Danny was a deaf teenager who arrived on the estate from Ibiza in Series 6. He spent a brief period living with Ian Gallagher in a house that belonged to his grandfather.


Ian was paid to drive a car back to the UK when he returned from his holiday in Spain by Danny's aunt Pat, but unbeknown to him it wasn't the car that was important. Danny was hidden in the boot of the car, Ian was hired as transport for Danny to get to his grandfather's house where he was going to live. When Ian finally checked the boot and Danny leaped out with a parcel that had "Ian" on it. Ian was angry at first and kept yelling at Danny until he realized Danny was a deaf mute. From that point on their relationship was somewhat frosty, as Ian didn't want to babysit Danny, but when Danny is in the front seat of the car they get to chatting using sign language, which Danny teaches Ian.

When they got to Danny's grandfather's house they found out he had recently died but he had left his grandson the house. Danny and Ian both moved in and became good friends. Danny also became very good friends with Liam as he was able to fluently use sign language.

Leaving the Show

During later episodes, Danny held a bar tending job at The Jockey and had occasional flashbacks to an unspecified event at a lake where he is seen in considerable distress. He would also regularly spend time lying underwater in the bath, claiming it made him feel safe.

Due to Liam being the only person he could speak to completely, Danny enlisted him to help track down his father, whom his mother and aunt had fled from when he was a child. Ian was furious when he found out Liam had been missing school, prompting Danny to reveal that he could talk and Liam had been acting as an interpreter for the men they had visited. When Liam and Danny eventually found his real father, Danny's aunt came to England, begging them to share no further time together. Disregarding her pleas, Danny and Ian travelled to Danny's father's house, where it became apparent that he had abused Danny as a child, caused him to become deaf and implied to have driven another of his children to suicide. After verbally abusing his son, Danny lost control and beat his father over the head with a fire poker, apparently murdering him. Both Ian and Danny fled, separated and never saw each other again. There has been no further mention of him or his family since though Ian continued to live at Danny's house for quite some time afterward.