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Dominique Winslow is a character introduced in Season 6. She is the former girlfriend of Carl Gallagher.


Season 6

Dominique is introduced as the love interest to Carl, she rebuffs his advances and her father keeps him away as Carl goes through his thug phase though she does appreciate him giving her a bike since it made it easier for her to move around.

Once Carl witnesses his friend Nick kill someone and goes to jail, a traumatized Carl gives up on his thuggish ways and distances himself from Dominique as a result. Dominique, who was used to his attention is surprised by the new change in Carl and talks with him, asking him why he's doing so but he gives her a vague reason. This showed she liked Carl as well and enjoyed his affection.

Dominique visits Carl working at Patsy's Diner and tells him that she didn't go for him when he was acting like a thug after he complains about his job. She states him being real like he is now is what she prefers, she kisses him and wishes him well in the dish washing.

Dominique goes to Carl for help about something, he accepts and she goes to his house. It is here Dominique has Liam leave the room and reveals to Carl that it was a ploy and she tells him that she actually likes him. To Carl's shock, Dominique takes out a condom and comes onto him by telling Carl that all her friends have lost their virginity and she wants to lose hers to him. They have sex and soon start dating with Carl staying away from the drug business and enjoying his time with his new girlfriend.

She also defends Carl from her overprotective and disapproving father.

Season 7

She still dates Carl, but they do not have a good sex life, as while she enjoys some of it she does not want to perform oral sex on Carl, due to his being uncircumcised. He gets a late circumcision for her and she finally gives in. Dominique playfully arouses him when she hears he gets turned on to her.

After learning she has gonorrhea, Dominique's dad goes after Carl. Carl gets tested and sees he's clean and his brothers tell him that she might be cheating on him. Carl follows her and sees Dominique kissing another man, he takes a picture of the act and reclaims the bike he brought her. Carl goes to her house and shows the picture to her dad. Her father sees her activities and with Carl's help tracks her down to punish her. The police storm the college frat house and Dominique is sent home where she is grounded for a month.

She is not too pleased to see Carl again or that her father is now bonding with him and her father giving her the cold shoulder for still seeing the college man.

They later talk and she apologizes for how their relationship went bad, he considered to get back with her but they remain broken up when Carl is shown by her father of how she is still up to no good with someone new. Luther insulted her boyfriend while also taking a bottle of beer from Dominique and let the teenagers to talk. Her new boyfriend insults Carl for getting circumcised and reveals he isn't, as she states that uncircumcised penises don't bother her anymore. Betrayed, Carl gets back at both of them by revealing her STD, which left her new boyfriend horrified with her.

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  • In Season 4, Frank once told Carl that he would be lucky that he didn’t catch gonorrhea from his significant other.
    • In a bit of foreshadowing, Carl had avoided getting an STD from Dominique.
  • Dominique was Carl's longest relationship besides Kassidi and Kelly.
  • She reveals she was the last of her friends to lose her virginity.
  • She initially appeared to be one of Carl's normal partners until her cheating.