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"Daddyz Girl" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Shameless.


Amy Smart guest stars as Jasmine Hollander, a PTA mother who befriends Fiona; Tony unravels the truth about Steve’s car-stealing business; Karen spirals out of control following the purity ball incident.


Fiona is displeased to discover that Debbie had signed her up for PTA volunteering with the wealthy Classroom Moms. Upon arriving at the elementary school, Fiona is welcomed by Jasmine Hollander, a friendly school mother. Jasmine befriends Fiona and the two have a drink at the Alibi; they bond talking about their families and romantic partners. Before leaving, Jasmine says goodbye and casually kisses Fiona on the lips, an action that bemuses Fiona. Meanwhile, Tony is informed by a colleague that Steve has been stealing cars, and he tries to warn Fiona about it. Fiona alerts Steve that Tony may know about his car-stealing business, but Steve shrugs this off.

After discovering Ian’s DNA results, Lip sets out to find which of Frank’s brothers is Ian’s real biological father. At Fiona’s suggestion, Lip and Ian visit Frank’s mother, Peggy Gallagher, who is in prison over a meth lab explosion. Peggy reveals that Frank has three brothers: Wyatt, Jerry and Clayton. While searching for Ian’s real dad, Lip invites Karen, who rejects his offer. Following the purity ball, Karen has begun acting out; she gets a nose piercing, regularly skips school, and trashes Eddie’s room. Lip tells Karen that he doesn’t understand why she’s angry with her dad, as she has been kind of a whore; Karen angrily kicks Lip out of the house.

Lip and Ian continue their hunt to find Ian’s real dad. After writing off Wyatt and Jerry, Lip and Ian use one of Steve’s stolen cars to drive to Clayton’s house. Clayton is welcoming towards the boys, but Clayton’s wife is suspicious over the fact that Ian looks exactly like her husband. Lip suggests that the affluent Clayton would make a better father than Frank; however, Ian quickly leaves, stating that Frank is his father just as Lip and the rest of his siblings are his family, where he belongs. Ian’s choice is accepted by Lip and by an overhearing Clayton.

Jasmine convinces Fiona to volunteer for the school’s St. Patrick’s Day party. Jasmine brings up her husband, Hal, and his accounting business. She asks Fiona if she’s good with numbers, and reveals that she’ll introduce Hal at the party. Meanwhile, at the Jackson house, Karen continues to spiral out of control. She cuts and dyes her own hair black, smashes the windows of Eddie’s car, and gets “WHORE” tattooed on her arm. Karen also begins a video blog entitled Daddyz Girl, in which she reveals Eddie’s work address.

Frank finds out that his workers’ compensation has been terminated, and he goes on a hunt with Debbie and Carl to find a new and promisingly dangerous job where he can get hurt. Frank lands a job at a small furniture workshop, and he ends up shooting his own hand with a nail gun. Meanwhile, growing more suspicious of Steve, Tony stalks Steve to a parking garage and catches Steve stealing a car. Tony beats Steve up in an alley and gives him an ultimatum: to turn himself in and go to jail, or to disappear and cut off all contact with Fiona.

While driving home, Tony encounters one of Steve’s stolen vehicles. Believing that Steve is the one driving, Tony reports the stolen vehicle, only to discover that he has actually arrested Lip and Ian, who were driving home in Steve’s car. At the St. Patrick’s Day party, Jasmine tries to initiate a sexual encounter with Fiona; this is quickly interrupted by Fiona’s phone ringing. Fiona answers the call and is informed of Lip and Ian’s arrest.

Prescribed with Oxy for his hand injury, Frank returns to the Jackson house and discovers Karen crying in the basement. Karen initially orders Frank to leave, but softens upon seeing his injured hand. Realizing that Frank is dosed up on Oxy, Karen gulps down all of his pain pills, and then proceeds to take off her shirt. The episode concludes with Karen raping an unwilling and incapacitated Frank; Karen purposely records the incident on her Daddyz Girl video blog.


Regular Cast

Guest Starring


  • Louise Fletcher - Peg Gallagher
  • Lindsey Ginter - Charlie
  • Brad William Henke - Hal Hollander
  • Russell Hornsby - Tony's Partner
  • Leornard Earl Howze - Frank's co-worker
  • John Kapelos - Larry Burke
  • Valente Rodriguez  - OSHA Officer
  • Angelo Tiffe - Gary
  • Kristoffer Ryan Witners - Clayton Gallagher
  • Charlene Amoia  - Audrey
  • Morgan Walsh - Eve
  • Cleto Augusto - Rocky
  • Lizze Broadway - Daughter
  • Hope Levy - Lucy Gallagher


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • Episode Runtime - 00:46:19
  • Frank's mother and the Gallagher's children grandmother Peggy Gallagher is introduced.
  • Two of Frank's brothers are introduced while the third is mentioned.
  • A rare time, Lip or Ian call Frank "Dad".
  • Ian decided that he doesn't want to know who his true father is as he already accepts Frank and the others as family.