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Drugs Actually is the eleventh episode of Season 5.


Frank becomes concerned about Bianca’s increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior.


Frank and Bianca walk by the train tracks where the latter reveals that she used to be afraid of the tracks but now that she is dying she’s not afraid anymore. Just sharing a drink with Frank, Bianca invites and have kinky sex on the tracks he is hesitant but complies.

Lip attends a party with Helene and is rubbed the wrong way by her colleagues before excusing himself to a smoke.

Meanwhile Frank and Bianca are still having sex until Frank notices a train approaching them and tries to get them away from the oncoming danger but Bianca is so aroused by that she refuses. After the sex is completed, Frank it’s the both of them out of the way. Frank decided to take the party home to be safer.

At the Gallagher house, Mickey and Debbie noticed that Sammi is unresponsive and Mickey casually states that he killed her by accident. Debbie is trying to she did not mean to kill her half sister but Mickey says they will get rid of the body. The pair load up Sammi in a box just as Frank and Bianca come in to notice the scene but shrug it off. Mickey remarks what a girl like Bianca is doing with Frank anyway.

Bianca and Frank soon Frank's room where they smoke crack and have sex again. However, Frank sends Bianca's sister a text with the address of the Gallagher household to get her help. The next day, she awakes to her family finding her and Frank as they reveal she texted them. Bianca feels betrayed at discovering Frank did so because he thought they had a connection. She clarifies that she is not in love with him and was just having fun before she tries to escape her family and Frank, only to allow Frank to go with her to Costa Rica for the next few days where she wants to live out her last days.


  • Bianca reveals she is not in love with Frank she is just having fun.
  • The fate of Sammi will be revealed in the next episode.
  • Monica makes her first appearance since Fiona Interrupted in this episode.