The Christmas Special is the first and only Christmas themed episode of Shameless.


It's Christmas on the Chatsworth Estate, Kev and Lip steal a lorry filled with meat and make a lot of money selling it in the Jockey. However, the army descends on Chatsworth claiming the meat was for experimental uses and it is deadly. With half of Chatsworth now eating the meat for Christmas dinner, the army quarantines the entire estate, and the Gallaghers fear for the worst when Ian falls ill.

During the chaos on Christmas Day, the Gallaghers have their hands full when a heavily pregnant Sheila goes into labour, with the entire estate blocked. Fiona and Steve are unable to get help for Sheila and Ian, so they enlist the help of Kash's mother, Umi, to ensure that the new Gallagher comes out unharmed, but there is a shock in store for the family.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Frank rallies the residents of the estate into a full blown riot, he returns to the Gallagher household to witness the birth of his seventh child but ends up fainting. After Sheila gives birth, Frank decides its time to get a vasectomy.

Veronica's mother Carol arrives in Chatsworth on Christmas Eve distraught because her arsonist son Marty has burned down her house after finding her in bed with his best friend. Veronica persuades Fiona and Steve to let Carol and Marty move into their new house next door, but Kev and Steve must protect Marty from another jail sentence.

Meanwhile, Carl wants to know what Fiona and Steve have got him for Christmas. Karen Jackson returns to the estate and spends Christmas Day with the Gallaghers, but there is still tension between her, Frank and Lip. Kash struggles to hide his Christmas present for Ian from Yvonne. Debbie receives her first period. Jez begins to run out of beer at the Jockey because the army have blocked off her supplies. Kev is in hiding as both the army and the locals want revenge for his part in selling the tainted meat. PC Stan Waterman's mother falls ill because of the meat.

Post Credit Scene

Frank walks toward the camera in front of the Karib's Shop giving one of his speeches about the state of Britain while an elderly woman he had argued with in The Jockey slowly rides toward him in a mobility scooter. The mobility scooter is struck by lightning and the woman stops, smoking slightly, while Frank continues until out of sight, the scooter is again struck by lightning and the woman continues on her way.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Debbie Gallagher.
  • First appearance of Lillian Tyler.
  • There is still tension between Karen and Frank following their affair, even though Karen is on good terms with Lip.
  • Kev's dislexia is first mentioned. It would be featured in a storyline in Episode 301
  • First appearance of Carol and Marty Fisher as regulars.
  • The credits played over a picture of the Gallaghers all sat around a table in the style of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper".
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