Daddyz Girl is the eleventh episode of the first season of Shameless.


Debbie convinces Fiona to get involved with her Classroom Moms where Fiona finds a new friend in the alluring Jasmine Hollander.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Louise Fletcher - Peg Gallagher
  • Lindsey Ginter - Charlie
  • Brad William  Henke - Hal Hollander
  • Russell Hornsby - Tony's Partner
  • Leornard Earl Howze - Frank's co-worker
  • John Kapelos - Larry Burke
  • Valente Rodriguez  - OSHA Officer
  • Angelo Tiffe - Gary
  • Kristoffer Ryan Witners - Clayton Gallagher
  • Charlene Amoia  - Audrey
  • Morgan Walsh - Eve
  • Cleto Augusto - Rocky
  • Lizze Broadway - Daughter
  • Hope Levy - Lucy Gallagher
  • Michael Dgnan - Festival Goer
  • Paula Ann Williams - Festival Goer


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • Episode Runtime- 00:46:19
  • Frank's mother and the Gallagher's children grandmother Peggy Gallagher is introduced.
  • Two of Frank's brothers are introduced while the third is mentioned.
  • A rare time, Lip or Ian call Frank "Dad".
  • Ian doesn't want to know who his true father is since he accepts Frank and the others as family.
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