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Debbie Might Be a Prostitute is the eigth episode of Season 10 of the U.S. version of Shameless.


Debbie weighs the pros and cons of a new career. Frank uncovers the truth about Faye's living situation. A miscommunication between Ian and Mickey has disastrous consequences and Lip. Tami disagrees over who should be taking care of Fred.


Main Cast



  • Paula is killed by one of the women she represented.
  • Larry Seaver is Mickey's parole officer once again.
  • Debbie starts a relationship with her one night stand.
  • Frank's time in jail is referenced.
  • Terry and Mickey appear to have become on neutral terms.
  • The Milkovich's time in jail is referenced.
  • Faye reveals that Frank got her fiancé put in jail.
    • Frank is seen as a young man for the first time.