Date a Death is the thirteenth episode of the fifth series of Shameless, the episode centres around Mandy Maguire's love life and the Maguire Family's drug exploits.


Having not had a boyfriend since Lip, Mandy agrees to go on a blind date with one of Jamie's friends though it is later revealed Jamie and Ian put Mandy's picture on an internet dating website. Even thought she is angry at first, Mandy and her new love Dex enjoy the evening and go back to The Jockey for a night of passion. However, when Dex appears to have died after Ecstasy fueled sex Mandy and Karen have a corpe on their hands. But when Paddy and Jamie discover Dex's death might be connected to their new batch of Ecstasy, Jamie makes sure that his family is protected by bribing Frank into thinking he was the last person to see Dex in with free alcohol. However, they are shocked to discover Dex is still alive though he dumps Mandy for thinking he was dead and dumping him in a ditch.

When Yvonne ruins his party by uncovering a stash of drugs, Chesney begins getting supplies from the Maguires and strikes up a friendship with Paddy and Mimi in the process. Later, Mimi gets worried when Chesney takes a turn for the worst after taking one of the possibly tainted Ecstasy pills and though Chesney recovers Mimi gets into a big argument with Yvonne. After some harsh words from Chesney, Yvonne and Mimi decide to make peace by having an evening in with Paddy and Stan.

Shane starts working at the shop with Yvonne and Carl only to find himself falling for Yvonne. Norma becomes a barmaid at The Jockey in Jamie's absence. Micky plans a party in his limo but with only Lillian and Ian attending it doesn't go as planned.

Post Credit Scene

Mimi and Paddy are disco dancing in their garden to the Bee Gee's "You Should Be Dancing", while the paving slabs flash different colours like a disco.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jamie Belman - Dex



Norma: Oh Karen, where do you want us?
Frank: Uh Karen, customer complaints please, I don't want a todger dodger pulling 
my pint. Have you seen it, fingers like dildos. Equal rights for gender benders 
now is it? Have you washed you hands recently. [Norma headbutts him]