Dominic Meak is the Priest (on sabbatical) brother of Gloria. Though he first appeared in the show during Series 9, like his sister, he too is meant to be a character that has spent time on the Chatsworth Estate and is known by the other residents.

A mere day after first arriving back on the estate, Dominic was being hunted by the husband of a woman he slept with. Having drunk so much alcohol during the encounter, Dominic couldn't actually remember anything about it though the discovery of underwear and footprints on the wall gave him flashbacks. Meanwhile, the angry husband was angrily visiting every so often but Gloria and Dominic hid until he left, though not before breaking a window. Dominic eventually remembered that he had brought back two women to Gloria's for a three some but his sister was less than impressed. Though she joked and reminisced with him earlier, the broken window and lack of thought on Dominic's part made her serious and she sadly told him that something had to change and that it wasn't fair for him to bring trouble to her door.

Dominic and Gloria later went to The Jockey where they noticed the husband who had been trying to track Dominic down. Dominic admitted defeat and offered to go outside with the man of his own free will, just outside the main room of the bar Dominic was badly beaten by the husbands of both the women he had slept with. Jamie Maguire made to go and rescue him, but Gloria stopped him, explaining that he had slept with the men's wives.

Dominic revealed more about his year and a half forced sabbatical from the church to Frank Gallagher in Episode 8 of Series 9. He explained that he was caught having an affair with a 15 year old girl who later became pregnant though she went on to have a miscarriage. He stated that the girl could easily pass for 20, suggesting that Dominic thought her to be older than she was.


Early in Series 10 Dominic's mother Hazel Meak arrived on the estate. Hazel's husband had just died and his children had thrown her out so Dominic invited her to stay with him and Gloria, an unfortunate situation as Hazel gave Gloria up for adoption when she was a child. In an apparent bid to help them reconcile, Dominic told Gloria to reach out to their mother who he said regretted giving Gloria up. Gloria attempted to reconcile with her mother but was hastily and bluntly pushed back. Hazel revealed that she was only there until the money from her husband's death cleared and would be leaving with Dominic when it did.

Gloria retreated home and was followed by Dominic, she asked why he had suggested their mother regreted giving her up when she so obviously didn't. Dominic replied that he had made it up because he didn't want to be left with Hazel, he had thought himself safe until the death of her husband. Gloria was outraged that he could act this way when their mother loved him but went on to say that he didn't want to end up looking after Hazel in her old age as he couldn't even look after himself and just wanted to stay with Gloria. Neither of them had realized but Hazel had walked in and heard everything Dominic said. She packed her things and left after blaming Gloria who followed her out. Hazel said she didn't blame Dominic as he had seen her look after her own mother in her old age and how horrible her mother had been to her. This spurred a small spark of reconciliation in that the mother and daughter agreed that they both make excuses for Dominic and continue as if nothing has happened.

Series 10

At the end of Series 10, Dominic and Gloria begin an affair.

Series 11

At the start of series 11, Dominic and Gloria are continuing their affair in secret, until Gloria decides to leave the estate.

Heartbroken, Dominic helps Aidan cover up the death of an elderly pensioner, and also begins sleeping with a prostitute until he runs out of money. He hands himself in at the police station, taking the blame for the pensioners death in order to clear Aidan. He is bailed by Aidan, who gives Dominic some money and encourages and helps him to leave the estate.

Friendship with Frank Gallagher

Dominic was Frank's only real friend in the world. They drank together and helped each over. Dominic help frank look for his lost coat. Frank tried many things to stop Dom from killing himself.

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