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Charles Nevine "Chuckie" Slott is the son of Samantha Slott and an unknown man. Chuckie lives with Sammi in a trailer at the beginning of Season four, but moves in with Sheila at the beginning of Season five. In Season 6, he moves in with his grandfather and his aunts and uncles.


Chuckie was born to Samantha Slott and an unknown man from one of his mother's three marriages. He lived with his mother in a trailer park for some time.

Season 4

He is introduced when Frank Gallagher comes to see Samantha Slott for her liver only to discover they don't match.

As of There's the Rub, when Frank reveals that he is Samantha's father and Chuckie's grandfather, this is accepted and Samantha allows Frank to stay with them. As his mother continues to bond with Frank, Chuckie is present at the event. Very soon, they meet one of his other children Carl Gallagher and Chuckie is introduced by his mother to his uncle. Chuckie does not show much reaction while Carl is less than pleased to have extended relatives. In Iron City, Chuckie stays at the Gallagher Household as his mother tends to the ill Frank. Very soon, he meets his other uncles and aunts at the hospital, the Gallaghers are surprised to learn that they have a nephew.

As of A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin, Chuckie and his mother have taken to living with the other Gallaghers at their home where they are initially not accepted, since her siblings see them as strangers but let them stay to tend to Frank and give her a chance though warn her of Frank's real personality. It is here where he meets his aunt Fiona, who is shocked to see him. When Lip finds out about Sammi breaking a rule, he kicks her out along with Chuckie and Frank. They move into the house of Sheila, since she left for a while.

In Hope Springs Paternal, Chuckie now lives with his mother and grandfather at the Jackson House. They are visited by Carl and Debbie who help out and bond.

During The Legend of Bonnie & Carl, Chuckie watches a paramedic tend to his grandfather. He is also resistant in leaving until his mothers orders him out, so she could do sexual activities with the paramedic.

Season 5

After their trailer is destroyed, Chuckie and Samantha come to live with rest of Frank's family at the Gallagher Household. Chuckie soon meets his aunts and uncles who he is happy to see, while they were surprised to have a nephew.

Chuckie starts school with his uncle Carl who defends him from bullies thus, resulting in his admiration for him. Even though Carl initially saw him as a nuisance, he sees that he's just a foolish kid and tells him to stick by him. Chuckie tried to spend time with his "Uncle Carl". While Chuckie sees this as a friendship, Frank suggests that Carl take advantage of Chuckie's lack of intelligence by using him for drug trade. Carl takes Frank's advice and Carl uses Chuckie to smuggle drugs for his mission in Michigan. Chuckie ends up getting caught with the heroin and Sammi makes him tell the cops it was Carl's fault.

Chuckie ends up in Juvie for four months, for possession of illegal drugs. Chuckie's respect for Carl remains, despite him being responsible for him being in Juvie. Chuckie is not very intelligent, and he doesn't really speak much. Chuckie plays a minor role throughout the seasons despite his incidents with Carl. Chuckie and Carl soon come to resent each other because Carl is drafted into a black gang for not giving up his dealer and Chuckie's mother tattoos a swastika on his forehead so the Aryan Brotherhood will claim him.

Chuckie is sentenced to a brief period but his behavior causes his sentence to last longer than Carl, who is released months early for good behavior.

Season 6

Chuckie returns from Juvie and began living with the Gallaghers, despite them disliking him but came to see he's just naïve and cut him slack.

When the family are kicked out of the Gallagher House, Chuckie is forgotten about and forced to camp under the porch of the house though called his mother in prison and she told him someone will claim him. He is soon found by his grandfather, who feels sympathy for his situation and stays with him through the night. They talk a while with Frank starting to accept him as part of the family, since he previously didn't think much of him. The next day, his grandmother Queenie Slott comes to claim him and he is happy to see her, though put off by watching his grandparents kiss.

Once Fiona buys back the house, Chuckie and Queenie move in with the family. Over time, Frank encouraged him to have a free spirit and be outspoken, despite his misguided views.

Chuckie later moved with his grandmother in a hippie camp along with Frank and his pregnant aunt Debbie. Chuckie is still a bit dense and even doing foolish acts before he was mauled by a mountain lion and gains scars on his face. He is presumably still living with his grandmother after Frank and Debbie returned to their home.

Episode Appearances


  • He is older than his uncle Liam. He is the same age as Carl.
  • Frank did not believe Chuckie could be a Gallagher and took a dislike to him, but soon sees he is more like them than he thought.
  • His IQ level is 71.
  • While in Juvie, Chuckie adopted some of the bigoted views of his peers.
  • He never met his great-grandmother Peggy Gallagher.
  • He never met his first cousins: Franny, Freddie, and Unnamed cousins.
  • Since Season 6, he has made no further appearances yet.