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Dead (2) is the seventh and final episode of the first series of Shameless.


Frank is only worrying about himself as usual, and things are not looking good. The housing office is on to him, his debts are piling up and the bailiffs are still on the doorstep.

Strangely happy to help her former love rival, Norma offers a helpful suggestion. Out of options, Frank is forced to accept the offer and fake his own death!

Sheila begins to panic when she notices Frank suddenly taking pride in his appearance. Fearing she is going to lose her man to Monica, Sheila spends her time worrying but soon a happy accident finds her taking her first steps outside in 5 years.

Monica and Norma are still left looking after the Gallagher children after Fiona walked out in the previous episode. However, Fiona and Steve are unable to truly abandon the children and hassle Kev and Veronica for updates.

Meanwhile, Tony continues to try and woo Fiona without any luck. His partner Stan soon makes a chance discovery about Steve's car which Tony hopes will tip the scale in his favour.

Post Credit Scene

Frank is seen sat drinking a can of lager and smoking in Sheila's house with a bruised and stitched face, his arm in a sling and his leg strapped to a splint. He sits up and turns to face the window, where Sheila can be seen outside washing it, he whistles to catch her attention and makes the hand gesture for oral sex. Sheila replies "you'll have to wait, you dirty boy, I promised to go see me mam before she dies", her taxi can then be heard as she disappears from the window and Frank turns away. He continues to sit and smoke his cigarette before unbuttoning his trousers. His injuries are a reference to the fight he provoked with Norma, Jez and their lesbian friends earlier in the episode.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Frank Gallagher.
  • Steve reveals he has bought 4 Windsor Gardens for himself and Fiona as a present for her 21st birthday.
  • This episode features one of the longest Post Credit Scenes of the entire show.
  • In the trailer for this episode, there was a brief scene where Carl appeared to be suffering an asthma attack and Debbie was holding his inhaler to help him breathe. However, this scene was cut from the actual episode, and Carl's apparent asthma seems to have gone entirely unremarked in subsequent episodes.