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Eddie is a recurring character introduced in Season 8 of Shameless.


Season 8

Eddie works at the bike shop with Lip and they got along. Eddie was annoyed at hearing his complaints about lack of action with women that hindered his work ethic. Eventually, she had enough and took him upstairs to have sex, she was seen taking charge in the encounters. She appears to take a liking to him both for getting endurance to the encounters and his nature.

At the end of the season, Eddie splits with a random man and leaves behind her niece, Xan. She also called CPS for taking in Xan for a few days.

Season 9

While Lip taking care of Xan, Eddie was seen going for a vacation by visited a beach. As Lip trying to contact him, she never replied to Lip's message.

Episode Appearances


  • She is rather aggressive in bed.