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El Gran Cañón is the first episode of the  Season 3 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona tries to adapt to living with Jimmy after he moves in with her. Jimmy deals with the sudden appearance of Estefania's father. Estefania's father kills her boyfriend Marco in front of Jimmy, who's then forced to help dismember the body and dispose of it on a boat in the Great Lakes. Estefania's father wants Jimmy to stay married to her so she can become an American citizen. Frank wakes up in Mexico after hard partying and starts to make his way back home but is turned away at the border due to lack of papers, so he turns to being a drug mule to get through. After trying to steal a laser with Ian, Lip gets arrested and arraigned in bond court. Lip, Ian, Carl, and Mandy compete in a robot fighting competition with the stolen laser mounted on top of the robot. They win and put the $400 cash prize towards the past due property tax but, unknown by anyone else, Fiona puts $1,000 down on an upcoming night so she can be the club's promoter that night and hopefully make much more. Ian and Lloyd, Jimmy's dad, continue to meet up and have sex. Veronica and Kevin do live internet sex shows for money where he is Thomas Jefferson and she is his slave, Sally Hemings. Meanwhile, Sheila and Jody experience parental life with Karen's baby Hymie. 


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Ed Lauter - Dick Healey
  • Bernardo de Paula - Beto
  • Pêpê Rapazote - Nando
  • Lombardo Boyar - Manuel
  • Diora Baird - Meg
  • Thierre Di Castro - Marco
  • Danny Mora - Judge Chapman Young
  • Tara Karsian - Celia
  • Alexander Aguila - El Cuchillo
  • Lauren Birriel - Alexa
  • John Bishop - Max
  • Josh Clark - Tacker
  • Robert Covarrubias - Good Samaritan
  • Diegodiego - Coyote
  • Tobias Jelinek - Meth Head
  • Omar Leyva - Federale
  • Pete Ploszek - Goff


  • Paul Blackwell - Prison Guard
  • Paul Douglas Brown - Janusz
  • Roberta Chung - Pedestrian
  • Elizabeth Reiners - Gold Coast Shopper
  • William Rocha - Cartel Member
  • Ranklin Ruehl - Tourist


  • With 2.00 million viewers, this is the most watched episode of the series.