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Dark Friends is the second episode of the third series of Shameless.


Lip and his new mate Jack start selling towels from their hotel job to earn some money on the side while Lip gets closer to Jack's sister Zoe. Zoe demands a more traditional courtship however and makes Lip work for a date.

Ian finds himself straying from Kash when Lip's friend Jack comes onto him and they begin a sexual affair. However Jack turns out to be playing him when he steals Ian's keys to the Karib's Shop and uses them to rob the place. Not only that but Kash get's attacked during the robbery, leaving Ian to try and convince an unbelieving and angry Lip of Jack's true nature.

Kelly Ball returns to the Chatsworth looking for a room, but despite having found a job she says she is "finally good at" Kev won't let her stay at his place due to her fights with Veronica. Frank steps in and offers her Karen's old room at Sheila's but the couple are surprised when they find out exactly what Kelly's new job is all about.

Debbie becomes annoyed at Sue spending all her time at the house without paying her way, so Marty promises to get a job so he can support them both. Marty starts his own handyman business but gets himself awkwardly involved with Lillian, his first client, who misses her late husband Brendan.

Kash and Yvonne come to a disagreement with Father Crighton (first seen in the previous episode), who protests against the Chatsworth Council closing down the local Catholic Youth Group, which Kash flatly describes as a "drugs den".

Post Credit Scene

Marty and Sue are seen walking in a garden as an old woman enquires if Marty is "the handyman". Marty asks what she needs fixed and she replies that she has written a list and adds that Lillian recommended him before licking her lips. Marty looks worried but Sue reads over the list and says it all looks ok and asks if she needs a quote causing the woman to smile and wink and Marty.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Ian Gallagher
  • Kelly Ball returns to the estate and begins her long running career as a prostitute.
  • Ian and Kash end their relationship, with Kash mentioning that he has become involved with an older man.


Kev: How's my little sister getting on? She keeping herself out of trouble?
Frank: She's a prostitute.
Kev: A prostitute? As in...
Frank: Pros-tit-tute. Shags men. For money. In my fucking house.
Kev: Frank, that is my little sister your calling a tart. So you better have your 
Frank: Men come in day and night, so to speak, an hour at a time. "Lick me, spank 
me, let me call you mummy". Where else do you think she's getting the fucking 
wedge from?
Kev: Oh Jesus, I'll have words. I'll ask her to..oh you can't have 
that going on in your...
Frank: You can't. Sheila likes it.
Kev: You what?
Frank: It turns her on. Thinks Kelly's got a healthy sex life, she doesn't 
realize she's living with Cynthia fucking Payne.