted kids play for Frank. She tells Chuckie Slott of her condition and watches his mother scold him for his insensitive attitude.

Later on, she hears Frank wake up now in a delirious state. Emily tells Frank that his family left but her presence reminds him of Fiona who he mistakes for. Emily, whose real father ditched her, plays along with this because of missing her own father. As "Fiona", she hears Frank makes promises to be a better father and she accepts by calling him "Daddy" and they hold hands. Later, Frank finds Emily (who he still mistakes as Fiona) asleep and goes to get food. Afterwards, he wakes up to see Emily has died of her condition and breaks down at his supposed daughter's death.


  • Her being next to Frank, shows how much he loves Fiona.