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Craig Garland was a Chatsworth resident, first introduced in Series 2. He was legally married to Sue Garland for 8 years, but was no longer in any sort of relationship with her when he met Fiona Gallagher who he had a child with.


Craig first appears as the step-brother of Dylan, a young hoodlum who mugs Fiona Gallagher in the street one night, stealing her bag. At first he is defensive of his step-brother, but after finding the stolen bag in his house, he returns it to Fiona and even reimburses her for stolen money. He then takes the initiative and turns up at her house again later with a bouquet of flowers, proceeding to have a one-night stand with her. However, Fiona, still hurting from the loss of previous boyfriend Steve McBride, is cold and unreceptive towards him the next morning, prompting him to leave in silence.

He then becomes casual friends with Fiona, only for Fiona to reveal that she is pregnant with his child. The couple initially tell each other that they will remain friends in the best interests of the baby, but succumb to temptation and begin sleeping with each other regularly, entering a serious long-term relationship. Craig gradually becomes ingratiated into the Gallagher household, with the family even attending his father's funeral with him. However, in comparison to Steve, he reacts poorly to Lip, Ian and Carl pranking and annoying him, causing them to do it more.

Unfortunately for the couple, Steve returns to Chatsworth disguised as social worker, intending for Fiona to leave Craig and flee the country with him. Craig becomes hostile towards Steve and throws a punch at him, but Steve trips him, causing him to hit his head on a wall and fall unconscious. After he is discharged from hospital, he comes home to find nothing but a letter from Fiona, explaining that she has ran away with Steve. He is left devastated and depressed for some time afterwards, and seemingly never gets to see his and Fiona's child.

Sue & Marty

Craig was married to wife Sue Garland for eight years before he meets Fiona. Sue is still living with Craig at his house, which belongs to his father. She is claiming half of the house for herself due to her marriage and refuses to let go, fuelling Craig's hatred for her.

Sue ends up dating Marty Fisher, who is lodging at Fiona's house, in what seems a cynical ploy to make Craig jealous and insecure. This contributes to a stormy relationship between Craig and Marty, who out of insecurity, beats Craig up several times, even trying to drop Frank's van on top of him on one occasion. Craig is disparaging of Marty in response, openly calling him a freak, but when Marty later tries to commit suicide on the roof of a tower block, he swallows his pride and helps Marty down with Debbie. After Craig confides in Marty about how his father wanted to be cremated, Marty torches his father's hearse at the funeral, which makes Craig surprisingly happy.

In series 3, he briefly returns to the Gallagher household to inform Marty's mother Carol Fisher about Sue's mountain of debt that she is hiding. Contrary to this, he then allows Sue to stay at his house after she runs away from Marty and Carol, even hiding her and telling Marty he doesn't know her whereabouts. Sue tries to make a move on him, but a disgusted Craig knocks her back immediately and makes it clear he still nurtures a strong dislike for her.