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Cory Tamietti is Tami Tamietti's sister and only plays in season 9.


She first appears in BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!, where she immediately starts flirting with Lip and ask about his status with her sister. However, this is not a surprise since she seems to flirt with everyone, including Tami's ex-fiancé Boone. Since Lip is dating her sister, he doesn't flirt back while Boone still seems interested in Tami. Towards the end of the episode, when Lip finds out that Tami slept with Boone, Lip meets with Cory at the Alibi. She sees that he and her sister do have an arrangement before she immediately kisses him. She proceeds to have sex with Lip in the alley to get back at Tami.

She also appeared in You'll Know Bottom When You Hit It, where she and Cami show up at the shop to threaten Lip and say that if he ghosts Tami after she's revealed to be pregnant, they will hurt him. Lip explains the situation to them and soon questions Cory on why she's defending Tami, due to their relationship.

Episode Appearances

Shameless (US)

Season 9


  • Tami remarks Cory once had syphilis, to which she explains that she's clean because of penicillin.
  • Despite not being on good terms with her sister, she will defend her if she is in trouble.
  • During NIMBY, Tami reveals Cory is the youngest sister.