Down Like the Titanic is the seventh episode of Season 9.



At the church, Lip sees Jason off before Tammi meets him again and they share a smoke. The two talk before Tammi decides to take him up on his previous date offer, since she was bored and Lip drives for her.

Meanwhile, Debbie goes to Alex for more help and tells her about Ford who she states did worse than the men they humiliated and she intends to punish. Alex is intrigued and ask how far the revenge will go.

Tammi and Lip go for tacos and talk about having harsh lives with their families or other matters, until she offers him the chance to redeem himself in sex and he takes her up on it.

At the Gallagher House, Kelly and Carl keep studying and she is exasperated with Carl's lack of knowledge on the subjects, as he questions why she wants him to go and she lets it slip that she wanted her boyfriend at West Point. Carl is surprised by being her boyfriend and she confirms this as he decides to try harder with his childhood helping him excel.

Tammi and Lip have sex in her car and Tammi rates him as better than before but critiques him as not enough (being 6 out of 10), this causes him to tell her they will try again until she admits that she is wrong about him. She is amused by this attitude and they continue the encounter.

Back at Patsy's, Debbie and her friends have build something that would symbolize revenge and are pleased by its foundation. They put on masks to get the final item to complete it.

Elsewhere, Tammi stops her car as Lip questions if she is not dropping him as she tells him just because he redeemed himself isn't a guarantee that she'd drop him to his house. He offers Tammi another chance at a date and she accepts it before they share banter and she brings him in for a passionate kiss and they part with a joke.

With some of her problems resolved, Fiona gets drunk and buys food to throw a party as she has decided to move back in the Gallagher Household. Her acts wake up Carl, Kelly, and Liam who wonder if she is alright as she announces her plans. Debbie soon arrives home and takes Fiona and everyone else to Patsy's.

At Patsy's, Debbie blindfolds Fiona while Carl and Liam are laughing at something before Debbie removes Fiona's blindfold and she sees Ford hung from a sign with his pants around his legs, to her surprise. Ford begs for help to get down but the spectators are busy laughing at his misfortune. Lip appears on the scene and congratulates Debbie as the latter gives Fiona a paintball gun, paddle, a crossbow, or satchel of rocks to pick to finish it. Fiona picks the paintball gun and shoots a paint gun at his rear end and takes amusement from Ford's pain, thanking her family for giving her the chance.

Later that night, getting more drunk in her backyard, Fiona expresses joy at being home while her brothers watch on.


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